into one room and this broad membership continues to provide invaluable opportunities for education and professional growth that can’t be found elsewhere. • I am thankful for the charity that our chapter provides. Through Canstruction, our local industry continues to donate tens of thousands of pounds of food yearly to those in need. Through our educational outreach, we are introducing our youth to the industry at large through programs like Let’s Build and participation in our yearly product Expo. Financially, we support college students with educational scholarships. My cup runneth over with thanks for all that we as an organization were able to achieve this past year. I am a member of a national car club and they often say “It’s not about the cars, it’s about the people.” I believe that sentiment applies to CSI as well. Although many of us joined CSI purely for professional reasons, I honestly believe it’s the people that keep us active and make us want to stay. As you enjoy your holidays with family and friends, take a minute to reflect on your past year and make plans to get involved in 2020. I promise you that the benefit to both you and the chapter will have you counting your blessings too. Respectfully, Jon Lattin 5

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