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another vessel. In doing so, while working the potter’s wheel, he was cutting up his hands and his blood was getting into the new vessel. In that new vessel, with his blood in it, was made more whole and more perfect. So, tonight, I’d like to welcome you all into the potter’s house. The Lord said, ‘Oh house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter’? I pray that whatever is broken in your life right now, I pray that when you leave here, it will be a bit more whole.” Pastor Hampton then welcomed those in the audience and began to talk about faith. “Somebody is going to leave here with a different understanding about faith,” said Hampton. “The one thing that I’ve come to realize, and I believe all of you can agree, that pretty much everything about our lives – faith has something to do with it. But sometimes we have not channeled (our faith) to the degree to which it can be beneficial to how we are to progress from one dynamic to another.” Pastor Hampton began to talk about understanding how to be better in utilizing that faith that God has given each of us, how does one gain faith, maintain faith, some of the consequences of losing one’s faith, and where does one end up when they do not have any faith? “Two weeks ago, we funeralized one of our brothers, a good, faithful member of our church,” said Hampton. “His wife is sitting right over there right now. We had to transition the sanctuary to a degree so that we could accommodate the funeral services. The table that is sitting here with the flower and the vase, we moved it to another room. After all the services were over, I was bringing the table back out to 2

put it where it belongs. I picked the table up with all its contents on it. Unbeknownst to me the table started leaning and some of the things on it fell off. One of the things that fell was this nice looking centerpiece. When I looked on the floor, a piece had broken off. I laid the piece on the table and covered the vase up. It was damaged and so many of us are like this vase. We are damaged and we are hiding our issues, our brokenness, our problems and nobody knows. But when the covers are pulled from over us, we find out there is some damage to our lives.” Hampton continued saying that it is up to each person to make a conscience decision whether they want to do something about the brokenness in their lives or not and encouraged everyone that it was time to start putting those pieces back together. He then introduced the three invited conference participants and announced their topics of discussion. The first presenter was Bishop Michael George of Covenant Restoring Ministries who spoke on “How Do We Gain Faith?” Pastor Delbert Means of Christian Faith and Prayer Church followed speaking on “How Do We Maintain Our Faith?” and Pastor Mike Braggs of Power of Prayer International Ministries ended the forum by addressing “What are the Consequences of Losing Faith?” Following Pastor Braggs a there was a brief “Ministry in Giving” service, several musical selections performed by the True Believers Holiness Outreach Ministries (TBHOM) under the direction of Choir Director Rita Brownlee, and the introduction of the event’s special guest speaker, TBHOM Senior Pastor, Bishop Antonio Lawson. “In order for God to use us, we got to have a heart that He can talk to,” said Lawson. “When your heart is hardened, a heart of stone, God can’t get that easy Word over to you. I don’t know what you’re going through right now, but I know God said he is going to work on your heart. What the devil meant to destroy you, God is going to use it to restore you!” Bishop Lawson gave the closing remarks and benediction and the event ended with a prayer. “What is faith?” said Hampton. “You can’t lose something if you don’t know what you got.” 3

Save the Date... TOPICS INCLUDE ... The Importance of My ZIP Kroger management is still ignoring our requests. What must we consider doing about it? Where are the street sweepers? Tuesday, August 13, 2019 5:58 - 7:28 PM CST Greater Faith Tabernacle Ministries 905 E Shelby Drive, Memphis, TN 38116 SAVE TIME SIGNING IN. REGISTER ONLINE @ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/copy-of-save-the-date-tuesday-august-13-2019-tickets-66495651283 SIGN OUR ONLINE PETITIONS NOW! CLICK THE LINK OR THE PICTURE... https://www.thepetitionsite.com/753/756/130/demand-waste-connections-to-cease-operations-now/ https://www.thepetitionsite.com/510/384/190/let%E2%80%99s-move-waste-connections-to-district-5/ DEMAND WASTE CONNECTIONS OF TN, LLC STOP THEIR WASTE TRANSFER STATION ACTIVITIES IN WHITEHAVEN HELP US TO MOVE WASTE CONNECTIONS TO DISTRICT 5 WHERE WORTH MORGAN IS COUNCIL REP. BECAUSE HE VOTED FOR IT TO EXPAND SIGN OUR SECOND PETITION! Worth Morgan HERE’S WHY... 4

Worth Morgan’s YES VOTE for the garbage expansion Council appointees Cheyenne Johnson and Gerre Currie The community showed up and showed out! Waste Connections can return in 18 months, but were not able to expand as proposed. Story and picture by Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson All 13 members of the Memphis Municipal City Council were available for the regular meeting at 3:30 pm on Tuesday, July 2, the day the two-week hold on the Waste Connections of TN, LLC proposal allowing the business to expand from its current 9+ to proposed 40+ acres of garbage operations was finally scheduled to be reached. It was a much awaited day for the many of those who had began to fight the expansion nearly a year earlier, on or around August 11, 2018, when a handful of notices were mailed out announcing the company’s plans to expand—oh, did I say expand? Well, I must have forgotten the company and their newly hired representatives at Caissa Public Strategy changed that word to “relocation” to supposedly better describe what they were planning to do. Meanwhile and unbeknownst to those gathering in council chambers, Council chair Kemp Conrad had previously pulled the item from the agenda for the day. Pastor Elliott Shelton of the Promise Land Church opened the meeting with prayer and was presented with a certificate naming him Chaplain of the Day by council co-chair Patrice Robinson. The minutes of the last meeting were approved, a few resolutions were approved, and a presentation was given by the Memphis Youth City Council before Conrad announced “Item #3 was being held until November 5, 2019.” As the lead person of the petition to allow the firm to expand, I was asked to and agreed to the two week extension, but had informed the council during the last meeting held, no longer would we wait for a decision. Realizing something inappropriate was transpiring, appointed District 6 Councilwoman Geraldine “Gerry” Curry spoke up by making “a motion for the item to be placed back on the day’s agenda, without objection.” The motion carried and most in the audience, including yours truly, had missed a grand opportunity to act up and out by not paying close attention to what was going on in chambers. I began to pass out flyers that were left over from a previous meeting to those who came in support of the neighborhood, most of whom were wearing red. Eventually, after hearing what was going on, many of those who came in support of or denial of other Whitehaven community issues (e.g., Graceland, Memphis 3.0 Plan, etc.) began to ask for flyers too. I gladly provided all who wanted a flyer with one. At one point there must have been at least 50 flyers being held in the air protesting the passing of the issue to allow the nasty garbage and rude corporate neighboring company to expand. We only planned for two speakers, Emily Lamar and myself, to discuss the negative impacts the agency had on the entire community. However, there were three others who insisted on continuing to repeat themselves speaking about their personal issues that only they could speak on with no pictures or proof to back their stories of rats as big as cats, allergies, and cancer up with. Well, rather than confuse matters, they actually helped the cause and the nearly unanimous decision to prevent the expansion was reached by 12 of the 13 councilmembers. The one lone councilmember who wanted the expansion, Worth Morgan, is being given the opportunity to put the garbage facility in his District 5. Won’t you join the effort to make this happen with us by signing our petition? Thanks in advance for your agreeing to help us “relocate” it! 5

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU “CLEANED” YOUR SHOES? Story and Pictures by Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson Laquarius “Que” King is a SHOE MGK Brand Partner and franchise co-owner at the Wolfchase Galleria Mall in Bartlett, an up-scale suburb of Memphis, TN. Founded in Southern California in 1992 by Shawn Wiltshire, the concept behind the business is to provide a magical solution that guarantees to keep your shoes looking fresh and new. Considered to be the world’s “greatest” shoe cleaner, the MGK line has grown to include the care and protection of all types of athletic, fitness, suede, nubuck, smooth leather, and fabric shoes. Products available at the Wolfchase kiosk include:  SHOE MGK Starter Kit  THE MVP Kit  CLEAN & PROTECT Kit  LEATHER CARE Kit  CLEAN & FRESH Kit  LEATHER CREAM  CLEANER & CONDITION & More! “Most people don’t really think about keeping their shoes clean or trying to keep them looking new,” said King. “You know how we wash our clothes, right? Why don’t we wash or clean our shoes the same way? Throwing a pair of shoes in the washer is not the proper way to clean them. The proper way to clean your shoes is for you to have a cleaner especially formulated to keep them looking fresh, new, and clean all the time.” To find SHOE MGK at the Wolfchase Galleria Mall, 2760 North Germantown Parkway, Bartlett, TN 38133, park at Entrance #5 (Food Court) and proceed to the lower level using the escalator in the center of the mall. Once on the lower level, proceed towards Dillards Department Store. Wolfchase Galleria mall hours are from 10 AM - 9 PM, Monday - Saturday, and from 12 PM - 6 PM on Sundays. “I believe in SHOE MGK not only because the product works, but also because of the benefits a person or family of people can gain from purchasing it,” added King. “I just explained to a mom how what she may spend on one kit could save her hundreds of dollars in the purchasing of new shoes for five children. After all, it is back to school time and a bargain is a bargain wherever you find can it.” SHOE MGK - #Re spect Your Shoe s 6

Story and Photos by Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson Mother Maggie Cathey, 94, was treated to an early morning hair do at Hazel’s Hair Fashions, 4105 Elvis Presley Boulevard, on Saturday, July 13, 2019, in preparation for a birthday celebration put together by her caregiver, Nadine Thomas. Cathey is a resident of Wesley Graceland Gardens (WGG), a 191-apartment gated community for ages 55 and above, located at 1430 Graceland Pines Street in Whitehaven, a bedroom community located in the southern portion of Memphis, TN. The event, held in the WGG Community Photo by Tyrone Cathey Room/Activity Center, was attended by family and friends. Granddaughter Antalia Cathey (bottom left, from left) assisted her mom Barbara Cathey and family friend Annie Simmons preparing chicken salad, rotisserie chicken, spaghetti, hot dogs, potato salad, and coleslaw. There were also cupcakes, birthday cake, and banana pudding available for dessert. Minister Diedre Jones of Christ in Faith Temple where Pastor Tommie Brown Jr. is the Senior Pastor gave the invocation and blessed the food and Cathey’s son James sang “Jesus on the Mainline.” Also present for the celebration was Cathey’s 84 year-old sister, Marie Conners. Maggie Cathey turned 94 on July 20th. She said she was born in Mississippi. On Men and Ped i cures Marcos and Sasha Johnson spent part of the day on Monday, July 22, 2019, at the Wolfchase Galleria Mall, 2760 North Germantown Parkway, in Bartlett, TN. It was Marcos’ 40th birthday and Sasha had a special outing for a pedicure planned for her significant other. Men usually shy away from the mere thought of having a pedicure, believing that such pampering is strictly for women and they typically wear closed-toe shoes or heavy boots for 10 or more hours daily. These types of situations can and often do create dark, moist environments where skin cancers, bacteria, callouses, and fungus easily thrive. Cracked skin, itching, open lesions, blistering, bunions, ingrown and discolored toenails are just some of the many infections and diseases that a monthly pedicure and cuticle trimming can help reduce the chances of. We are not endorsing any one manicurist or pedicurist, but are rather suggesting our men treat themselves to hand and feet services at home and/or in the salon. Other tips include not cutting your nails before going for a manicure or pedicure, remembering to always cut straight across the nails, and using pumice stones to remove flaking skin and calluses. Marcos said he really enjoyed his pedicure and would be making obtaining services a regular part of his schedule. Sasha added, “He was so relaxed and enjoyed the pedicure so much that he practically fell asleep in the chair!” 7

BLUE LIGHTS ON THE BOULEVARD Story and Pictures by Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson The community was invited to join Minister W. Michael Jackson and the Boulevard Church of Christ (BCC) congregation for “Blue Lights on the Boulevard” from 10 am - 1 pm on Saturday, July 13, 2019. Held on the BCC campus located at 4439 Elvis Presley Boulevard, the event featuring fun and games for the children was also the church’s third community forum designed to engage Memphians and the Memphis Police Department in a dialogue to better understand how the two can work together to make positive changes that will effectively keep Whitehaven citizens and the entire community safer. The program kicked off with officers from the Memphis Police Department speaking in the Family Life Center. Raines Station Precinct Commander Colonel Mickey Williams spiced the conversation up after delivering a message about crime by opening the floor to questions. Member Jim Kincaid was one of several attendees who responded. Other speakers included officers from the Air Support Division, Bomb, Canine, and TACT Units. While adults and children were inside the Family Center enjoying the program, vendors including Marley’s Ice, a self-serve flavored -ice vendor, bounces, and Anthony, the 5-year old Bloodhound, tried to stay cool in the shade outside. Ofc. G.Howard (left), a TACT Unit member trained to respond to various emergency situations had “The Bear,” a powerful armored bus that is used in barricade, hostage, terrorism, and other high-risk operations in the parking lot ready to move at the spur of the moment. “I was glad to hear people say they had never seen the bear on the streets of Memphis,” said Howard. “That means they’ve never been at an emergency or dangerous situation that required the TACT squad to be present.” 8


About the Memph i s Lynch i ng S i te s Pro j ect “The Lynching Sites Project is part of a growing network of people who want the whole and accurate truth to be told about the history of Shelby County. We believe that we can heal and grow in understanding when we face openly the history of racial violence in our community.” “In this work, we join with the national effort of Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI.org) to memorialize over 4,000 known lynching’s in our country between 1877 and 1950.” The Vision Statement of the Memphis Project is “Opening our hearts and our communities to racial healing by shining the light of truth on lynching’s in Shelby County, Tennessee.” The Mission of the organization is to “...partner with a growing network of organizations and congregations of faith in order to acknowledge our shared history of racial violence, our ongoing resolve for racial justice, and racial healing.” The goals of the Memphis Lynching Sites Project include:  To remain grounded in silence, prayer, humility, and listening;  To build relationships of trust and new understanding among all who choose to be a part of this work;  To partner with others in Shelby County who are also working for racial healing and truth;  To identify the names of victims of lynching’s in Shelby County;  To locate the sites of these lynching’s and place a memorial at each one;  To make available written records as well as audio and video recordings of descendants of both lynching victims and of those who were involved in or present at these lynching’s;  To engage local religious leaders and congregations in this work;  To make available to local schools and the public study resources and an interactive website accessible to all;  To hold interfaith prayer services;  To engage the arts and artists in this work; and  To make available groups and classes where the deeper, more difficult conversations about race and racism can take place. The August Lynching Sites Project meeting will be held at First Baptist Church of Memphis, 200 East Parkway North. Beginning in September, meetings will be held at Idlewild Presbyterian Church, 1750 Union Avenue. Meetings begin at 5 PM CST and are held on the second (e.g., August 12th) and fourth (e.g., August 26th) Monday of the month unless otherwise indicated. For info, visit lynchingsitesmem.org, phone or email Executive Director, John Ashworth, (731-277-9352), JOHN@lynchingsitesmem.org or Media Strategist, Jessica Orians, (901-634-8037), JESSICA@lynchingsitesmem.org. 10


The Businesses United to Recognize Educators (B.U.R.E.) 2019 Best of the Best Annual Awards Banquet Photography by Mr . Tyrone P . Eas ley B.U.R.E. wishes to thank each and every one of the awardees for all they do to improve the well-being of our children in the city of Memphis. We thank you for your contributions as educators and supporters of education because our children would not have a chance if we did not have strong mean and women of integrity and faith working with and for them. — Ruby Payne and Rev. Trennie Williams - Finalists and *Awardees by Category - The Margaret B. McKissick-Larry Female Educator of the Year Finalists  Nickie L. Brock, Southwest Career Technology School  Joyce Latiker-Davis, Crump Elementary School  Lori Enos, Richland Elementary School  Tyjauna L. Smith, Westhaven Elementary School The Commodore C. Primous Male Educator of the Year Finalists  Amir Joplin, Circles of Success Learning Academy  Rahya Jones, Behavior Interventionist, Avon Lenox High School  Fernando Clark, Dean of Students, Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering  Graylon Freeman, Instructor, Dubois Arts and Technology CONTINUED ON PAGE 13 12

The Pat B. Moore Outstanding Auxiliary Educator of the Year Finalists  Brandy H. Powell, PLC Coach, Bethel Grove Elementary School  Kimberly S. Wooten, Administrative Assistant, A. Maceo Walker Middle School  James F. Hughes, Professional Asbestos Technician, Shelby County Schools  Rev. Dr. Eddie Marcel Jones, Human Resources/Recruitment and Staffing, Shelby County Schools The John W. White Outstanding Principal and the Sara L. Lewis Outstanding School of the Year Finalists  James Bacchus, Principal, Hamilton High School  Dr. Bradley K. Breeden, Principal, White Station Elementary School  Dr. Anniece Gentry, Principal, Dunbar Elementary School  Debra D. Martin, Principal, Downtown Elementary Optional School The Ophelia Watson Flowers Outstanding Program of the Year Finalists  Walking in Authority Ministries, Delcy West Jones, CEO  School Security Special Response Unit, Marvin M. Stepter, Mobile Patrol Officer  Yale Road Learning Center of Memphis, Veronica Finnie, CEO and Founder  Project Altitude: STEM Transportation Career Education Program, Shirley Blache, Founder The Willie W. Herenton Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award of the Year Finalists  Dr. Elizabeth P. Martin, Retired Administrator, Legacy Memphis City Schools  Clarence Jones, Retired Middle School Educator, Legacy Memphis City Schools  Shirley Batts, Retired Educator, Legacy Memphis City Schools  Lois Sargent, Retired High School Educator, Legacy Memphis City Schools The Jimmy Delnoah Williams Friend to Education Award of the Year Finalists  David M. Payne, CEO, David M. Payne Producations  Early Drane and Hamilton Class of 1969  Flo Roach, Songwriter, Director, Producer, Educator  Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson, Senior Publicist, NEWSCENE, the new online publication where NEWS is SEEN The Kiwayna and Trennie Lanier Williams Outstanding Parent of the Year Award Finalists  Albert and Natasha Patterson, Whitehaven High School  Dr. Ron and Joyce Davis, Houston High School and West Collierville Middle School  Dr. Gwendolyn Cowan Flowers, Family Matriarch, LeMoyne-Owen College  Solomon and Sipia Hatley, Ridgeway High School The Ruby J. Payne Outstanding Author of the Year Award Finalists  Dr. Rachell N. Anderson, Licensed Clinical Psychologist/Professor Emeritus “American Made: The Heart of a Healer”  Charlie Crenshaw IV, Children’s Author, Poet, Speaker “Charlie the Time Traveler: A Future Memphis”  Ella Rose Oji, Adult Author, Health Consultant, Entrepreneur “Caring for Your Skin - Naturally”  Mabra Holeyfield, Adult Author, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur “Use What You Got” 13

DID YOU KNOW? There are several moneyless ways you can support nonprofits like DI’MANS, Inc. dba NEWSCENE and the McCorkle Road Neighborhood Development Association, Inc. of Memphis (serving all of ZIP Code 38116). When you shop at Kroger you can, AT NO COST TO YOU, support DI’MANS, Inc. by enrolling in the Community Rewards Program and earning rewards for DI’MANS every time you shop! Visit Kroger.com/ communityrewards and support Organization #DN098. Smile.Amazon.com is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as Amazon.com. The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, again, AT NO COST TO YOU, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to DI’MANS Inc., the charitable organization of choice. Email us at NEWSCENESHELBYCO@gmail.com for details today! Photography by Mr . Tyrone P . Eas ley Academy for Youth Empowerment drum members stand with agency Founder and long-time beautician, Ms. Hazel Moore (rear, sixth from right), at the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church (MBCC) based Back-to-School Health Fair featuring free entertainment, food, health screenings, immunization shots, and more. The event was held from 10 AM to 2 PM, Saturday, July 27, 2019, at MBCC, 70 N. Bellevue Ave. 14

Memphis, it’s time to walk in power with Apostle Gwendolyn Ponyo, co-founder of Kingdom of all Nations Ministries (KFAN) with her husband Zack Ponyo. The Ponyo’s operate and flow heavily in apostolic, deliverance, and prophetic anointing. Apostle Ponyo held “A Miracle and Healing Crusade” nightly beginning at 7 pm from July 25 - 28, 2019, at 2757 South Mendenhall Road in Memphis, TN. The crusade against cancer, AIDS, tumors, mental disabilities, paralyzed, and more was designed for those who need healing—the sick, cripple, deaf, diseased, blind—whoever needed a miracle.” You can follow Apostle Gwendolyn Ponyo on Facebook, online at gwendolynponyo.com, by email, at @KFANINTL, or by phoning (901) 231-9011. Questionable things in Memphis?!! VIEW FROM RIVERSIDE DRIVE... 15



Story and Pictures by Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson MaryAnn Washington, a Booker T. Washington and Southwest Tennessee Community College Associate of Arts graduate, is currently seeking a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Entrepreneurship from the University of Memphis’s, University College. Washington has a passion for theatrical performances and dramatic entertainment and is currently preparing to embark upon her fifth theatrical production (in 2020). The Memphis native and founder of “The Actors Renaissance Theatre” just finished a three-day run of her self-financed production “SHADDY,” at the Evergreen Theatre. “SHADDY is a live drama production that reveals patterns of toxic dysfunctional family relationships mixed with destructive and deceitful behaviors that are exposed when private detectives go undercover to investigate the owner of an illegal massage parlor neatly disguised as an art gallery,” said Washington an aspiring playwright, actress, independent producer, and director. “SHADDY is the third production we performed under “The Actors Renaissance Theatre,” the theatre company I founded in 2017.” Scenes from Part II of SHADDY, the play written and produced by Performing Arts Manager and Actress, MaryAnn Washington A. A. Part II kicks off with James Alfred, CII Agent, played by Justin Pugh, and Natalie Bloomfield, secret service agency owner, played by Tamiko Rhodes. Rhodes had to have several alcoholic drinks upon learning James had violated every rule in the book by sleeping with the person he was assigned to watch. Here, James confesses to Natalie that he and his assignment spent a hot and seductive night of romance in a suite at the Peabody Hotel. B. B. Meanwhile, in another part of town, Alonzo Foster, Eva (Sharina Shaw) Foster’s uncle who is played by Craig Joiner, tries to seduce Kelly Crawford, a want-to-be artist who is played by Laquita Zeek, by telling her Eva’s husband Price Kelly is not good enough for her to be spending time with while trying to seduce her into going out with him on a date with him. Kelly knows Eva wouldn’t approve and tells Alonzo she C. Alonzo leaves, but not before extending his invitation for Kelly to reconsider his offer and commending her on some artwork he knows she did not paint. His niece, Eva comes in asking Kelly if she had just seen her uncle leaving. The two begin to argue. “I need to talk to you, Kelly,” begins Eva. “About what?,” replies Kelly. “Price,” Eva replies. “Stay the —- away from my husband.” “What you gonna do about it Eva? Gloat? Tell your husband to stay away from me,” replied Kelly. D. “Oh, I see what this is,” said Eva implying that Kelly was using her ‘lighter skin tone’ to portray a person being victimized. “You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.” 18

C. D. “This light-skinned chick right here,” said Kelly, “She about to put her foot up your behind!” A fight ensues, but is quickly broken up by Kelly’s mom, Abagail. Meanwhile, the scene changes to a night club where Rachel and Francine discuss the illegal massage parlor and its sex-related operations. 19

In another part of the same club Alonzo sees Abagail drinking and sits at her table until Abagail is shocked because Alonzo spots Kelly, who had decided to take him up on his date offer, and allows him to score. Later that evening the club is full and everyone is dancing and having a good time then Natalie learns Abagail accidentally gave Alonzo her real business card. Alonzo goes to the club and kills Natalie. The play ends shortly thereafter when he and Vivian are arrested. C. Carnecia Avant…………. Emma Ariona Campbell……… Vivian Cooley Jimmy Freeman Jr…… Caleb Tarsha Gibson………. Fatima Gray………….. Abagail Molly Hiawartha Jackson… Francine Craig Joiner…………… Alonzo Foster Dale McNair………….. Damien Whitfield CAST Jealissa Monroe…………... Vicky Moore………………... Tramaine Morgan……….. Justin Pugh……………..…… Tamiko Rhodes………….…. Sharina Shaw………...…….. Sarah Shockley………………. D. Aletha Kelly Rachel Hedley Price Kelly James Alfred Natalie Bloomfield Eva Foster Xavier Crawford Laquita Zeek……………………. Kelly Crawford Mary Ann Washington’s Ostrander nominations include Best Actress in a College Production - “The Diviners,” SWTCC, her nominations include Best Director in a College Production - “The Amen Corner,” SWTCC, and her wins include Best Ensemble - “The Bluest Eye” and “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress,” Hattiloo Theatre. Her independent production “The Sex Play” was nominated for a Diversity On Stage Award and she won a Mtenzi Award for Best Stage Activist. She performed with the Hattiloo Theatre for five seasons and was part of their Theatre Company for two years. Her experience includes writing and directing plays for the Blues City Cultural Center, performing for Inner City South and Bluff City Tri-Art. Mary Ann is a member of World Overcomers Outreach Ministries and she is a World Overcomers Drama Ministry participant and performer. 20


LISTEN UP! COUNTLESS NUMBERS OF PEOPLE ARE LEAVING HERE DAILY WITHOUT MAKING PREPARATIONS… ...WE WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ONE OF THEM. August 1, 2019 DI’MANS, Inc. Post Office Box 9146 Memphis, TN 38190-0146 RE: Technology Seminars for Seniors My ZIP - My Email Meetings Free Announcement Calendar Greetings, The board and staff of DI’MANS, Inc., a nonprofit, IRS recognized organization founded in 1999, wishes to invite you to join us as we begin to reintroduce Shelby County to our series of informational presentations on subjects we believe you need to know about. Subscribe to our online newsmagazine NEWSCENE at iLoveShelbyCounty.com TODAY, to stay informed... We will begin offering free classes on topics that include: Gardening for Survival Navigating Your Mobile Device with Confidence, Especially for Seasoned Citizens Social Security Disability: Application Submitted, Approval Received Securing loved ones’ futures by preparing for the End-of-My-Life Student loan management: What You Should Know Before and After Signing The Real ID: What’s Happening after October 1, 2020? Hosting Voter Registration Drives: What you need to know Who are You Voting For? Meet the Candidates Thank you, Phone (901) 300-0250 for information, to make a donation, or for volunteer opportunities! 22


About the October Elect i on Proces s There is an election coming up on October 3, 2019, and 17 municipal positions are up for election. Maybe you are wondering why you should care? Maybe you’ll just vote for someone because of their name or because you respect them, or because they grew up near or with you. Well, I’m here to tell you that is why Memphis is and has been so politically screwed up for the past 200 years. It is most definitely time for a change. My question is, “Are you really ready for it?” The Mayor or Chief Executive Officer of the City of Memphis has responsibility for the: 1. General supervision of all City of Memphis officers, and to 2. Ensure that all ordinances and provisions of the Charter are observed. The City of Memphis’s Charter reads as follows, “The qualifications of said Mayor and of the members of said Board of Commissioner shall be those now required by law for the members of the present legislative council, and the Mayor shall have the additional qualifications now provided by law for said office; provided, however, that no person shall be ineligible to said office because of having heretofore held said office. What that means is that both former Mayor Willie W. Herenton and current Mayor, Jim Strickland, are eligible to run for the office should they choose to do so, but we will get back to that later. Other qualifications for Mayor include: 1. Being a citizen of the United States or who “holds any office or agency under the City of Memphis, Shelby, TN”; 2. Being a resident of the City of Memphis for the past five (5) years; 3. Not being in arrears or owing taxes; 4. Not being 30 years of age or older with good moral character; and 5. Not being “directly or indirectly interested in any contract with the City of Memphis.” The term for the Mayor of Memphis is four (4) years. The date of the election was changed from the first Thursday after the first Monday in November to the third Thursday in August and provided staggered terms by “2008 Referendum No. 1, adopted August 21, 2008. However, on April 13, 2010, these rules were overridden by Referendum Ordinance 5347, which repealed the election procedure for implementation of staggered terms and provided for the election of persons to the Memphis City Council, Office of the Mayor, and Office of City Court Clerk to two (2) consecutive four-year terms without staggered terms.” YOU, the votes of Memphis approved this Referendum Ordinance on November 2, 2010. In the event the Mayor’s seat becomes vacant, as it has in the past, the City Council Chair will become the Mayor Pro14 15 Term and shall assume the role of Mayor for up to 180 days following the vacancy announcement. After this period of time, YOU, the public voting members of Memphis, shall elect a duly qualified person to serve the remaining unexpired term of the vacated office unless a regularly scheduled general or municipal election will occur first and within the 180 day timeline. Otherwise, “...a special election shall be held within 90 days of such vacancy to elect a candidate to fill the Office of the Mayor through the end of the remaining unexpired Mayoral term.” In case of the contested election of Mayor, the Board of Commissioners shall determine the same, and when it is ascertained that two or more persons have the same number of votes for Mayor, they shall elect one of such persons for Mayor. As of today, the majority of the Shelby County Election Commissions website (shelbyvote.com) is inoperable or down. The list of qualifying candidates was not available after the qualifying deadline date and time of noon, Thursday, July 18, 2019; nor was any information available by Thursday, July 25, 2019, the last day for candidates to withdraw from the process. This election will decide who will fill the following seats: City Council Districts 1 through 7 City Council Super Districts 8 and 9, Positions 1 through 3 Memphis City Court Clerk (Incumbent is Kay S. Robilio) Email: tvb@memphistn.gov; Phone: (901) 636-3457; and the Memphis Municipal Judges Divisions 1 through 3. The last day to register to vote in the October 3rd election is Tuesday, September 3, 2019. Early voting begins Friday, September 13th and ends on Saturday, September 28, 2019. Make plans to vote today. 24


Story and Pictures by Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson Exactly What is an Orchid? Flowering plants with colorful, fragrant blooms called Orchidaceae, or orchid as they are more commonly known as, are native to the tropical regions of Asia and Australia where the climate is mild to hot and humid in the summer months. Founded in 1955, the Memphis Orchid Society (MOS) is full of experts who can answer this question and discuss the best heat and humidity levels for your special greenhouse growing orchids. This vibrant group of enthusiastic orchid growers meet for two hours at the Memphis Botanic Garden, 750 Cherry Road in Memphis, TN every fourth Sunday of the month beginning at 2 PM. The July meeting featured an auction and MOS member Alex Kumok’s presentation on Paphiopedilum orchids. Kumok’s presentation included discussions on temperatures, soil, light, humidity, air movement, and descriptions of several varieties of orchid’s and their level of difficulty for growing. Paphiopedilum orchids require a night temperature of 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit and a day temperature of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. They must be kept constantly moist or damp, but they will not survive in a “soggy” atmosphere. Growers must frequently check below the surface for dampness or dryness and normal watering intervals are between seven and 10 days. April is National Orchid month. “The Paphiopedilum thaianum is a new variety of orchid,” stated Kumok as he referred to the presentation page showing a picture of the “green to yellow” flowering plant. “They have long stems and flowers can be between 3 and 5 centimeters in diameter.” Kumok continued his presentation by providing general recommendations on the plant. The orchid’s characteristics include growth in shady rain forests, on steep slope elevations. Paph. thaianum, a native plant to Asia, grows on steep cliffs primarily composed of highly eroded limestone. Flowers generally bloom between early April and late May. Other species of Paphiopedilum orchids discussed by Kumok included the Paph. godefroyae, Paph. niveum, Paph. armeniacum, Paph. delenatii, Paph. emersonil, Paph. hangianum, Paph. malipoense, Paph. jackii, and Paph. malipoense. Kumok also mentioned that some varieties of the Paphiopedilum orchid are available online and they can also be found in some Sam’s Club stores. We wish you “Good growing and success” in your new or existing Paphiopedilum orchid hobby! 26

3rd Place - D. Mallory C IAL GUEST SPEAKER Show and Tell Orchid Winners… 1st Place Randy Bayer Dendrobium laevifolium 2nd Place Chuck Pintner Brassocattleya memoria vida lee (Brassocattleya binese x Cattleya brazillian treasure) 3rd Place Doug Mallory Cattleya purple splendor 1st Place - R. Bayer Show & Tell Participants Randy Bayer Dendrobium gregulus Dendrobium laevifolium Dendrobium hellwigianum Dendribium pseudolamellatum Chuck Pintner Brassocattleya memoria vida lee (Brassocattleya binese x Cattleya brazillia treasure) Catasetum melana davison 2nd Place - C. Pintner Doug Mallory Cattleya purple splendor Alan Jaslow Hartegia purpurea phalaenopsis pulchra NOTE: Memphis Orchid Society members purchased nine plants during the show & tell auction held July 28, 2019, at Memphis botanic garden, 750 Cherry Road. Visit MOS online at memphisorchids.org. 27

The 2019 Universal Life Insurance Building Ribbon Cutting Program Story and Pictures by Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson The history behind the Universal Life Insurance Company (ULIC) building was a featured article in the February 2019 edition of NEWSCENE, so rather than repeat ourselves here, we would like to remind you that all of our publications are available for your review online 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year and we have no intentions of changing those facts. We would also like to ask for your support by subscribing to our publication online and in print. A ribbon-cutting ceremony, rededicating the ULIC building to the community which it was built to serve, was held on the evening of Thursday, July 11, 2019, in the rear parking lot of the building located at 480 (Linden) Dr. Martin Luther King Avenue, near downtown Memphis, TN. The event was well attended. Visitors were invited to tour portions of the building and were welcomed to purchase food and listen to music outside both before and after the ceremonies. Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce President Beverly Robertson served as the event hostess and moderator. We all know Mrs. Robertson from her many years of hard work, dedication, and success in turning the Lorraine Motel, into the National Civil Rights Museum, the site where the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King was so violently shot down here in Memphis, TN, in April of 1968. Sitting on the other end of MLK Avenue is the historic Mount Olive Cathedral Christian Methodist Church, currently overseen by Pastor Peris J. Lester who prayed for the success of the reopening as he provided powerful, yet welcoming words during the invocation. In addition to the buildings owner’s, Juan Self, AIA and Jimmie E. Tucker, FAIA of Self Tucker Properties, speakers included 92-year old James Hawkins, Paul A. Young, Director of Housing and Community Development, and Mayor Jim Strickland. Hawkins, a former Vice President of the ULIC was full of spirit as he spoke reminisced on his many years working for the ULIC. He sang the company song and introduced several co-workers who were also in attendance at the event. The event concluded as everyone traveled through the building and down the massive set of stairs facing Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard for a ribbon cutting and “Light it Up! ceremony to officially re-light the ULIC clock-sign in front of the building which was followed by a colorful display of the building’s new exterior lighting features at dusk. 28


Reclaiming Our African Heritage Program The West Tennessee Region of the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church, First Episcopal District sponsored a Children, Youth, and Young Adult Service entitled “Reclaiming Our African Heritage” on Wednesday, July 31, 2019, at 6 PM. Christian Education Director Sis. Phillis Barlow, Presiding Elder (Northeast) and host Reverend Peris J. Lester I, Presiding Elder (Northwest) Reverend Bethel L. Harris, and Presiding Prelate Bishop Henry M. Williamson Sr. were on program. The event, featuring King and Queen presentations, was held at Greenwood CME Church, 3311 Kimball Avenue, in Memphis, TN. Jayla Hall served as the Worship Leader and combined choirs performed hymns. Alana Walker and Stephen Ferriera, gave the prayer and scripture, respectively. Dralyn Barlow provided a spoken word selection, and children and youth gave Biblical presentations. An African dance was performed by Collins Chapel Church of Memphis. With assistance from Sis. Alice Fleming and Sis. Veora Harris, Sis. Barlow conducted the Crowning of the King and Queen. Master Cameron Kuykindallintroduced Reverend Peris Lester I, Pastor of Mount Olive Cathedral CME Church in Memphis. Presiding Prelate and Bishop Henry M. Williamson Sr. closed the program out with a series of soul-stirring closing remarks that included inviting all the male and female youth to the alter for special prayer sessions. 30


CFC #46643 AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as Amazon.com. The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. Location: Memphis, TN | Year Founded: 2009 DI’MANS, Inc. (Click here) to shop at SMILE.AMAZON.COM Mission: DI'MANS, Inc. was formed to establish a positive, proactive force in the fight against juvenile crime and juvenile delinquency. The goal of DI'MANS, Inc. is to bring adults dedicated to positively shaping future generations together to assist disadvantaged youth in becoming productive citizens as adults. Help Support Causes in Your Community! (Click here to sign up) Did you know you can support nonprofit organizations in your community just by shopping at Kroger? It's easy when you enroll in Kroger Community Rewards®! To get started, sign up with your Plus Card below, and select a local organization you wish to support. Once you're enrolled, you'll earn rewards for your chosen organization every time you shop and use your Plus Card! Enroll now for the Kroger Community Rewards Program. And remember….all participants must re-enroll each year to continue earning rewards for their chosen organization. DIRECTIONS: 1) Go to Kroger.com; 2) Create an account or sign in; 3) Drop down the arrow at your name 4) Select “My Account” 5) Click on Community Rewards on the left side of the screen) Make a One-Time donation to DI’MANS, Inc. Make a Recurring Donation (Click here) 32

Alternative & Holistic Health Services ORDER HERE (800) 403-7155 Congratulations! On Your New Venture, Wishing You Well! 33 CLICK HERE TO VISIT US ONLINE



SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSCENE, the NEW SCENE where NEWS is SCENE, for $36.00 bi-annually or just $7 per Month! Single and multiple copies are also available for purchase. Thank you for subscribing to our first NEWSCENE publication. We are the NEW SCENE where NEWS is SEEN! We hope you enjoyed the stories about and the pictures taken at events we visited last month. We are looking forward to sharing more pictures and stories with you next month about the many events taking place this month. As you know, we can’t be at more than one event at a time, but we are here to assist you to get your events online, in our calendar, and in print. Don’t forget you can click on the links that are included to visit websites, blogs, Facebook pages and more! We want to be the first place you look to learn about the things happening in your community, but we won’t know about what’s happening unless you tell us. Write to us at NewsceneShelbyCo@gmail.com or call (901) 300-0250 to leave us a message. We promise to return your call in a timely fashion. NEWSCENE . . . ...is currently seeking ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS and passionate and outgoing volunteer photojournalists who can write stories and take pictures at local events. Interested persons should phone (901) 300-0250 for details. 36

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