Say What? No matter how long you do this job, you’re going to hear the most amazing and unbelievable things popping out of the mouths of customers and staff. Here is a sampling of things overheard in the F&I office. Enjoy! Jason Burcina: I know I'm going to hell and I blame it on the salesman in me. Today I had a customer buy a 2010 Accord with 150k. I showed her a 36 months/ 36,000 mile VSC. She looked at me and said "I only have about a year to live" so without skipping a beat I said "Well let's get you signed up with a 12 month / 12,000 miles VSC then". Garrett Kinsey: Does anyone have any idea on how to get a REAL Santander employee on the phone? Elizabeth Jones: When the customer asks which bankruptcy is stopping her, the one in 2008 or the dismissed one in 2019 that she wants to reopen..... Brandon Baker: Customer tells me “No” four times and I try once more . Explaining that I have a VSC on my Tundra because I can see what comes through our service department and electrical things do go out. Customer’s response "So your telling me you carry a warranty on your Toyota?" Me "Yes sir. I like to keep my cost of ownership as low as possible on my investments". Customer looks me right and the eyes and says "Well if you have a warranty on your Toyota then you sir, are a idiot". Greg Smith: Just had a deal blow out because the customer thought $24,000 out the door meant after his trade, which it did. Then he wondered why it was still $24,000. "$24,000 plus my trade was what I was told." Basically he wanted his trade counted twice and he didn't get the simple math, even after I went down the numbers line by line. Called us liars in the showroom in the middle of a crazy thunderstorm. I swear to God sometimes I can't make this stuff up. That's what happens when you work deals by text message. Stefanie Taylor: Just a random funny moment tonight: Crazy busy standing in the middle of the showroom doing a running TO/close on rate/pmt/vsc as the customers are walking their 4 mo old baby around... they are SO close to saying yes after 2 “no”s... so last pitch I shut up as they ponder and ask each other “well, what do you think?” At that silent moment the baby totally blows out... loudest baby fart/poop ever. And it smells really bad so we all just laughed out loud and they agreed to all the numbers as presented. Thanks, baby! 11

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