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Event Sponsors featured at the entrance o Home Show along with a vintage vehicle a Gateway Classic Cars Thank You to all the volunteers that helpe years Home Show a success! 1st Nat’l Bank of Waterloo AUTCOhome Appliances C.A. Jones, Inc. Custom Marble Fairway Ind. Mortgage Homes By Deesign Associated Ba Belleville Sup Custom Floor Drake Constru Fulford Home J. Decker Con Jacob Sunroom, Exteriors & Baths Joe Lanahan Construction Service Kerber, Eck & Braekel Liese Lumber Marketplace Magazine New American Funding R.P. Lumber Todd Grant, Tracy Wolf & Marty Woodrome with Associated Bank Village of Shiloh Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Page 2 Landscapes U Light Brite Mosquito Joes Padgett Buildin Remington Pr Vogt Builders Yaekel & Asso

of the at ed make this ! ank pply rs & More ruction es nstruction hs es Unlimited es ng & Remodeling roperties s ociates Page 3

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g q last business cycle, wage gains were over 4%, and at the height of the dot.com bubble, wage gains were over 5% a year. Shouldn’t the current tight job market result in faster wage growth as employers compete for increasingly scarce workers? “ The answer is “not really,” and it’s for several reasons. The single most important reason for slow wage growth is weak labor productivity growth, or the increase in output per worker per hour. As firms pay workers more, they try to keep their profit margins up by squeezing out inefficiencies, and thus pay for the higher wages out of increased worker productivity. Back in the 1990s, labor productivity growth averaged about 3%/year. In the run-up to the housing bust, it was well over 2%. By contrast, today’s productivity growth is about 1%! As a result, employers are not so eager to raise wages as they tend to reduce profits. Another major reason is demographics. Twenty years ago, the Baby Boomers were all in their prime working years. Today, close to 11,000/day retire and are being replaced by Millennials. The problem is that since Millennials are just starting their careers, they earn considerably less than the retiring Boomers. More importantly, the number of Millennials entering the labor force numbers about 14,000/day, exceeding by about 3,000/day, or 90,000/ g g is currently closer to 4%. The final significant reason for slow wage growt of inflation. In the late 1990s, inflation, as measu CPI, was 3.5%/year, and was roughly 4%/year du housing boom. Since 2010, however, inflation ha markably tame, and has hovered right around 2% sult, employers have not had to increase pay tha keep up with inflation. If, for example, employer increase real pay by 1%/year during the housing would have meant pay raises of 5%; today, 3% wi There are, of course, many other reasons why w growth is weak. They include a decline in the str unions, the increased prevalence of non-compe in employment contracts, and global supply cha which reduce the bargaining power of workers. also been a steep decline in the number of new f part due to the rise of super-firms like Google, A and Facebook, which generally buy out any pote petitors, also reducing employer options. Last, b tainly not least, comes the dramatic rise in state requirements which make it much more difficul ployees to work in other states, even if good jobs same field are available. While wage growth is not as strong today as it ha prior recoveries, there are many reasons why. H labor productivity will improve going forward, a something that employers and employees both b from. In addition, it would be great to see states eliminate licensing requirements where possibl where that is not possible, encouraging reciproc state lines would be a great improvement. Page 6

g g wth is a lack ured by the uring the as been re2%. As a reat much to rs aim to g boom, that will do. wage rength of ete clauses ains, all of . There has firms, in Amazon ential combut cere licensing lt for embs in the has been in Hopefully, as that is benefit s reduce or ble. And, ocity across HEAR ALL ABOUT HISTORIC WATERLOO AND THEIR APPEAL FOR NEW HOMES (225+ IN THE LAST 5 YEARS) •GREAT SCHOOLS •DOWNTOWN ATTRACTIONS •BUSINESS COMMUNITY •PARKS & RECREATION •ANNUAL EVENTS •INDUSTRY FRIENDLY No. of Reservations _____________ @ $20 per person _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Company Name _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone# Email address _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Names of Attending _____ Amount Enclosed _____ Invoice Company (members only) _____ Charge to Visa/Ma *credit card payments include a 4% con _____________________________________________________________________________________________ HBR Policy: Registration for the HBR event is considered confirmation of participation and will be invoiced if cancellation is not made withint five (5) days before the event. Page 7 Phone (618) 343-633 Email: tbutler@hbaswi

Over 80 HBR member booths sharing their services and products at the Home Show at Gateway Classic Cars in O’Fallon Page 8

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O’Fallon 115 Shiloh 59 Mascoutah 58 Unincorporated 45 Bellevi Madison County 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 YTD Jan Feb Mar 16 36 29 28 23 11 11 10 21 14 19 11 24 19 20 Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 21 38 40 21 22 67 32 30 22 25 11 33 27 19 21 22 35 24 19 19 15 37 25 17 17 27 32 34 32 17 Unincorporated 76 Troy 53 Edwardsville 43 Monroe County 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Jan Feb Mar 2 12 12 6 8 6 8 8 11 9 14 8 8 10 8 27 25 28 18 16 15 29 14 27 15 14 16 10 27 15 Tota 257 344 294 265 229 Godfrey 24 Maryvil YTD Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 13 11 10 9 9 8 11 18 7 9 10 16 15 9 7 7 12 15 11 8 16 17 10 10 9 7 7 12 12 8 Waterloo 43 Columbia 29 Unincorporated 27 MarketGraphics provides the HBA with these permit reports. MarketGraphics offers many other housing and subdivision ana Contact them today to see how that can be of service to you directly. Page 10 12 12 12 9 7 8 5 11 21 10 9 8 7 7 7 Total 112 127 138 122 99

ville 22 D als 7 4 4 5 9 ille 22 D ls 2 7 8 2 alysis reports. Social Media is loving Dream Homes!! Results from the first 7 videos People Reached 83,483 Viewers 95% on mobile devices Post Engagements Link Clicks 3,362 1, 278 40% more Men from ages 18-34 Equal Men/Women ages 35-44 45% more Women from ages 45+ Page 11

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Majority of attendees came from St. Clair County. We also had a great mix fr Clinton, Madison, Monroe, Macoupin & Jersey County along with St. Louis! Page 13

Alton Winair BlueLink Eagle Flooring Earth Works Light Brite Mark's Appliance A HUGE thanks to everyone that donated ! Midwest Block & Brick Padgett Building & Remodeling Remington Properties RSI Kitchen & Bath Springfield Electric Wilson Lilghting Thank y Fulford Ken Die Jacob Sunroo Exterio Baths fo donatin Animal for the House R benefiti PWB! Page 14

you to d Homes, el and oms, ors & for ng l houses e Animal Raffle ting the To read “Budget Solutions 2020: A 5-year plan to balance Illinois’ budget, pay off de cut taxes,” visit https://illin.is/budgetsolutions. Page 15

ly squeaking open, but they still think it's pretty pricey. The share of Americans who say it is a good time to buy a home increased 4 percentage points to 15 percent in January compared with December, according to a monthly survey from Fannie Mae. The share is still down sizably from the start of 2018, when housing demand was soaring and home prices were rising at a much faster clip. Home price gains have been shrinking since last summer and are now rising at the slowest pace in more than six years, according to CoreLogic. Consequently, the share of Americans who say home prices will go up fell 1 percentage point to 30 percent. That share has been declining for four straight months and is down a whopping 22 percentage points from a year ago, according to Fannie Mae. While consumer confidence in housing is rising this year, it was still a bit unsteady in the fourth quarter of last year. they could afford fewer than half the homes for sale in their markets, according to a yearend poll from the National Association of Home Builders. That share is lower than the 79 percent who shared that perception in the fourth quarter of 2017, but not by much. "In the year ended in the fourth quarter of 2018, there was not a lot of change in how homebuyers perceived their ability to afford homes available in their markets," said Rose Quint, author of the NAHB survey. Attitudes toward homebuying are improving this year because it appears that mortgage rates will not be increasing as much as previously expected. The share of those who expect rates to go up over the next year fell 3 percentage points to 53 percent in the Fannie Mae survey. The Federal Reserve has signaled it may not be as aggressive in hiking interest rates as previously forecast. amid improving affordability conditions, home sales shou stabilize in 2019 after declining last year for the first time in four years," said Dou Duncan, Fannie Mae's chief economist. Cooler home prices and low interest rates certainly in crease affordability and help consumers feel better about buying, but the biggest chan influencing that sentiment is consumers' perception of their own wealth. The share of those who say their household income i significantly higher than it w a year ago increased 8 percentage points to 27 percen That is 11 percentage points higher from the same time last year. In addition, fewer American said they were concerned about losing their jobs. Page 16

y uld - ug f wer np ut nge is is was nt. s ns Page 17

Mark s Appliance - 1 year McCullough’s Flooring Enterprise - 15 years Midwest Carpet & Duct Cleaning - 3 years Mr. Handyman of Metro East - 3 years Quality Installation - 2 years Regions Bank - 47 years Sherwin Williams Company - 3 years Throm Construction Co., Inc. - 8 years US Bank Home Mortgage - 1 year Remodelers Council First Mid –Bank & Trust Klemme Construction, Inc. Professional Women in Building Council 1st National Bank of Waterloo Benchmark Title Company CA Jones, Inc. (2 members) D&F Home Builders / Century 21 Advantage Jacob Sunroom, Exteriors & Baths TheBANK of Edwardsville (4 members) Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (3 members) Eric Yost Yost Painting 111 West 6th St., O’Fallon, IL c: (618) 560-8583 eyost99@gmail.com http://yost99.wixsite.com/ yostpainting o: (618) 416-7895 c: (618) 593-8384 rcoolbaugh@firstmid.com www.firstmid.com Page 20

m L 62269 / Nick Kasate Steve Macaluso Sherwin Williams Halloran Construction Bob & Heidi Dee Homes by Deesign Page 21 Michelle Koetting Eagle Flooring

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Metro East Association 6100 West Main Street Maryville, IL 62062 Phone: 618-343-6331 E-mail: tbutler@hbaswil.org

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