Conference Planning Committee The success of this year’s conference lies in the outstanding efforts of the Planning committee lead by Tabitha Bowen, All-Right Sign, Inc. The committee meet regularly via ZOOM and live during a site visit earlier in the year. Advance reservations reached over 130 people which was well above the last event in Galena which had 90 guests. 22 vendors of the allied trades participated in the EXPO tabletops and outdoor exhibit area. 2021 Sign Expo and Conference Committee Tabitha Bowen, Chair Mat Bedford Brandon Bender Andrew Carby Chad Engstrom Brandy Flores Craig Gray John Johnson Zac Martin Sam Van Bruggen Henry Van De Werken Brad Werkman All-Right Sign, Inc Weitz Signs Electro-Matic Visual Prairie Signs, Inc. Optec Displays All-Right Sign, Inc Wensco C. Johnson Sign Co. Altec Industries Van Bruggen Signs, Inc. Miratec Systems Van Bruggen Signs, Inc. 2021 Conference Planning Chair, Tabitha Bowen, is presented flowers from ISA President John Johnson in appreciation of her leadership!

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