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EXPLORE OUR TEXTURED GLASS OPTIONS ETCHED CARVED FIREMOLDED FIREPOLISHED EDGEWORK PATTERN GLASS Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? We can create a custom texture to fit your needs. Call to schedule a free consultation with one of our representatives: 612.870.0247 2 | GLASSART DESIGN

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ETCHED GLASS Etched glass applies a light, frosted texture to glass via sandblasting. Etching can be done evenly over an entire piece, or areas of the glass may be masked prior to sandblasting to create patterns, depth, and texture. We have in-house patterns or can create a custom pattern for a specific project, like a unique pattern or logo. Etched glass is great for privacy on windows or doors, or for corporate branding purposes. For more design ideas, go to glassartdesign.com TEXTURES | 5


CARVED GLASS Like etching, carved textures are achieved with sandblasting. But while some etching results in soft, even surfaces, carved textures feature more depth and dimensionality. Choose from existing patterns like dunes or stucco, or work with the design team to come up with a carved texture all your own. Another texture we offer is gluechip. We use the same technique that has been used by artisans for hundreds of years to achieve this fractured texture. For more design ideas, go to glassartdesign.com TEXTURES | 7


FIREMOLDED GLASS Our Firemolded glass is heated in a kiln until it is soft, at which point it relaxes into a mold. The result is a fluid, organic pattern that varies naturally from panel to panel. Choose from over 30 in-house patterns or work with us to create a custom texture. Firemolding is also a great way to recycle glass, resulting in a more opaque, green finish. For more design ideas, go to glassartdesign.com TEXTURES | 9


FIREPOLISHED GLASS Our FirePolished Glass is a combination of heated Firemolded and Etching techniques, resulting in a defined high and low depth in the design. Where etching leaves a frosted finish, FirePolished is opaque throughout. This process makes for a stand-out logo or design in a commercial or residential setting. For more design ideas, go to glassartdesign.com TEXTURES | 11


PATTERN GLASS GlassArt Design provides dozens of unique patterns for applications such as shower stalls, glass cabinets, or office dividers. Pattern glass is in-stock and manufactured to conform to a consistent texture or pattern. Use these patterns for privacy, or just to add texture and interest to a space or surface. For more design ideas, go to glassartdesign.com TEXTURES | 13


EDGE WORK Using either machine rollers or hand tools, our artisans create a variety of edge finishes, ranging from jagged edges to a flat polished edge to bevels and rolled finishes. Edgework helps the entire piece come together for a distinct finish. For more design ideas, go to glassartdesign.com TEXTURES | 15

Your guide to GlassArt’s Texture Capabilities Visit our showroom, give us a call, or request a quote on our website. 427 NORTH 10TH AVENUE, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55401 612.870.0247 | glassartdesign.com

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