August 2018 issue www.hbaswi l .org To promote, educate and advocate for the Residential Building & Remodeling Industry; providing resources that benefit industry professionals and consumers in the communities we serve. The golf course was full at the annual Herschel E. Johnson Golf Classic held at Far Oaks Golf Course with a perfect day for members and friends to enjoy conversations and competition. Each player received a shoe bag, soft cooler, divot tool, tees and ball markers. HBA Members and staff were at the recent events with Vice President Pence and President Trump over the last weeks. Scott Gruber, Derek Brown, Mark & Joe Allaria 1st Place A Flight winner (pictured above) First Mid Bank & Trust for the third year in a row, with a score of 53. Golf Score winners received VIP Golfer Passes that offer deep golf discounts at over 30 prominent local courses thru the Metro East and St. Louis. 2 teams for 3rd place A flight with scores of 55 and 6 teams with a score of 64 for 1st, 2nd There were several score card playoffs and 3rd place B flight. Team pictures and winners from the day are found throughout this issue. Vice President Pence was extremely gracious to shake the hands of the participants after his speech. The message from VP Pence was to support Congressman Bost along with sharing his experiences with the current leadership and direction this administration is taking America. Congressman Bost has been very supportive of the Building Industry and will be meeting with our HBA Board of Directors this month to discuss several topics including a tax placed on infrastructure that we hope can be re-established to the former language. The visit from President Trump in Granite City, IL spotlighted US Steel workers returning to their jobs giving accolades to our local Congressmen fighting for them. It has been fun seeing our members posts on facebook and other outlets sharing their experiences and how proud they are to have visits from our President and Vice President.

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