but today it’s a bit harder to find healthy stimuli for the brain. We can’t always change our surroundings and while books stimulate the mind, we can’t always easily read them on the go. For this, one designer might have the key. Designer Hindi Jain accidentally discovered a way to spark the mindbody link when she began offering Henna tattoos outside of her parent’s boutique shop in the eclectic town of New Hope PA when she was just ten. “It was sort of my version of a lemonade stand.” “Over the years, I’ve done tattoos for over 20,000 people. A lot of these people were going through a very troubled time. After having words of positivity drawn in henna where they could easily see, they would often come back to me later telling me about how those words changed their day.” Research shows that a word on your sleeve or clothing can do the same to change your brain and set new positive intention into motion. The Words Collection features positive statements This is why Hindi created The Words Collection. in different languages placed where one might normally see a tattoo. “After graduating college and working for major labels like Ralph Lauren, I wanted to do something with my skills in a more meaningful way.” Remembering her tattoo stand helped pave the way. The collection takes its name from the nature of its designs featuring meaningful words, quotes and definitions. The collection features positive statements in different languages placed where one might normally see a tattoo. Considering language is the communication and the filter foundation of human through which we understand and learn about ourselves, the world and all others around us it’s no huge surprise that the use of words can (positively or negatively) trigger our daily thoughts, emotions and the way we ultimately experience our lives. Science now shows that positive words of affirmation not only make our brains stronger, but make our bodies feel better and set our intentions in motion too. Wearing your heart on your sleeve might not be so bad after all. . 11

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