i M A G E S – N e w s l e t t e r o f t h e I L L I N O I S S I G N A S S O C I A T I O N P a g e | 20 Join an ISA Committee in 2020! ISA leadership will appoint committee members for the 2020 program year later this fall. Listed below are the current committees of the ISA. All members will be invited to participate. Look at their job descriptions. Most committees meet via conference call or huddle up at the annual meeting or Regional Meet and Greets. If you are interested. Reach out to a member of the board or Executive Director Russ Salzman with your interest. You will be notified of your appointment. Committees of the ISA have the responsibility to execute actions, tactics, and strategies in support of the organization’s values, vision and mission. Committee goals and appointments are assigned at the beginning of each year. Committee chairs will make periodic updates to the president officers and board. Task Forces are periodically appointed to address specific projects or initiatives which disband once completed. Work Groups may be appointed to oversee or direct a specific tactic or action plan. AUCTION COMMITTEE The auction committee is responsible for fundraising primarily focused on our scholarship activities and association operations during the fall conference. MAURY ELY COMMITTEE The Maury Ely committee is responsible for the promotion and review of nominations for the award and the ultimate selection of the award honoree. If a candidate is selected its will be awarded during the Fall Conference and Trade Expo. MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE The membership development committee’s role is to identify programs, activities, and services that will enhance membership for sign companies and the allied trade members. The committee will develop a list of key challenges and needs in the industry providing guidance for educational sessions, regional events and media content. In addition, this committee has the responsibility to foster an environment with tactics for membership recruitment and growth. CONFERENCE PROGRAM COMMITTEE The conference program committee is responsible for the overall vision and staging of conferences and expositions. Duties include the identification and selection of speakers, sessions, panels and other activities which may include a trade expo, Designer’s Symposium, golf outing, awards banquet, and other social and networking experiences. SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE The scholarship committee is responsible for the standards, promotion, management, and selection of candidates. The preliminary budget is $2000 of scholarships to be awarded. SIGN DESIGN COMMITTEE The sign design committee is responsible for the annual design contest which includes the promotion and evaluation of award winners in categories for recognizing excellence in the sign industry. The committee meets once in person 4-6 weeks prior to the fall conference to review all the submittals and determines the category 1st and 2nd place winners. “The Best of the Best” award will be chosen from the winners by ballot of conference participants during the fall meeting. CHICAGO SIGN CODE TASK FORCE The goal of this exciting initiative is to bring a sweeping overhaul of the Chicago sign ordinance. The goal is to elevate this change as an important campaign matter for the spring mayoral elections. Working with a Small Business Advisory Council and the International Sign Association, ISA representatives will be responsible for promoting, surveying, and representing the Illinois sign industry and serve on the coalition with SBAC and local chambers. WEBSITE / SOCIAL MEDIA WORK GROUP This assignment is responsible for the monitoring and upgrading of our website and Facebook page as well as other social media applications and overall digital efficiencies for the organization.

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