F&I 20/20 The F&I Professional’s Newsletter A Division of EFI™ VOL. 1, ISSUE 1 Top stories in this issue © F&I Spotlight Stump the Pro Stop Sign Show Me the Money Stump the Pro Join Tony Dupaquier as he reprises his well known “Stump the Pro” role of tackling your most difficult questions about F&I, customer types and handling objections. You’re sure to be enlightened! Page 4 Stop Sign Shannon Robertson and his compliance team which includes top experts in the area of automotive finance law will dig deep to keep you informed of impending shifts in the legal climate and help you sidestep landmines. Page 5 F&I Spotlight Every issue, we’ll feature an F&I pro in their personal element and how they unwind when they’re away from the store. They’ll share with you their hobbies, community involvement and why they love this great industry. Page 6 Show Me the Money G.P. Anderson will be your guide to make the most out of every difficult opportunity. His team of F&I pros will address the finer points of advanced F&I to take you to a higher level. His attitude is infectious so, get ready! Page 8 Life in the Box Smorgasbord of closes and quotes found in EFI by professionals doing what you do everyday. No matter how seasoned you become, there’s always something new to learn. Page 11 News Around Town Produced by NADA's Industry Analysis division, NADA Market Beat is a monthly report on U.S. new light vehicle sales; it replaces the NADA Monthly Sales Recap. at June 2020 Average Car Payment | Loan Statistics 2019 Written by Jenn Jones of Lending Tree. With the average car payment up to $550 for new vehicles, Americans are taking on auto loans in recordsetting amounts and for longer stretches. To get the full picture of auto loan debt and trends in the U.S., we looked at auto loan originations, prices, term lengths and delinquencies, among other aspects of auto debt in the USA. Here are the numbers. 2

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