in St. Clair County The Impact of Home Building The Home Builders & Remodelers Association recently conducted this report thru the NAHB to capture the effect of construction activity, the ripple impact and ongoing impact that results from new homes becoming occupied. Below is a detailed breakdown of the imposed costs on local government. We will continue to share this information, in parts, for you to know that our industry has one of the biggest roles in our local economy. This information is available to our members and will be shared with our municipalities in the near future. Local Government Annual Costs • Not surprisingly, costs per housing unit varies across the major service categories. • Education accounts for the largest share of annual expenses, followed by Police Protection and Other General Government functions. • Water supply and sewerage expenses are allocated based on gallons of water consumed per day. Streets and highway expenses are based on an average of vehicle trips generated on weekdays. Education Police Protection Fire Protection Corrections Expenses PER Housing Unit $2,249 $624 $307 $123 Streets & Highways $108 Water Supply Sewerage Health Services $112 $119 $193 Recreation & Culture $294 Other General Gov’t $477 Electric Utilities Gas Utilities Public Transit $31 $4 $15 TOTAL $4,656 Page 12 One Time Capital Costs PER Housing Unit In additional to annual expenses, providing services to residents requires that local governments make capital expenditures for items such as schools, other building, equipment, roads and structures. Schools Hospitals Other Buildings Highways & Streets Conservation & Development Sewer Systems Water Supply Other structures Equipment TOTAL $4,583 $328 $2,658 $0 $130 $0 $0 $5,625 $186 $13,510

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