June 2022 NEWSLETTER To promote, educate and advocate for the Residential Building & Remodeling Industry; providing resources that benefit industry professionals and consumers in the communities we serve. Over 100 Shooters aiming for a day of fun and friendly competition at NILO Farms. Perfect weather with a beautiful setting, ammo on the course and anticipation to break every clay in their sites. Followed by a delicious lunch from Who Dat’s Southern Food and winner announcements. Yaekel & Associates “Clay Busters” Top Squadron Team Score = 307 WHATS INSIDE Social Fiesta Fun photos Upcoming Events  June 16 Axe Throwing Event  June 24 Luck of the Draw - Golf Series  July 15 Herschel E. Johnson Golf Classic NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HOME BUIDLERS 2021 Award of Excellence given to HBR for the Showcase Home! NAHB: Housing Affordability Crisis Clay Shoot pictorial, scores and more New Home Start Reports Home Building Impact 2024 Code updates Membership Renewals & New Members NAHB International Builder Show Scholarship June Calendar Page 1

2022 Social Fiesta Thank you to all of our proud sponsors: Page 2

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Biden Administration Releases Plan to Tackle Housing Affordability Crisis The Biden administration today released what it calls a "Housing Supply Action Plan" to ease high housing costs by increasing the supply of quality housing throughout the nation over the next five years. "We commend the White House for joining the fight to put the issue of housing affordability in the forefront of the national economic agenda after NAHB had been urging the administration to move on this vital national concern for the past several months," said NAHB Chairman Jerry Konter. "However, the plan does not go far enough to resolve the many underlying challenges facing the home building industry, including skyrocketing costs for lumber and other building materials, and the broader supply chain crisis. These issues must be addressed to help home builders increase the production of much-needed housing.” As interest rates and construction costs have increased, the housing market is showing significant signs of weakening, increasing the recession risk for the overall economy. Increasing the nation's supply of affordable housing will help to combat the inflation crisis and keep the economy moving forward. Builders across the country have faced a 35% increase in the price of lumber and other building materials since the start of the pandemic. NAHB urges the White House to act on the common-sense solutions that we have offered to address the current lumber crisis — ending tariffs on Canadian lumber shipments into the United States that are exacerbating unprecedented lumber price volatility, increasing the domestic supply of timber from federal lands in an environmentally responsible manner and calling on domestic sawmills to boost output. NAHB will continue to work with the administration to resolve supply chain disruptions for building materials, which must be addressed immediately. The White House plan includes steps that the administration can take through the federal agencies to help address a host of affordability challenges and improve financing options, as well as legislative proposals that must be enacted by Congress. The administration acknowledges the long-term headwinds, like supply chain bottlenecks and chronic construction labor shortages, repeatedly identified by NAHB members as holding back housing production. Though the plan also properly identifies that state and local governments must address the policies and regulations that prohibit housing, NAHB is calling on the administration to acknowledge the need to reform federal regulations that raise the cost of producing single-family and multifamily housing. NAHB agrees with the White House that the key to resolving our nation's housing affordability challenges is to build more homes. The home building industry is a willing partner in solving the affordability crisis that will enable builders to construct more affordable entry-level housing, raise first-time, first-generation and minority homeownership rates, provide quality rental housing and shore up the national economy. Page 4

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2022 Shirt Sponsors Station Sponsors 1st National Bank of Waterloo Allen Roofing BOS Banking Center Broadview Screen Busey Bank CertainTeed Corporation Champion Waterproofing D/Knows Exterior Construction Drake Construction First Mid Bank & Trust Goley Insulation Heartland Turf Farm Henges Interiors Himstedt Roofing Light Brite Martin Glass Metro Marble & Granite Red-E-Mix Superior Home Products Wilke Window & Door Yaekel & Associates Score Card Sponsors Page 6

2022 Sport Clay Shoot Teams American Colony Homes / Cardinal Door / Carrollton Bank Busey Bank CA Jones / EDC Drywall / Hallmark Stone Team Score = 253 Team Score = 253 Custom Marble Copious Technologies / HBR / Light Brite Team Score = 216 Light Brite / Copious Technologies / HBR Team Score = 255 Team Score = 197 First Mid Bank & Trust Fulford Homes & Roofers Mart Team Score = 197 Fulford Home Remodeling / Authorized Appliance Team Score = 276 Team Score = 210 Helitech Johnson Home Contracting / Red-E-Mix Team Score = 221 Red-E-Mix / Johnson Home Contracting Team Score = 250 Team Score = 247 Team Score = 247 Page 7

2022 Sport Clay Shoot Teams Klemme Construction / AUTCO Home Appliances Mark’s Appliances Padgett Building & Remodeling Team Score = 230 Team Score = 212 PLH Properties Team Score = 155 Sherwin Williams SCI Engineering Team Score = 171 Team Score = 191 Company Yaekel & Associates - Clay Busters SCI Engineering First Mid Bank & Trust Mark's Team 2 Yaekel & Associates - Flying Saucers Custom Marble Busey Bank Helitech Yaekel & Associates - Orange Crush Johnson Home Contracting / Red-E-Mix Padgett Building & Remodeling Authorized Appliance / Fulford HR Team Score = 302 Yaekel & Associates—Eagle Eyes Score 307 302 276 265 259 255 253 250 248 247 230 221 American Colony Homes / Cardinal Door / Carrollton Bank 220 CA Jones Inc./ EDC Drywall / Hallmark Stone AUTCO Home Appliances / Klemme Construction Fulford Homes / Roofers Mart Light Brite / Copious Technologies / HBR PLH Properties Sherwin Williams Mark's Appliances Yaekel & Associates - Eagle Eyes Page 8 216 212 210 197 191 171 155 148 Team Score = 248 Team Score = 259 Yaekel & Associates—Orange Crush Team Score = 148 Yaekel & Associates—Flying Saucers

Page 9

Individual Shooter Scores Name Steve Gower Scott Gower Jay Toler Dave Dillow Jerry Yaekel Ron Johnson Mike Hartoin Lowell Powell Mike Farrell Scott Gruber Cale Henke Mark Vasquez Score Company 86 Yaekel & Associates 85 Yaekel & Associates . 84 CA Jones Inc. 82 SCI Engineering 78 Yaekel & Associates 78 Busey Bank 77 SCI Engineering 77 Custom Marble 76 SCI Engineering 76 First Mid Bank & Trust 76 Busey Bank 76 Yaekel & Associates Drew Westerhold 75 First Mid Bank & Trust Cole Berry 75 Yaekel & Associates Trent Ketchum 73 Fulford Home Remodeling Andy Greenfield 73 Helitech Scott Giffhorn Jeff Westerhold Brian Ramsey Pat Flowers Zec Bishop John Voellinger Jim Pfershy Bill Barlow Chris Berry Scott Behrmann Phil Hocher Richard Stone Aaron Klemme Kevin Benson Jack Klopmeyer Chris Piche Dave Ziegler Curtis Doug Stein Dylan Cupi Kris Kathmann EJ Pfirshey Chris Byron Mark Eichholz Luke Yaekel Don Padgett Brendan Parker Ryan Weaver Dan Haverstick Gaines Smith Dave Benton Steve Dill Scott Bauman JC Joe Newman Jason Paliatka 71 Red-E-Mix 69 First Mid Bank & Trust 69 Yaekel & Associates 68 Light Brite Conner Frederick 68 Yaekel & Associates Scott Billings 67 SCI Engineering 67 Padgett Building & Remodeling 67 Helitech 66 Custom Marble 64 Carrollton Bank 64 Yaekel & Associates 64 Yaekel & Associates 63 PLH Properties 63 PLH Properties 63 Klemme Construction 63 Yaekel & Associates 63 Yaekel & Associates 62 SCI Engineering 62 Red-E-Mix 62 Sherwin Williams 62 Yaekel & Associates Bobby Robinson 61 Fulford Home Remodeling Matt Kraft 61 Custom Marble 61 Helitech 61 Yaekel & Associates 59 Johnson Home Contracting 59 Carrollton Bank 58 Yaekel & Associates 58 Yaekel & Associates 58 Padgett Building & Remodeling 58 Roofers Mart 58 Sherwin Williams 56 Authorized Appliance 56 Padgett Building & Remodeling 56 First Mid Bank & Trust 55 Yaekel & Associates 54 Yaekel & Associates 53 Fulford Homes 53 Busey Bank 53 American Colony Homes Name Matt Warren Mark Davitz Brian Russell K Jeff Spear Jim Johnson Darin Lee Jim Lynch Brent Huskey Joe Dienst Jim Calvin Anderson Drew Halliday Matt Steely Dave Cote Steve Hutchison Jake Levin Mark Johnson Mark McBride John Klopmeyer Blake Alberter Drew Bradley John Roth Chris Smith Dan Johnson Jake Newman John Sarah Padget Matt Mullenix Jim Lugge Eric Jack Branz Terry Fowler Mark Meyers Jesse Lopez Dave Pleasant Shane DJ Akers Chris Jones Garrett Johnson Brian Slack Mike Rathgeb Joe Knox Jake Faulkner Keith Moore Justin Chapman Veronica Butler Zach Emerson Mke Geller Debbie Hocher Mark Millay Chris Pirok Page 10 Kevin Wallace Score Company 53 Carrollton Bank 53 CA Jones Inc. 53 AUTCO Home Appliances 53 Klemme Construction 52 Fulford Homes 52 Johnson Home Contracting 52 Yaekel & Associates 52 Yaekel & Associates 51 Mark's Appliances 51 Custom Marble 51 Light Brite 50 Custom Marble 50 Hallmark Stone Clarence Goebel 50 Light Brite Riley Seif 50 Mark's Appliances 49 Padgett Building & Remodeling 49 Helitech 47 Fulford Homes 47 Johnson Home Contracting 46 Busey Bank 46 Cardinal Door 46 Yaekel & Associates 44 Custom Marble 43 Mark's Appliances 43 AUTCO Home Appliances 43 Mark's Appliances 41 Fulford Homes Derek Klopmeyer 41 Yaekel & Associates 40 Busey Bank 40 AUTCO Home Appliances 39 Padgett Building & Remodeling 39 EDC Drywall 39 Yaekel & Associates 39 Mark's Appliances 38 SCI Engineering 36 Roofers Mart 35 PLH Properties 35 CA Jones Inc. 35 Sherwin Williams 35 AUTCO Home Appliances 34 Mark's Appliances 34 CA Jones Inc. 31 Authorized Appliance 30 PLH Properties 28 Carrollton Bank 28 Copious Tech 27 Mark's Appliances 27 Mark's Appliances 27 Busey Bank 25 HBR Staff 22 Authorized Appliance 22 Johnson Home Contracting 19 PLH Properties 16 Sherwin Williams 16 Mark's Appliances 12 Mark's Appliances

2022 Annual Sport Clay Shoot Food / Beverage Sponsors Fun at the Clay shoot Page 11

2022 Clay Shoot Winners TOP SQUADRON 1st Place B Flight Winner Top Gun Winner with score of 86 - Steve Gower Yaekel & Associates—Clay Busters Mark Eichholz, Steve Gower, Scott Baumann, Scott Gower, Luke & Jerry Yaekel Johnson Home Contracting / Red-E-Mix EJ & Ernie Pfirshey, Jim Johnson, Jake Levin, Dave Ziegler & Scott Giffhorn Weatherby Element Upland 12 gauge Semi-auto 28” barrel Gun Raffle Winner (not present) Doug Battoe with RP Lumber 50/50 Raffle Winner of $340 - Pat Flowers with Light Brite Sharpshooter Winner of $100 - Scott Bauman with Himstedt Roofing Page 12

Page 13

Page 14

2022 MEMBERSHIP UPDATES RENEWING MEMBERS Brennan Building & Remodeling - 20 years Crown Roofing &Exteriors - 11 years Flawless Foundations - 1 year Klemme Construction - 9 years Roofers Mart Exterior Building Products - 11 years TFH Construction - 6 years PROFESSIONAL WOMEN DOMA (New) IN BUILDING COUNCIL REMODELERS COUNCIL RENEWALS BOS Copious Technologies Crown C Supply NEW MEMBERS Mike Linza Linza Carpentry 2819 Preston Woods Tri Lake St. Louis, MO 63367 O: 314.941.9941 Email: carpentermike16@yahoo.com Pat Flynn Top Deck 46 Larkspur Dr., Belleville, IL 62221 O: 618.977.3001 Email: pat@engineereddecks.com www.engineereddecks.com Page 15

Home Builders & Remodelers Metro East Association Showcase Home Wins Award from NAHB HBRMEA has been recognized for its outstanding Best Parade or Tour of Homes with an Award of Excellence from the Executive Officers Council (EOC) of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for the 2021 Showcase Home. “It is truly an honor for the hard work and professionalism of the HBR staff and members of the association to be recognized with this Association Excellence Award,” said Mike Lippert, 2022 HBRMEA President. “I applaud their dedication to representing the home builder members and preserving the American Dream of homeownership for our community.” Despite limited resources and unprecedented issues that came from the Covid-19 Pandemic, the HBRMEA and their outstanding members came together to create an amazing Showcase Home that captures the hard work and dedication needed to complete such an amazing achievement. This Single Family Showcase Home featured every step of building a new home with innovative products and expert labor the building trades have to offer. The Association Excellence Awards is an annual program designed to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of more than 650 state and local home builders’ associations. “It never ceases to amaze the work product that is created by local and state HBA’s throughout our NAHB federation. The shear cumulative effort embodied by all that submitted for AEA awards is beyond impressive.” Said Brian Miller, NAHB EOC President. NAHB 2022 Chairman, Jerry Konter shared “During these ever changing and challenging times in which we find ourselves it takes grit, determination, innovation and a spirit of entrepreneurship to successfully navigate the headwinds that face associations today. The volunteers, leaders and staff teams that represent the 2021 winners should take pride in knowing that they embody the true excellence we see day in and day out to run a vibrant and successful association. Well done!” The winning entries will be added to the NAHB website, so that other executives and associations across the country can access and learn from them in order to provide better service to their own members and Page 16

OFFICERS P L A T I N U M President, Mike Lippert Liese Lumber 1st Vice President, Mike Needles C.A. Jones, Inc. 2nd Vice President, Steve Macaluso Halloran Construction, Inc. Associate Vice President, Jerry Yaekel Yaekel & Associates Treasurer, Richard Coolbaugh First Mid Bank & Trust Secretary, Jon Edler Henges Interiors DIRECTORS G O L D S I L V E R Allen Roofing & Siding B R O N Z Page 17 Jason Klein - Ameren Illinois Erik Huber - Bank of Springfield Matt Warren - Carrollton Bank Mary Ann Lopez Drake - Drake Construction Coy Mullenix - CMI Construction Michelle Rauk - Eagle Flooring Scott Gruber - First Mid Bank & Trust Mark Fulford - Fulford Construction Robert Dee, Jr. - Homes by Deesign Scott Blumberg - Huntington Chase Steve Dill - SLD Enterprises Josh McDermott - J.T. McDermott Remodeling Contractors Derek Brandmeyer - Light Brite Aaron Klemme - Klemme Construction Jason Huelsmann - New Tradition Homes David Padgett - Padgett Building & Remodeling Ron Padgett - Padgett Building & Remodeling Scot Lehr - Quality Installation & Home Improvement Jeff Schmidt - RLP Development Sue Schultz - Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard P.C. Mike Rathgeb - Spencer Homes Mark Vogt - Vogt Builders, Inc.

6100 West Main Street Maryville, IL 62062 Phone: 618-343-6331 E-mail: tbutler@hbrmea.org Web: www.hbrmea.org Page 18

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