‘‘ ‘‘ I will always remember that shy kid who learned about life and confidence because of First Tee. – Owais When Owais Durrani slips on his white doctor’s coat, he stands ready to help treat whatever illness or injury walks through the emergency room doors at UT Health in San Antonio. Currently finishing up his residency, Owais has quickly learned his profession is one that demands a lot – selfconfidence, determination and resilience – characteristics he’s been building on since his time at First Tee of Greater Houston. “Life gets difficult and complex at times, but even the most challenging of circumstances boils down to a few basic principles – many of them included in First Tee’s values.” During his time at First Tee of Greater Houston, Owais developed an interest in social issues and says First Tee gave him the confidence to pursue opportunities that he once didn’t see possible for himself as a firstgeneration American. Owais received his dual-Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Political Science from the University of Texas. He took his passion up a notch by attending medical school. In his gap year, Owais interned at the White House under the Obama administration. He remained dedicated to learning about how to address health disparities, one of his life’s greatest passions. Confident in his foundation, Owais is excited about his future giving back to underserved communities. A FOUNDATION OF VALUES

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