D S INCE 2008, ILISIMATUSARFIK HAS BEEN LOCATED AT CAMPUS Ilimmarfik – with the whole campus area beautifully decorated in Greenlandic art by, among others, the following Greenlandic artists: • Aka Høegh • Anne-Birthe Hove • Julie Edel Hardenberg • Miki Jacobsen • Hans Lynge • Harald Moltke The first four artists represent the more contemporary and modern, whilst the last two represent something more traditional to Greenland. In connection with the inauguration of Ilimmarfik, the university received several of the artworks as gifts. Thus, the works by Aka Høegh are funded by the Danish Arts Foundation Denmark-Greenland, while the works by Anne-Birthe Hove are financed by the Augustine Foundation. The photographs by Julie Edel Hardenberg are a gift from the artist herself, and the work by Miki Jacobsen is a gift from the then Nuuk Municipality. We are immensely proud and happy that these artists have found their place at Ilimmarfik and that so many people can find joy in their works every day. DIC ART www.uni.gl 11 Art at Campus Ilimmarfik by Harald Moltke: "Untitled". Photographer: Ilisimatusarfik.

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