Life in the Box The latest F&I tips and useable quotes from EFI Matthew Hilty: Here’s how I handle USAA customers... “I’m sorry, we don’t deal with USAA because our customers don’t like to wait for the money to clear (usually 5-7 days) before they can take their car home. Would you like to finance with one of our lenders and take your car today?” Ali Woerner: On the subject of BK’s-Stips upfront. Go over every pay stub with a fine tooth comb. Get 30 day payoffs when you can. Don’t get rid of their trade until after the deal is booked. Make friends with the local bankruptcy guys. Try to sign up with banks that do open chapter 7s. Don’t get into chapter 13 bankruptcies until you’re comfortable with special finance. Try to get as many stips cleared with the bank before you sign them up. Ricardo Dordete: What do you do when a customer doesn’t even let you finish the your menu? “I’m going to just stick with the warranty I currently have. I have a mechanic who helps me out, he’s my brother in law. I’m set with all of these.” Earl Stanley: Replies: F customer. That's why we call it an average. Move on. I'm sure some in this group (even rightfully so) may have an angle to approach that. I just move ‘em on. Save the survey and call it a day. Billy Maki: Sold a Platinum Package on a cash deal! Boom! Dina Wilson: Presented menu options to customer with payments and got three “No’s”. Used ‘fixed vs variable’ payment, painted scenario of breakdown and $$ that could be associated with the epairs. Gave it a few (pulled back and sign declined). Just before printing bank contract I pulled the stapler out and BAM! Got it! Don’t give up! Know when to push and when to pull! Thanks Tony D for introducing that one to us. Usually I use it during presentation and forgot but it came to my rescue! Lloyd Trushel: Funny story. I spun a deal for a somewhat well known trainer years ago. He refused everything. Now, when I see his training videos, I remember he’s a hypocrite. Randy Jensen: Its been said a million times on this group before. You do not want to be the person in an unfair/deceptive/abusive acts lawsuit deposition being asked “Mr/Mrs X, can you please explain what you mean by ‘leg’?” Don’t wonder why you’re not getting it. ‘Leg’ on deals is a ticking time bomb. Be compliant and disclose everything. Tom Brenholts: On the subject of difficult customers-I always say, "The information is free, you might find value." Lots of times it doesn't work, but sometimes it does. But if you don't say it, it never works. Billy Andrews: Just in case someone needs to hear this today. A strong finance manager is worth their weight in gold. Twice in the past couple of days I took short deals to move some old units. Every time my finance manager bailed me out and made those deals worthwhile. I came from a finance background but also know these units needed to go. If any of you don't feel appreciated, please know that a lot of us realize your value. Tony Dee: Seeing a lot of cash lately? Take a look at this GAP Cash Conversion video then give it a try. Let me know how it works out for you. 9

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