‘‘ This community has been wounded; this program will help rebuild the community by reaching these kids. It goes way beyond kids learning to play golf, it’s making a better citizen. – Pam Tyler Executive Director First Tee of the Inland Empire EMPOWERING SCHOOLS & COMMUNITIES Over the last 20 years the community of San Bernardino, California has seen it all: from wildfires to a terrorist attack and a school shooting. The reality is more than 30% of the community is still living below the poverty line. Yet this community is showing the definition of resilience. Thanks to amazing partners like Southern Company, the entire San Bernardino City Unified School District – in partnership with the First Tee of the Inland Empire – has been training PE teachers to bring the First Tee National School Program to every school in the district. What this means is through fun, engaging and positive golf lessons in PE, the next generation is cheering each other on, respecting classmates and, well, having fun, right in the middle of their school day. While there are many complex aspects to strengthening a community, we believe building character and providing empowering experiences within the schools is part of the answer. “Most of my students have never seen or used a golf club before,” said Mr. Landers, Belvedere Elementary School PE teacher. “The skills we learn and practice can help us achieve and succeed in everyday life.” National School Program ‘‘

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