2,900+ square feet that will take your breath away! Featuring 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, three-car garage Ranch home with numerous energy efficiencies, astonishing open floor plan with show stopping fireplace, luxurious kitchen, outdoor living space, daylight partial finished basement and so much more. Located in Windsor Creek subdivision in O’Fallon, IL. Built with the expertise of Trusted members in the Home Builders & Remodelers Metro East Association. YOUR RESOURCE AND STORYBOOK FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION

Page 2 Windsor Creek Subdivision Page 3 Page 5 Page 7 Page 9 Lot Selection Floor Plan Financing General Contractor The Showcase Home 2021 is centrally located in Windsor Creek Subdivision in O’Fallon, IL giving it a very high scoring location close to many amenities. Page 10 Engineering, Excavation, Footings & Foundations Page 11 Concrete, Waterproofing & Backfill Page 12 Framing - Basement & Subflooring Page 13 Framing – Walls, House Wrap & Windows Page 14 Framing - Trusses & Roof Install Page 15 HVAC - Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Page 16 Plumbing - Rough In Page 17 Electric & Low Voltage - Rough In Page 18 Inspection - Rough In Page 19 Garage Door Page 20 Insulation Page 21 Drywall & Paint Page 22 Water & Sewer Tap Page 23 Flooring Page 24 Fireplace & Mudroom Locker Page 25 Exterior Stone & Siding Page 26 Paint Products, Mirrors & Closet Shelving Page 27 Cabinets Page 28 Countertops & Backsplash Page 29 Staircase Page 30 Doors & Base Trim Page 31 Lighting Page 32 Driveway & Patio Concrete Page 33 Screened in Patio Page 34 Bathroom Shower & Plumbing Fixtures Page 35 Carpet Page 36 Appliances Page 37 Sod & Landscaping Page 38 Interior Design & Staging Page 40 Sponsor Recognition 2

LOCATION OF SHOWCASE HOME Situated in Windsor Creek subdivision in O’Fallon (Milburn School Rd & Merriam Parkway) just 15 minutes from Scott Air Force base and 15 minutes from the STL Arch. Windsor Creek is part of the highly regarded District 90 school system and only minutes away from shopping, golf and interstate access. The lot was purchased from HBR Member D&F Home Builders after the Showcase Home Committee reviewed over 70+ lots provided by 27 developers within the organization. • • • • • 3

Inside the Showcase Home 4

SHOWCASE HOME FLOOR PLAN The Architect brings the creative design to its first life views with the calculations from foundation to roof ensuring the home is structurally sound giving the Builder all the measurements to start making arrangements with the Trade Partners for another Home Owner of the American Dream. Meet the “Greyson” floor plan that was chosen for the Showcase Home. These plans were selected for many reasons after a request for the plan criteria was sent to 24 Builders in the Home Builders & Remodelers Metro East Association. The check list included: • Lot size / buildable area • Price point / within budget • Open Floor Plan • Energy Efficiencies • 3 Car Garage • Daylight Basement • Covered Porch and/or Patio • Elevation Features • Modification friendly There was a clear and unanimous choice to approve Spencer Homes Greyson model, one of their most popular styles. 5

Drywall Plumbing Siding Roofing Windows & Doors Framing The list of materials and labor needed To build a home can be overwhelming at best. Having a General Contractor to detail these items out is highly recommended. Cabinets Footings & Foundation Lumber Flooring Insulation HVAC 6 Local Lenders will have a good template for the costs to help ensure that everything is in place and accurate.

STEP #1 SHOWCASE HOME FINANCING There are many financing programs, options and requirements that need to be in place when finding a lender for new construction. These are the steps we fulfilled to secure our chosen lender, FCB Banks, and the criteria we looked at for our financing needs. The HBR has over 20 members in the Mortgage Lending field that were asked to share proposals on their programs for consideration. • Debt to Income Ratio Application / Pre-Qualification Process: • Credit Score/History STEP # 2 Home Plans, Builder, construction costs & location are required to secure this loan. The Builder is instrumental in this part of the loan as they will breakdown the costs and provide the plans once you have decided on the place to build. New Construction Loan includes • Excellent Interest Rate • Interest Only Loan for time frame it will take to build the home • Internal Disbursements with a flat rate ensuring lien waivers are in place from the Trade Partners involved 7 • Down Payment Source


SHOWCASE HOME BUILDER SELECTION Do your research and confirm these items Industry Reputation with Municipality, Consumers & Trade Partners The check list for our chosen Builder was not an issue for any of our 24 Builder HBR members, this group builds over 70% of new residential construction in the Metro East. For our needs, the Builder selected was available and excited to take on this highly visible project. Insurance Coverage: Workers Comp & Liability Communication Program Integrity & Quality This gorgeous “Greyson” home design by Spencer Homes LLC is one of the latest projects for General Contractor C.A. Jones, Inc. The day-light home showcases innovative technology and current trends in residential construction. 9

Engineering, Excavation, Footings & Foundations is where the onsite production starts 10

Concrete/Flatwork Used for: Foundation Basement Floor Garage Floor Driveway Patio Sidewalk Concrete is the most used construction material in the world. Concrete consists of tightly packed small particles of a hard material, bonded together by a powdered cement. Waterproofing & Backfill Concrete does not compress despite bearing heavy loads. 11

-- Framing -Basement & Subflooring The framing is the skeleton of the house. Starts in the basement with the setting of the steel beam, this acts as the “backbone” giving the house support. All tie together to make one solid structure 12

-- Framing -Walls, House Wrap & Windows The walls are constructed out of studs, ply wall, steal plates, and headers; cut respectively for windows & door frames. The framers installed 16 Windgate Windows Black Exterior/White Interior & Patio Door provided by ABC Supply. The Tyvek house wrap, provided by Hallmark Building Supplies, is installed after the walls are complete. The house wrap acts as a membrane, protecting the home from outside elements. 13

Completing the Roof Roof Trusses are structurally engineered for the home and no modifications can happen without an engineer’s approval. Roofing begins with the placement of edge metal along the brim of the roof. Then a synthetic felt is placed before shingling begins. 14

H: V: A: C: Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Rough In After the “bones” of the home are in place, the “lungs” or HVAC units are installed; giving the house the ability to “breath” and keep the homeowners comfortable. 15

Plumbing Rough In The plumbing acts as the “veins” of the house. The crew expertly winds the tubes throughout the home providing each bathroom, sink, and shower with access to water and waste disposal

Electric & Low Voltage Rough In Electric installation consists of light switches, lights, smoke/CO detectors, outlets, circuits for appliances and the garage door operators. Before insulation and drywall is installed the electric and low voltage wiring are installed correctly according to codes of the City of O’Fallon. Low voltage consists of wiring that deals with internet, phone, and HDMI connections. 17

Inspection The City of O’Fallon conducts a rough-in inspection before further construction. The inspector looks at all the rough-in work done to make sure it is to code and safe for the future homeowners. As the project moves past the rough-in state, the build team is cautiously optimistic about the timeline – having experienced no major hiccups thus far, but knowing delays are always a possibility, especially as markets and suppliers adjust in the coronavirus era. “Our biggest challenge will be making sure we receive all the products when we need them onsite to stay on schedule” Rough Structure Rough Electric Rough Mechanical Rough Plumbing 18

Garage Door Installation In O’Fallon, per code, a wind code garage door had to be installed. Here there are extra struts and clips to provide more support for the higherclassed winds. Cardinal Door, Inc. installed belt drive operators via Lift Master. 19

Insulation Basement Insulation doesn’t have a paper backing like upstairs because of less leaks. The paper backing is typically on the main/upper levels. The attic insulation is composed of the same material; however, it is blown in via a tube to the correct height to meet that home’s requirements. 20

Drywall & Paint Drywall hanging takes multiple steps to complete. • First the dry wall is screwed to the wall after insulation is in place. • Then, taping is placed in the corners and seams. • Finally, the dry wall and taping is sanded down to prepare for painting. The painting takes several days to complete. The crew starts by spraying a primer. Once dried the crew comes back and applies the final coat of paint. Construction is progressing swiftly on the HBR Showcase Home 2021 and there is growing anticipation for its unveiling, which will show builders and consumers the latest designs and features centered around Metro East living. 21

Water/Sewer Tap Since the Showcase Home has a patio rather than a deck, the water/sewer tap must run the length of the front of the house. After digging to the desired depth, a barrier is placed to protect the crew from cave-ins. Once the pipes are glued and set in position, the crew backfills the whole completing the process. 22

Flooring We selected from the Korlok and Dal Tile Selections at Ambassador Flooring. In the main and lower-level areas we installed a Korlok vinyl wood flooring. While in the hallway and basement bathrooms we used ceramic tiles. In the master bathroom we chose a Korlok Select – Brunella Marble with a herringbone design. 23

Fireplace & Mudroom Locker Light Brite Distributing provided our fireplace and mud locker for the Showcase Home. The fireplace is a gas direct-vent fireplace that is very efficient and can be turned on via a wall switch. Around the fireplace is a costume mantle surround with limestone and shiplap, produced in Light Brite’s own custom wood working shop. 24

Exterior Stone Cladding & Siding There are two separate crews applying the exterior cladding for the Showcase Home. The first crew is masonry working exclusively with the stone from Earthworks that chip and cut the stone; using mortar to place the stone in the desired locations. The second crew works exclusively on the ProVia siding supplied by Arrowhead Building Supply Co. that goes around the rest of the house. This takes multiple days to complete. 25

Paint Products, Mirrors & Closet Shelving The bathroom mirrors and closet shelving was provided and installed by Martin Glass. We chose the Sherwin Williams Super Paint “living well” brand with air purifying technology that reduces common household odors, helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and provides a rich, long-lasting color. 26

Cabinets Our cabinets were provided by Wilke Window & Door and installed by Fulford Home Remodeling. In the kitchen we have white cabinets with black handles, while the kitchen island has a black finish. In the hallway bathroom we selected a black finish, single unit cabinet similar to the lower-level bathroom, except it has a grey finish instead. In the master bath we chose a duo white cabinet for the double bowl vanity that’s very popular in master baths. 27

Countertops & Backsplash The Showcase Home’s Kitchen countertops were done by Granite Heroes. They custom fit the countertops to our cabinets. The island has a beautiful marble finish while the surrounding cabinets have a contrasting black countertop. The backsplash is a subway tile, herringbone design with black grout from Ambassador Floor . The beautiful bathroom countertops were provided by Superior Home Products to compliment the . 28

Staircase Inside our Showcase Home we have a “U” shaped stairwell that allows for unique designs. Our staircase trip matches our vinyl wood floors with black spindles to compliment the white & black cabinets and doors around the home. The technical details for stair and handrail codes are very intricate that allow for maximum stair tread depth, nosing projection, height of handrails and distance between spindles along with many other complexities that professionals are aware of and make look easy when completing. 29

Doors & Base Trim The doors in our Showcase Home were provided by Wilke Window & Door and installed by CMI Construction. Our doors had a white paint finish, other than the front door and the barn door for the pantry that are painted black. The trim, done by Padgett Building Co., has a white finish that gives the interior paint color a great contrast on the inside of the home. 30

Lighting Our lighting fixtures were provided by Light Brite Distributing. They were wired and installed by CMC Electric. Over the kitchen island are three black with a glass incasing lights and a black finish chandelier for the dining area. In the bedrooms, ceiling fans with a black finish were installed. In our screened in porch is another ceiling fan as well as exterior lights on the garage. 31

Driveway & Patio Concrete The driveway and back patio, where a screened in porch will be installed, pour crew began by outlining and grading the ground where the concrete will be set. Then they smooth it out and let dry shortly before brushing and smoothing the surface to give it a nice clean look for the future homeowner. 32

Screened In Patio Our screened in porch was set on the back patio of the house. Screened in porches are a great way to spend time outdoors without having to deal with all the annoyances like bugs, humidity, and allergies. Screen rooms provided a great place to relax while enjoying the outdoors’ natural beauty and sunlight. 33

Bathroom Showers & Plumbing Fixtures In the master bathroom Super Home Products installed a marble surround shower with a glass casing installed by Martin Glass. The vanities were provided by Superior Home Products and installed by C.A. Jones, Inc. The hall and downstairs basement bathroom showers were provided & installed by A Royal Flush Plumbing that also installed the beautiful faucets throughout the home. 34

Carpet In the bedrooms and on the stairs leading to the basement, we decided to install carpet in these areas. We chose the Shaw line of carpet from Ambassador Floor with a ½ inch stain master supreme carpet pad underneath to help with comfort when walking on the carpet. 35

Appliances We selected from the GE Appliance selection and chose a stainless steal refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher to install into the home. For the refrigerator we chose a 6-foot, fingerprint resistant stainless steel with French doors and an exterior water/ice dispenser. The oven we selected is an electric, stainlesssteel finish with 4 burners and self-cleaning technology as well as a removable storage drawer, ceramic glass cooktop, and dualelement baking. Moving on to the microwave, we chose a 30inch, 1000 watt cooking power, stainless steel, over-the-range microwave with auto & time defrost and convenience cooking controls. Lastly, we chose a stainless steel dishwasher, 16 place setting capacity with 11 washing options as well as a piranha hard food disposer, 4 bottle wash jets, and steam prewash.

Sod & Landscaping Installing sod is a less complicated process that is also time consuming to complete correctly. Taking care of sod is vital after the installation. You must keep it watered and healthy, however with this being done in the fall it is the perfect time of year to install sod because of the lower temperatures and more consistent rain fall. Typically, you would have a sprinkler system running to make sure the sod stays healthy. However, in the lower temperatures you don’t have to worry about it drying up as quickly. The Landscaping was provided and installed by Landscapes Unlimited giving a beautiful and classic look to the front of the home. 37

Interior Design & Staging Our Interior Designer was vital to this home, ensuring that the product and color choices would all work together to create this elegant and beautiful home. The staging of the home truly compliments all the interior design choices to show off the professional products and craftsmanship throughout the home. 38



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