F&I 20/20 Spotlight Profile: Ron Reahard & Associates Achieving F&I Excellence Management Certification Program R eahard & Associates believes the financial services process should add genuine value to the customer’s purchase experience by providing a knowledgeable professional who is capable of helping them make informed decisions about the options available in connection with their purchase. Acquiring that ability starts with our 3-day Achieving F&I Excellence Management Certification Program, where managers learn our 10-Step, non-confrontational, consultative approach to selling F&I products. This F&I process that is custom tailored to today’s increasingly informed, online (and impatient!) consumer. Selling is nothing more than making someone want what you have. What an F&I professional must possess is the knowledge and expertise to help the customer make a better decision for themselves and their family. The entire focus of our training is on helping F&I managers improve their ability to help customers. Because the better you become at helping customers, the more products you sell, and the more money you make in F&I. The reality is, F&I managers encounter the exact same objection, every day, from every customer, to virtually every F&I product: “I don’t need it.” If an F&I manager is unable to help the customer see why they do need a particular product, the customer won’t buy it. Our training teaches managers how to take a customer who walks into the F&I office saying, “I don’t want any of that stuff,” and 30 minutes later have them walk out of that office smiling, thanking us for our help, after having bought three or four F&I products. That is what our 3-day class is all about, and it’s what our training enables new and experienced F&I managers to do. We offer both regularly scheduled classes and private classes, with dates and locations available at go-reahard.com. Most classes run from 8:30AM – 5:30PM. Enrollment and payment for the class can be done entirely on our website. Prior to the class, managers receive a self-study guide and self-assessment test, to ensure they will get the most benefit possible from the training. Each participant receives a comprehensive training manual, multiple visual aids and supporting documentation. Topics covered during the class include: * Professional F&I Management * Customer-Focused Selling * A Customer Focused F&I Presentation * Customer Repayment Options * Risk Management Options * Vehicle Protection Options * Credit Evaluation / Analysis * Laws and Regulations * Professionalism Interactive classroom instruction is provided by one of our experienced and passionate trainers, either Ron Reahard or Rick McCormick. Th class includes daily consultative selling exercises, evening homework assignments, and multiple role-play sessions. The class also includes Certification tests, Certification Award, individual performance reviews, and a personal follow-up phone contact by the instructor. We are so confident this will be the best F&I training your manager will ever experience, we even offer a WOW! Warranty. Check out our REGISTRATION page to see upcoming classes! 5

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