Sisters Susana and Isabel Garcia Nevett have spent more than a decade perfecting their chocolatier skills, first in France and Venezuela and now in their adopted city of Miami. Always celebrating Venezuelan cacao and chocolate, and now infusing it with the flavors of South Florida, Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami brings you award-winning chocolates and confections that really stand out for their elegance and flavors. Let us take care of your gifts this Holiday season. Sincerely, Susana and Isabel

PRODUCTS HOLIDAY COLLECTION The perfect box of Holiday-themed chocolates: Ponche Crema, rum and nutmeg in caramelized white chocolate ganache; Gingerbread, butter ganache with a seasonal spice mix; Apple Bourbon Caramel in a dark chocolate shell; Holiday Mendiant, with pecan and cranberry; and Signature dark chocolate ganache. Prices: Petite Deluxe 9 pieces $18, Deluxe 16 pieces $32 PETIT DELUXE BOX The perfect size box with 9 different chocolates from Garcia Nevett’s award-winning collection. All confections are made with Venezuelan single-origin, fair trade chocolate and high quality ingredients. 9 pieces $18. DELUXE BOX A mix of Garcia Nevett’s handcrafted chocolates in an elegant box. 16 pieces $32. AWARD WINNERS DELUXE BOX All of the bonbons in this 16 piece box have been recognised by industry experts from the Good Food Awards, the International Chocolate Awards and/or the Academy of Chocolate Awards. Included are: Florida Keys Fleur de Sel, Orange Honey Caramel, Tulasi, Raspberry, Tupelo Honey and Cardamom, Kochere Coffee, Cafe de Hacienda and Anis y Papelon. 16 pieces $32 LARGE DELUXE BOX A box big enough to share! The Large Deluxe Box has an assortment of the Garcia Nevett sisters’ favorite creations. A box destined to impress. 25 pieces $48

PRODUCTS THE GARCIA NEVETT EXPERIENCE BOX This box represents everything the Garcia Nevett sisters have to offer: from the elegant Large Deluxe Box with a mix of award-winning and seasonal bonbons to a Hot Chocolate mix that will guarantee the best cup of cocoa of the holidays. Add a spoonful of Garcia Nevett’s Fleur de Sel Caramel for an extra indulgent treat. It also includes a box of traditional French-style truffles and a selection of Garcia Nevett treats. The GN Experience Box can be tailored to your specific needs. Price: $120 GARCIA NEVETT SIGNATURE CHOCOLATE CAKE The sisters’ famous dense and moreish dark Chocolate Cake all wrapped up and ready to make that special person feel, well, extra special. Price: $35

PERSONALIZATION OPTIONS Logo for chocolates Garcia Nevett’s Signature truffle, a 61% dark chocolate ganache square, can be personalized with any logo or message. Price for one color logo: $183 Sleeves for boxes Deluxe and Large Deluxe Box can be covered with a special sleeve digitally printed with any logo, slogan or message. Price per sleeve: $3 All of the boxes can have any logo, slogan or message printed directly on the box in foil or vintage letterpress. Price per print: $5 (minimum order 30 boxes)

CHOCOLATES ANIS Y PAPEL sweet anise and raw cane sugar ganache HONEY CARDAMOM tupelo honey and cardamom ganache TULASI tulasi infused dark chocolate ganache CAFE DE HACIENDA Raw sugar cane and colombian coffee ganache AMAZONAS 72% amazonian cacao dark chocolate ganache COFFEE kochere ethiopia coffee milk chocolate ganache SIGNATURE a satisfyingly dense dark chocolate ganache CHAMPAGNE coganc de champagne mixed chocolate ganache FLORIDA KEYS SEA SALT dark chocolate ganache with a bite of sea salt. 73.5% HONEYCOMB venezuelan dark chocolate ganache golden crunchy caramel COCONUT coconut cream dulcey chocolate ganache DULCE DE LECHE dulce de leche toasted pecans NOUGAT almond nougat milk chocolate CARAMEL FONDUE sea salt smooth caramel MENDIANT raisin, dried apricot, pistachio and almond MATCHA almond milk, matcha white chocolate PASSION FRUIT passion fruit coulis dark chocolate ganache All of the chocolates are hand-made, using single-origin and fair trade chocolate and high quality ingredients (local and organic, where available). Since the chocolates are freshly made without preservatives, they have a shelf life of between 15 and 30 days depending on the chocolate and the storing conditions. They should be kept in a dry place away from the sun at a temperature between 66 and 71F.

7312 Red Road, South (305) 749 Isabel Garcia Nevett Co-founder - Chocolatier isabel@cacaoart.com (786) 405 7479 garcianeve instargram @ga

h Miami, FL 33143 90506 Susana Garcia Nevett Co-founder - Chocolatier susana@garcianevett.com (786) 397 2301 ett.com garcia.nevett

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