iMAGES - Newsletter of the ILLI NOIS SIGN ASSO CI ATIO N Page 11 IMAGES The Official Newsletter of the Illinois Sign Association In this issue •••. Illinois Sign Association NEW!!! Digi彇㷟 Edit彇㷟n viewable on www.lSA-sign.com. April 2019 ■ Fall Conference Plans moving forward for Galena, October 1-3, 2019 ■ Chicago Sign Reform Initiative -Mayor-Elect Lori Lightfoot supports reform ■ News from International Sign Association ■ ISA' s 7 5th Anniversary d ■ UPCOMING EVENTS: June 25: October 1-3: Late Fall: Right Ways Signs ••• 'Larger than life Lincoln' Members in the news •••. Illinois is known for Abraham Lincoln and Right Way Signs of Chicago recently had the extreme privilege of getting to paint our 16th President on the side of the Hotel Lincoln in the historic Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago. The hand painted mural of President Lincoln measured 8 stories high or 80' tall by 40' wide. The project started in November with an average temperature of30 degrees and took 10 gallons of paint and 5 weeks to complete. The sign painting portion of the mural was at the bottom and says LINCOLN PARK. The hotel Lincoln management had the following statement about the mural: The words Lincoln Park and Abe image were definitely about the Hotel paying homage to Abe and the neighborhood. We owe much of our success to the neighborhood and hoping one day our building and mural could become one of the gateway landmarks for Lincoln Park. Alex Perry of Right Way Signs stated, "It was truly an honor to paint this mural and we hope it becomes an iconic piece of art for the Lincoln Park neighborhood and the City of Chicago." More member news inside ••• All members are invited to send news, updates and changes and successes to ISA Offices for review and publishing. Editor reserves the right to edit, include or not use. Send to: rsal:zman@isa-sig.com The Illinois Sign Association was founded in 1969 to elevate and promote the standards and professionalism of the custom electric sign industry in sales, manufacturing and service. 8 W. Monroe St- Suite 707 - Chicago, IL 60603 - rsalzman@isa-sign.com - 312-881-9920 -- www.isa-sign.org Member Connection-Right Way Signs Fall Conference and Trade Expo Member Connection-Parvin Clauss Signs

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