ABOUT US I LISIMATUSARFIK IS THE ONLY UNIVERSITY IN GREENLAND and is located in the capital, Nuuk. Until 2007, Ilisimatusarfik was housed in the old Herrnhutian Mission Station from 1738. In the beginning of 2008, Ilisimatusarfik officially merged with a number of professional bachelor’s degree programmes and was at the same time relocated to the newly built university park Ilimmarfik, a beautiful campus area for education, research, documentation and dissemination. Today, Ilisimatusarfik consists of four institutes with a total of 11 different departments (in this magazine, you can read about our research focus, etc. and of course our various educational programmes). Ilisimatusarfik trains future graduates for both the private and public sector – nationally and internationally – and our research and educational programmes are within the humanities, social sciences and health sciences, focusing on topics related to Greenland and the Arctic. Ilisimatusarfik prioritises highly collaboration with the world outside campus – both locally and internationally. That’s why we also work hard to bridge the gap between the university world, the business world and the public sector. We do this because in such a collaboration everyone contributes with strong qualifications and brings innovation and ingenuity together for the good of society. 6 Shaping the Arctic

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