KARSTEN PETER JENSEN NINA-VIVI ANDERSEN GREETINGS FROM TWO GRADUATES I’M SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT COMMUNICATING STORIES Nina-Vivi Andersen graduated as a journalist from Ilisimatusarfik in 2016, and since then she has been busy with, among other things, the American National Public Radio and Nuuk TV, which today is called Nanoq Media. When Nina-Vivi thinks back on her education, the different things she thinks of mostly are: ” ” ” 66 My internships were incredibly enriching. Here, I really experienced the great gap between the theories you learn at university and the work you actually do as a journalist in the real world. During her education, Nina-Vivi also went on work placement programmes abroad, which she also learned a lot from: My work placements abroad really hardened me, both as a journalist but also personally, and I learned a lot from standing on my own two feet. It has definitely been an asset to me as a journalist in Greenland, where the job is very hectic. After graduation, however, the importance of a journalist’s role in society took her a bit by surprise: Even though you are constantly told that the media are the fourth power of state, the truth of this only really dawned on me after I started working as a journalist. As a journalist, you are truly able to shape society’s agenda. Shaping the Arctic

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