FULBRIGHT AT ILISIMATUSARFIK A S A PART OF OUR FRUITFUL AND MANY YEARS OF COOPERATION WITH THE U.S. EMBASSY Denmark, Ilisimatusarfik has entered into the Fulbright Program, where students visit Greenlandic educational institutions as part of the ETA Programme. ETA is an acronym for English Teaching Assistant, which means that the Fulbright student connected to Ilisimatusarfik assists in our English teaching, e.g. as part of our teacher training programme. At the same time, the Fulbright student also works as a cultural ambassador for the United States during his or her stay. We are really pleased with the collaboration, not only because our current Fulbright student assists in English teaching for the benefit of our many students, but also because she is very curious and engaged in Greenlandic culture. The ETA programme is a programme for Fulbright students, where candidates are specifically selected based on their qualifications. The student in question is not employed and does not receive a salary, but receives a student grant from the Institute for International Education in the United States. The U.S. Embassy in Denmark manages the programme for Greenland. DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that we have an 'American Corner' and a 'Korean Corner'? Both are cosy areas where you can find books, DVDs, CDs and much more pertaining to American and Korean culture, history and society. The American Corner is sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Denmark. The Korean Corner is sponsored by the Korean Embassy in Denmark and the Korea Foundation. www.uni.gl 49

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