i M A G E S – N e w s l e t t e r o f t h e I L L I N O I S S I G N A S S O C I A T I O N P a g e | 2 In 2004, James Owen wrote a book called Cowboy Ethics. When James was a young man, his hero’s growing up were cowboys. More than just characters on the silver screen, the cowboy represented a rugged, yet true, way of life. They live by a “code”. In James’ book, he highlights ten principles to live by: President’s Message Jason Tompkins Bendsen Signs and Graphics I recently attended a meeting where James Owen was the keynote speaker. Many, if not most of you, probably have no idea who James Owen is. In full disclosure, neither did I. James Owen spent his career in the investment field, but now speaks to groups about, well, being a better person. It sounds really simple, but I am afraid it is not as commonplace as it once was. • Live Each Day with Courage • Talk Pride in Your Work • Always Finish What You Start • Do What Has to Be Done • Be Tough, But Fair • When You Make a Promise, Keep It • Ride for the Brand • Talk Less and Say More • Remember That Some Things Aren’t For Sale • Know Where to Draw the Line As business professionals, we are faced with both victories and defeats. We are faced with success and failures. We are up and we are down; sometimes all in a five-minute time period! What these ten principles represent, for me, is a foundation to building on no matter how good or how bad it might be. I believe that our association is a part of that foundation. We must rely on each other through all that we face. We are much stronger when we are accountable to one another.

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