NAHB NEWS 2018 – A Very Good Year As we say goodbye to 2018, let’s celebrate NAHB’s many achievements in the past year. We can’t list them all, but these are some of the most important. HBA and member efforts to grow NAHB paid off with the addition of 2,000 new members nationwide, the best net improvement in more than a decade. What a great achievement! Thanks to all for the hard work and good will. As if home building wasn’t already challenging, builders have been struggling with a labor shortage for several years. A much-appreciated $50 million grant from the Home Depot Foundation to HBI will enable it to train 20,000 new skilled workers over the next 10 years, truly something to celebrate. Part of building a home is making sure it meets all applicable building codes. NAHB works hard to ensure those codes are reasonable and fair. In 2018, we asked members to explain the builder perspective to their local code officials in a new campaign called “One and Done.” Those efforts had a big impact. Read More Government Shutdown Continues as Political Leaders Remain Deadlocked As the partial government shutdown enters its 17th day, no resolution to the dispute over border wall funding appears in sight after weekend discussions between White House officials and congressional Democrats produced no deal to reopen most of the government. Read More IT’S NOT A TREND. IT’S A REVOLUTION. Visit ZIPRevolution.com to learn how easy it is to make the switch. © 2017-2019 Huber Engineered Woods LLC. ZIP System, the accompanying ZIP System logo and design are trademarks of Huber Engineered Woods LLC. Huber Engineered Woods’ ZIP System® ZIPSystem.com/patents for details. HUB 81860 REV 1/19 products are covered by various patents. Please see 24 HBRA of Fairfield County | JANUARY 2019

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