OUR HISTORY – IN BRIEF 1989 1987 Master's degree programmes are introduced. The 3-year bachelor's degree programme in Theology is merged with The Inuit Institute. The Inuit Institute changes name to Ilisimatusarfik (University of Greenland). The opening and 1983 Professor Robert 1974 Greenland's Provincial Council proposes that a university-like institution be established – an Inuit institute. Petersen is brought on as head of institute. From 1983 to 1987, the institute is named Ilisimatusarfik – The Inuit Institute. relocation into the university's own buildings in the newly restored Herrnhutian mission station, New Herrnhut, is celebrated on 10 September 1987. Continuous adaptation of Ilisimatusarfik in the period 1987–1989 to expand the universitylike structures that in 1989 are translated into an actual administrative law. The administrative law is adopted and Ilisimatusarfik receives university status. The founding date for Ilisimatusarfik as a university is 1 September 1989. 1995 1988 1984 1981 The establishment of Ilisimatusarfik is decided at the Parliament of Greenland's autumn session in September 1981. The first students are admitted for the spring semester. Robert Petersen is appointed rector (retires in September 1995). A bachelor's degree programme is introduced. 14 Shaping the Arctic

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