Illinois House & Senate Highlights SPEAKER Bill Ward, Executive Vice President The Illinois General Assembly has made it to the midway point of the 2021 Spring Session. The remote session now takes a two-week break before returning to conclude the State’s business by May 31. The following bills affect the housing industry and have received committee approval in the Illinois House or Senate. HB804 – Williams – Clean Energy Jobs Act will require electric car chargers in all parking spaces on new home construction and remodeling. It also allows municipalities to go beyond the State’s Energy Conservation Code to adopt a Stretch Energy Code that requires homes to be built with a site energy index of 50% of the 2006 ECC. HBAI Opposes. HB116 – Guzzardi – Repeals current state statute prohibiting localities from imposing rent control ordinances. HBAI Opposes. HB1932 – McCombie – Allows units of local government to waive any fees for permits and inspections for construction after a natural disaster. HBAI supports. HB1738 – Smith – Extends the Registered Interior Designers Registration Act to December 31, 2032. HBAI supports. HB246 – Creates the Landscape Architects Registration Act. No person shall use the title “Landscape Architect” without being registered with the Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation. HBAI is Neutral. SB2201 – Sims – Provides that a zoning ordinance cannot prohibit residential construction of an industrialized residential structure or manufactured home provided the structure is compatible with the character or the development; meets aesthetic compatibility; and meets applicable standards for exterior design. HBAI is Neutral. Bills Held in Committee The following bills have not received favorable passage out of House or Senate Committees at this time. HB567 – Yingling – Expanded Use of Vacant Lot Act. HBAI Supports. HB812 – Gabel – No Municipal Prohibition of ADUs. HBAI is Neutral. HB798 – Willis – Allows NICET Level II Inspectors for Fire Sprinkler Systems. HBAI Supports. HB847 – Meier – Landlord Protection on Prohibition of Evictions. HBAI Supports. HB2927 – Mazzochi – Zoning Freeze after Plat Approval. HBAI Supports. HB190 – Ford – Abandoned Property Petition. HBAI is Neutral. Page 7 HB36 – Stuart – Lowers trailer fees from $118 to $18. HBAI Supports. HB117 – Guzzardi – Lowers Employee Threshold for Secure Choice. HBAI is Neutral. HB47 – Mason – 50% fee reduction on LLC registration. HBAI Supports. HB805 – Tarver – Property Tax Incentive for Affordable Rental Housing. HBAI Supports. HB2555 – Gabel – State Standards for Household Appliances. HBAI Opposes. HB2767 – Mah – 3rd Party Appeals on EPA Permits. HBAI Opposes. HB3492 – Moylan – Allows forced annexations and allows localities to write their own rules on disconnection of real estate. HBAI Opposes. HB74 – Flowers – Paid Family Leave Act. HBAI Opposes. HB860 – Davis – Allows Assessors to assess rental property based on the value of the property AND the income it produces. HBAI Opposes. SB120 – Harmon – Local Government Fuel Tax. HBAI Opposes. SB1972 – Fine – State Wetlands Protection Program. HBAI Opposes. SB17178 – Castro – Mandates electric car chargers in all residential parking spaces and allows localities to impose the Stretch Energy Code on new construction and remodeling. HBAI Opposes. HB3530 – Ammons – Eliminates Illinois as an “At Will” State. Requires employers to discharge employees for only “Just Cause.” HBAI Opposes. HB3898 – Gordon-Booth – Provides employees with 40 hours paid sick leave for a 12-month period or a pro rata number of hours for less than 12 months. HBAI opposes. SB1660 – Joyce – Allows a one-time $118 payment for a permanent trailer license plate or $18 per year. HBAI Supports. If you want to know more about each of these legislative initiatives, go to ilga.gov. If you have questions or concerns regarding our position on these bills, you can call or write me at (217) 753-3963, or billward@hbai.org.

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