HBR Installation of Officers & Directors 2021 Board of Directors Installed in person and virtually at a very informal gathering for this important “changing of the guard” as Rick Pogue , VP of Arrowhead Building Supply, performed the installation of the Board and Tracy Butler, HBR Executive Officer, provided the Presidential Oath for Ryan Butler with Remington Properties. Your Board is ready to uphold our mission and bylaws to faithfully carry out the policies and objectives established. Your President is devoted to expand his leadership abilities with a challenging but rewarding year. Setting an example of integrity, support and encouragement. Below is a group group picture in front of our American Flag. After the ceremonial oaths ended the Board went on a tour of the amazing facility. Well worth the visit! Left to Right: Scott Gruber - First Mid Bank & Trust, Michelle Rauk - Eagle Flooring, Jeff Schmidt - R.P. Lumber, Aaron Klemme - Klemme Construction, Jerry Yaekel - Yaekel & Associates Insurance Services, Ryan Butler - Remington Properties, Rick Pogue - Arrowhead Building Supply, Jon Edler - Henges Interiors, Bob Dee - Homes by Deesign, Mike Needles - C.A. Jones, Inc., Barry Buchman - Arrowhead Building Supply and Steve Macaluso - Halloran Construction. Page 4

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