New Club Forming!! The 20 Clubs are a group of home builders’ or remodelers from non-competing markets across the country who are focused on discussing and developing real-world solutions to help improve each other’s operations and increase their bottom lines. The 20 Clubs program equips you with the added knowledge you need to build business management systems that survive and thrive the ups and downs of the home building industry. Custom Club/Builder  Avg. Sq. Footage = 1,500 - 3,000  Number of Units per Year = 1 - 10 Do you fit any of these profiles? Remodeler  Avg. Sales Price per Job = $20,000 and up  Average Annual Dollar Volume = $750,000 - $2,000,000 Benefits of Joining a 20 Club:  Get advice on how to control costs and increase your margins  See the results achieved by different management structures and styles  Experience immediate understanding in discussions with builders or Remodelers who have similar operations  Select meeting topics that are important to you  Share new ideas that are helping builders make more money  Get benchmarks by comparing financial information with similar builders  Discuss how to improve customer service and marketing strategies  Call members of your club any time for advice or ideas  Get away from the daily grind to work on long-term management goals with your personal "board of directors"  Identify new trends just as they are starting  Learn about new business opportunities and how to profit from them  Have ongoing access to the expertise and experience of other builders or Remodelers If interested please contact the HBA office (618) 343-6331 20 Small Volume/Semi-Custom Production Club  Avg. Sq. Footage = 1,500 – 3,000  Number of Units per Year = 10 - 35

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