NEED SOME GUIDANCE ? YOU ARE ALWAY S WELCOME T O CONTA C T THE STUDENT COUNSELLOR ’ S OFFICE B Y EM AIL AT STUDIE VE JLEDER@UNI . GL // WATCH OUR PROGRAMME VIDEOES ON UNI.GL LAW Greenlandic society is a society ruled by law in rapid development. In many ways, laws and regulations govern our everyday life, our various administrative bodies and our society – that is why it is important that we have people who can draw up and interpret these laws for the common good of the future development of our society. The bachelor’s degree programme in Law provides you with general legal training, focusing on public sector law and the Greenlandic laws, giving you the necessary qualifications to pursue a career within the Government of Greenland or one of Greenland’s counties. The programme is closely followed by both a professional panel and a recruitment panel to ensure that you have the best employment options after graduation. You can take up a position as an academic administrative officer or consultant with either the Government of Greenland or one of Greenland’s counties. Also, publicly owned companies are often looking for law graduates. CULTURAL & SOCIAL HISTORY Are you excited about cultural and social history, and do you see yourself in a communicative role for a museum or maybe in archaeology or a cultural area? Our programme in Cultural and Social History provides a broad and diverse understanding of cultural and social conditions in a historical perspective – focusing on the Arctic world, but always with international issues and research as the underlying basis. You will learn about the entire human history, from the first people more than 200,000 years ago to today, with an emphasis on the post-1500 era. The programme comprises a bachelor’s degree (3 years) and a master’s degree (2 years). As a graduate with a master’s degree in Cultural and Social History, you have the opportunity to pursue a career in the following fields: • Teaching history at the upper secondary/high school level (GUX) (with a GUX-relevant minor) • Archives, museums, etc. • Media or publishing • DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that every year we host a transition programme for all the upper secondary/high school graduates from GUX in Nuuk? In this programme, students learn about life at university, our various educational programmes, and they are also introduced to some of our research. • Public administration • Tourism and other places emphasising cultural communication Teaching and research work at an institution of higher education www.uni.gl 19

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