Hello, HSL Supporters! Thank you for voting me in as your next Humane Society President! HSL is a great charity and the help we are doing for our community is very important. I am looking forward to the next two years of working with the board and a strong team of employees at our shelter as we work to make HSL reach new heights. I take the mission of our organization very seriously; placing animals in their forever homes, ensuring animal health, and assisting population numbers by spaying and neutering. Through these works we will help our communities and the animals who rely on us; nevertheless, we at HSL cannot do this alone. As a longtime supporter of HSL and a board member, I appreciated all of the support we receive and the love and passion that we all have for our animals. Each of you have made a difference in various ways–you are so appreciated! Additionally, I want to congratulate and thank Rachel Noland for her ongoing support and dedication to our shelter. I am excited to announce that Rachel has accepted the position of Shelter Manager for HSL. Rachel is a valuable team member and I know she will do great things in her new role. Stay warm and safe, NancyLee Loftsgard hslpresident@gmail.com NancyLee Loftsgard, President Shanda Fisher, 1st Vice President Lori Thompson, 2nd Vice President Sam Amundson, Treasurer Candace Rastedt, Secretary Vicky Williams Chrisandra Sorum Linda Scherping Beth Gravalin Chelsey Malstrom Ashley Pepin Betsy Nebgen Matt Nelson Becca Robbins 3

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