PRESENTED BY Peter Yost President, Building-Wright Steven Baczek Nationally Recognized Architect DATE: February 6, 2019 Breakfast 8:15 Class 9:45 ADDRESS: J.M. Wright Tech 120 Bridge Street Stamford, CT 06905 Build Better with Less Risk: Building Science + Quality = Durability + Risk Management Homeowners are asking more of us and so are our buildings. Building better means greater customer satisfaction; building science means increased durability and decreased liability. This workshop will connect all the dots between building science, quality, durability, and risk management. Steve will kick things off with his definition of quality as a job-site architect. Pete follows with how building science is the foundation of building better and Steve returns to show how he works all this into his details, by assembly. Pete wraps up with his Wingnut Test Facility work; you do NOT want to miss how and why a wingnut tests pressuresensitive adhesive tapes! After completing this workshop, attendees will be able to: 1. Use the three-legged stool of quality in your building business. 2. Connect quality, durability and risk in your front office and job sites. 3. Design, spec, and construct high performance wall, foundation, and roof assemblies, according to the four prioritized continuous control layers. 4. Select the right “sticky stuff” to make your air and water control layers continuous. Architects earn 3 AIA CEUs. Breakfast provided by the JM Wright Students in the Culinary and Hospitality programs HBRA Members: $20.00 General Admission: $30.00 Attend a breakfast prepared by JM Wright Students and learn about the advanced technical programs training the next generation of our industry. Breakfast begins at 8:15 and the class begins at 9:45. REGISTER FOR BUILDING SCIENCE & GMM REGISTER FOR GMM ONLY

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