i M A G E S – N e w s l e t t e r o f t h e I L L I N O I S S I G N A S S O C I A T I O N P a g e | 1 Digital Edition viewable on www.ISA-sign.com. The Official Newsletter of the Illinois Sign Association Winter 2020 2019 “Best of the Best” awarded to Bendsen Sign and Graphics Busey Bank 115 Neil Street Executive Center 2019 “Best of the Best” winner -- Bendsen Signs and Graphics, Inc. Decatur, IL In this issue… ◼ “Best of the Best” Sign Design Awards Winners ◼ Highlights from the Fall Conference and Trade EXPO ◼ News from International Sign Association ◼ Meet and Greet Event welcomes 1st Deputy Matt Beaudet ◼ New Members ◼ Upcoming Events: April 1-4, 2020 International Sign Expo – Orlando FL The Illinois Sign Association was founded in 1969 to elevate and promote the standards and professionalism of the custom electric sign industry in sales, manufacturing and service. 8 W. Monroe St – Suite 707 – Chicago, IL 60603 – office@isa-sign.com – 312-881-9920 -- www.isa-sign.org

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