RESEARCH IN F RESEARCH AT THE INSTITUTE OF LEARNING BY BRITTA LOHMANN, HEAD OF INSTITUTE BLO@UNI.GL DISTANCE LEARNING IN GREENLAND The aim of this research project is to generate knowledge about innovative educational opportunities in distance learning in the state school. The research focuses on, among other things, how pupil roles and teacher professionalism are developed in distance learning. The empirical studies are primarily conducted in Greenland, where distance learning is a priority in order to better share teacher resources and create an improved state school. Among the focus points is distance learning in the subjects English and Mathematics as well as in Woodwork and Design. In addition to the pupils' academic development, a focus point has also been on the development of qualifications of teachers with experience in distance learning from their own teacher training programme (Assistant Professor Dr Anders Øgaard). INVESTIGATIVE NATURAL SCIENCES DIDACTICS FROM A LANGUAGE EDUCATIONAL & LANGUAGE DIDACTIC PERSPECTIVE With an action research approach, the goal is to generate locally based investigative natural sciences teaching in which a specific focus point is the development of pupils' research qualifications as well as their qualifications in the language of natural science. Empirical evidence is gathered through video documentation of the teaching, and the participating teachers are involved in an interpretation phase. The intention is thus to create didactic models to specifically help to build the teachers' reflection of their teaching in natural sciences and in general to enhance this reflection to contribute to raising the quality of teaching in natural sciences in the primary and lower secondary school. One objective is to strengthen pupils' motivation for and interest in natural science subjects (Assistant Professor Dr Lars Demant-Poort). STUDENT TEACHERS' UNDERSTANDING OF CLIMATE CHANGE IN RELATION TO EDUCATION The research project is a collaboration with Lakehead University, where the focus point is to uncover student teachers' views on climate change and how they assess climate change in relation to their future work as teachers in the primary and lower secondary school. The project's study group is made up of student teachers from the Institute of Learning in Greenland and from Lakehead University in Canada. The purpose of the research project is to give decision-makers and curriculum designers better tools to organise a teacher training programme that will, to a greater extent, ensure that pupils in primary and lower secondary schools are equipped for climate-related challenges (Assistant Professor Dr Lars Demant-Poort). STATE SCHOOL PUPILS' EXPERIENCE OF TEACHING The purpose of the research project is to uncover how pupils in the Greenlandic state school experience their teaching. The project is limited to students from the 4th year of primary school to the 5th year of secondary school. The scientific purpose is to generate knowledge about primary and lower secondary school and the teaching from the perspective of the pupils (Assistant Professor Dr Lars Demant-Poort and PhD student Louise Pindstrup Andersen). 64 Shaping the Arctic

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