December 15, 2020 Page 2 DIVISION OF PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT 3. Colvett Chairman, Planning & Zoning Committee Applicant: Request: Abdallah Ayesh Tim Dagastino of W. H. Porter Consultants, PLLC – Representative LUCB recommendation: OPD recommendation: Special use permit for a truck stop and gas pumps REJECTION APPROVAL, with conditions No Opposition at LUCB; No Public Hearing Required ZONING ORDINANCE- THIRD AND FINAL READING (None) RESOLUTION approving a special use permit located at part of 2939 South Third Street and part of 2920 New Horn Lake Road, containing 7 acres in the Employment and Heavy Industrial District. This resolution is sponsored by the Office of Planning and Development. (Held from 10/20;12/01) Case No. SUP 20-12

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