DEAR SALES COACH Please take our quick survey! OSHA10 IN SPANISH Dear Sandler Coach, If a prospect tells us that they are not going to do business with us, is there any way to recover and convince them to change their mind? – Joe L. Dear Joe, There could many reasons why a buyer decides not to do business with you including that they don’t have the budget or that they just would not be a good fit for you and your company. First of all, dispel the myth that you have to close all of the business that you prospect. But let’s go with the scenario that you really feel like you can help the buyer and the decision should have been a yes. There is a way to turn a no back into a yes. Ask the buyer, “Now that its over, can I ask you some questions?” This approach takes the pressure off of all parties and you can learn the buyer’s real motivations. Why do many salespeople bail out when a prospect says that the sale is not going to happen? One reason is that many salespeople expect, before the call is even made, that the prospect will end it. “I call any ten prospects, and nine of them are a waste of time. Nine times out of ten I lose.” So they gear themselves up to not succeed. They expect not to succeed. It’s now a lot easier, when the call is headed toward “no interest,” to give up. They know what the prospect is going to say, and they know what they are going to say. Both are following the “no interest” script. Both are comfortable in their respective roles. If the prospect figures that the pressure for them to make a buying decision is over, just about any question you ask them at that point will be answered. Once she makes that “no” decision, she’s relieved. Once you seem to accept the “no” decision, she’s even more relieved. “Thank goodness that’s over.” Yes, it may be over. No matter what you do now, you won’t make the sale. But you need to try one last time so that the “end it” decision is yours. -Ed Ed Schultek Ed began Sandler/PEAK with focus on medium and small size firms to Corporate organizations who must lift their Management and Sales competency to Win, improve their ability to lead others to change their future, and position themselves as the Trusted Advisor to their Clients above all others. 30 HBRA of Fairfield County | JANUARY 2019 Have a sales question? Email Ed at ed.schultek@sandler.com. We have had some requests for an OSHA10 certification class in Spanish. We need to know how many people are interested. Please complete the 1 minute survey here to let us know. SURVEY CLICK HERE

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