HSL logo wear Have you seen our NEW summer collection?! Thanks to Brittany from Shirts from Fargo we are able to offer a large selection of logo wear! Even better, every order gives a percentage to HSL so we can continue our mission of helping animals find their forever homes. Below are a few of our favorite items, but if you would like to shop the whole collection, please use this link: https://shirtsfromfargo.com/shop/nonprofits/humane-society-of-the-lakes/ I just want all the cats tank $22 Cat Slider Mug $25 HSL Tye Dye $27 Adopt Crew Neck $50 Happy tails Loki & Layla We renamed these two kitties Loki and Layla. They explored and made themselves at home about 10 minutes after we got them home. No issues adjusting at all for them. They have both been super sweet since day one. They love snuggling and I haven’t heard them hiss once. Loki is definitely a good brother and is always helps Layla clean herself. Here’s a picture of them cuddling! Layla is on the left and Loki on the right. Selkie We renamed her Selkie day one and she’s the happiest dog in the world; she had an adjustment period which has long past. She put on 15lbs within the first 30 days and grew quite a bit; she gets to run free and knows our home property now and stays on it. She loves hunting gophers and being outside running and she hardly uses her voice and definitely is spoiled. She’s the best dog I’ve ever owned behavior-wise and her spirit. Selkie is trained well and it’s clear when people meet her. I’m thankful everyday for her. Shelter wish list HSL relies on donations of items needed to operate the shelter and feed and care for the animals. Please consider making an in-kind donation from the list below: • Adult Dog Food • Puppy Chow • Batteries (Assorted sizes) • Bleach • Soft Dog Treats • Canned Kitten Food • Dryer Sheets • Clorox Wipes • Powdered Laundry Detergent • Small Paper Plates • Disposable Rubber Gloves Donations can be brought to the shelter Tuesday-Friday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm and Saturdays from 10:00am to 4:00pm. There is a drop box at the front door for afterhours donations. If you would like to donate online, please visit: https://givemn.org/organization/hsofthelakes or try scanning our QR code! 5

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