TEACHER Are you interested in teaching and pedagogy, and do you want to help build a solid foundation for the further education of Greenland’s children and youth? On our bachelor’s degree programme in Teaching, you will train for a career in teaching in Greenland’s primary and lower secondary schools or other pedagogical institutions. The programme links practical training and theory, and during the programme you will learn about pedagogical theories, which you will have a chance to test during your work experience periods. In this way, the programme provides you with both the practical experience and the theoretical knowledge necessary for your future teaching career. Currently, and in the years to come, there is a high demand for school teachers in Greenland, which greatly adds to your job prospects after graduation. As a trained teacher, you will be able to: • Work as a teacher in Greenlandic state schools • • Help children and young people at pedagogical institutions Further your studies by enrolling in a master’s degree programme The Teacher Training programme is taught at Ilinniarfissuaq. TRANSLATION & INTERPRETING Are you enthusiastic about language and would you like to contribute towards Greenland’s future with increased internationalisation? With a bachelor’s degree in Translation & Interpreting you will hold a central role in raising the level of service as a translator and interpreter in a bilingual public system – and ensure that the Greenlandic language and culture thrives in the midst of globalisation. The aim of the programme is to prepare you to solve linguistic tasks with a focus on translation and interpretation between Greenlandic and Danish, as well as oral and written communication in English. Currently, and in the years to come, there is a high demand for translators and interpreters in Greenland, which makes your job prospects after graduation highly attractive. These prospects could for example be in the following fields: The programme comprises a bachelor’s degree (3 years) and a master’s degree (2 years). Previous experiences show that many graduates with a master’s degree in Arctic Social Sciences find employment in various positions in Greenland’s public administration. Some go on to careers in organisations and larger companies. SOCIAL WORKER Do you have an interest in social work, and would you like to make a difference for the people in Greenland who need professional social help? The Social Worker programme is a broad bachelor’s degree programme where you are trained within four subject areas: Social Work, Social Studies, Psychology and Law. The programme in Arctic Social Sciences is broadly based and covers important social science disciplines such as political science, sociology and economics. An understanding of these fields and their interactions will enable you to form an overall understanding of the tasks that, for example, a public administration deals with. During the programme, you will gain the knowledge and tools to help shape future organisations and companies. The entire programme is based on Greenlandic, Arctic and international conditions. • Government of Greenland • Parliament of Greenland • • • Sermersooq Municipality The health service The judicial system • As a teacher at Niuernermik Ilinniarfik or as a lecturer at Ilisimatusarfik • Private companies • Freelance translator or interpreter ARCTIC SOCIAL SCIENCES Do you find Greenlandic and Arctic conditions as well as international social conditions fascinating and would you like to work towards the development of public and private organisations and companies? 20 Shaping the Arctic

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