PHD SCHOOL BY ANNE MERRILD HANSEN, HEAD OF XXPHD SCHOOL ANMH@UNI.GL S INCE 2001, ILISIMATUSARFIK has had the opportunity to offer a 3-year PhD programme in Arctic Studies. The programme is offered for the following three areas: • Pedagogy & Education Science • Health & Social Conditions • Culture, Language & Social Conditions The PhD degree is an international doctorate and is the highest academic degree that can be obtained in Greenland today. Since 2001, the number of PhD students at Ilisimatusarfik has increased steadily. So far, a total of 13 people have obtained a PhD degree at Ilisimatusarfik, and currently 15–20 PhD students are enrolled at any one time. To be enrolled as a PhD student at Ilisimatusarfik, you must hold a master’s degree. In addition, a project description must be submitted for approval by the PhD School, and the financing of the individual project must be in place. The PhD programme focuses on developing the PhD student’s independent research qualifications. This means developing the student’s ability to examine, recognise, independently process and disseminate scientific issues. The programme’s aim is to familiarise the student with research methods and theories within the subject area. As a result, the PhD programme qualifies the student to independently undertake tasks within research, development and teaching. During the programme, the student must complete an independent research project and prepare a thesis based on the PhD project. The student is also required to participate in PhD courses corresponding to 30 ECTS points (half a year of course activity) and be acquainted with teaching and other forms of knowledge communication. The student must be an active participant in Ilisimatusarfik’s research environments and conduct part of their research from a research institution abroad. The PhD programme concludes with an evaluation of the thesis, which, upon approval, is defended orally in front of an international evaluation committee. The PhD School at Ilisimatusarfik offers two types of PhD programmes of varying lengths: • The general PhD programme (rated for three years) • The Assistant Professorship with PhD programme (rated for six years) The PhD students at Ilisimatusarfik work with a wide range of topics, all with the aim of generating scientific knowledge about matters of importance to the Greenlandic society. In the next pages, you will find an overview of our current PhD students and PhD graduates. www.uni.gl 75

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