INTRODUCTION Welcome to Ilisimatusarfik’s profile magazine SHAPING THE ARCTIC. It is our pleasure to present to you many of the various activities that take place at Ilisimatusarfik – from our history, educational programmes and research projects to our focus points on, among other things, guidance, international collaboration and many other exciting subjects. At Ilisimatusarfik, we provide education for both the private and the public labour market; we carry out research and offer educational programmes within the fields of humanities, social sciences and health sciences. As you read our magazine, it will become clear that Ilisimatusarfik is an Arctic university – one that generates and fosters knowledge and innovation in a part of the world that is undergoing great change – in breadth, scope and across many fields. Through research, education, and cooperation, Ilisimatusarfik is Shaping the Arctic. Enjoy our magazine. And remember, if you want to learn more, you are always welcome to visit us at uni.gl. Kind regards, GITTE ADLER REIMER, gitr@uni.gl Rector www.uni.gl 5

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