WORDS AVAILABLE FOR ALL SILHOUETTES Ohm means completeness. it is a sacred sound that embodies the essence of the entire universe and all forms of time. Reminder that we are all connected and things happen for a reason. Muladhara chakra is the center of energy that grounds you and is the root of spiritual development. Reminder to stay strong, you will prevail with perseverance. Sukha is sanskrit for happiness & positivity. Remember to stay positive and be happy. Think of 2 things that make you feel happy when you wear this. Greek word for adventure. Remember that every day in life is a new adventure. Make interesting plans when you wear this. Infinity plus one. Reminder that the best things in life can not be measured or calculated. Love is a profoundly passionate feeling for another person. Reminder that you are love(d)(ing). Acronym for “fuck it let’s do it” Reminder that you don’t always need a plan. Be spontaneous, go with your instinct! Ace card for a little luck up your sleeve. Reminder that you’re a smokin’ ace! 8

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