in St. Clair County The Impact of Home Building The Home Builders & Remodelers Association recently conducted this report thru the NAHB to capture the effect of construction activity, the ripple impact and ongoing impact that results from new homes becoming occupied. Below is a detailed breakdown of each phase for the local wages & salaries side of this impact. We will continue to share this information, in parts, for you to know that our industry has one of the biggest roles in our local economy. This information is available to our members and will be shared with our municipalities in the near future. The distinguishing aspect of local government revenue shows industry structure accountability while being consistent with revenue being collected by all governments in the area of analysis. During the Construction & Ripple phase its important to point out that developer infrastructure is dedicated to municipalities that have minimal upkeep needs for years to come. Local Government Revenues are typically set income formulas to offer services and stability to our communities. Page 12

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