Create a Calendar of Caring When planning an individual or group donation, caring donors often ask “what do you need most?” The following guide can help create a monthly habit of giving, with supplies that do the most good. January - Sweet Slumber Donate sheets, pillows, and blankets for a shelter bed and you’ll be sharing in someone’s dreams. February - Souper Bowl Hold a SOUPER Bowl of Caring on game day to collect money and soups for the food pantry. March - Spring Cleaning Contribute laundry and cleaning products for a clean with morale boost! April Showers Give hygiene products to clean body and soul. May - Oh Baby! Provide baby products for the bundles of joy whose first home is the Fayette Cares shelter. June - Summer Fun When school is out, many miss free breakfast and lunch. Donate quick, non-perishable meals for a happy summer. July - Back to School Already?! Give backpacks, paper, pencils, and other school essentials for scholastic success. COMMUNITY REWARDS CAN’T MAKE A BIG GIFT? Try smaller bites! You shop and Kroger gives 5%! Enroll annually at: KrogerCommunityRewards.com Select FAYETTE CARES NPO #SS532 Then shop and swipe your Kroger Plus Card It’s THAT easy! A recurring donation in any amount can grow to make a big change. Call or email to learn more: (901) 465-3802 x 223 or Finance@FayetteCares.og All donations are tax deductible. August Undies New underwear, sports bras, and socks are a special, unseen gift. September Safety Contribute first aid supplies for all the bumps and bruises. October - Winter is Coming! Provide warm clothing to prepare for the hard winter months. November - Holiday Giving Organize a food drive at your church, school or work to make the season bright. December – Christmas Caring Spread holiday cheer by donating toys for children in need. Now all that’s left is to shop, donate, and feel good knowing you’ve helped families on their path to stability! More details are listed at: FayetteCares.org/get-involved/ ways-to-donate/ Somerville Police Officer Geoffrey DePriest Turning the Past into Change for the Future “Some argue that I was too young to remember but I can see it like it yesterday.” Somerville Police Officer Geoffrey DePriest was a small ch when he first saw his mother being severely beaten by his father. This childhood experience drives his commitment to end domestic violence by partnering with Fayette Cares. As a Training Officer he facilitates the Lethality Assessment Program classes, teaching colleag to identify the level of danger for domestic violence victims and initia protocol that connects them to Fayette Cares for safety and services. “It’s important to learn about the power and control dynamics of domestic violence,” says Officer DePriest. He shares that it can be confusing and frustrating when victims return to an abusive partner. “Like so many, I used to ask ‘why does she stay?’” Officer DePriest explains that the end of the relationship doesn’t mea the end of the abuse, in fact it may increase the danger. Studies show an estimated 75% of domestic violence homicide victims were killed b batterers when they attempted to leave or after they left the abusive relationship. Physical danger for themselves and their children is one of many complex issues faced by victims. Economic dependency, fear that th children will face emotional damage and manipulation, isolation and loss of support from family or friends, conflict with cultural or religiou beliefs, as well as physical and emotional fatigue caused by repeated trauma, are among the difficulties victims confront when deciding to or leave. Although most victims leave eventually, it may take months or years, with many starts and stops. Officer DePriest and the Somerville Polic Department are committed to working with Fayette Cares to help victims through this difficult process and ultimately breaking the cycle violence. If you or someone you care about is in an abusive relationship, conta Fayette Cares for help. 901.465.3802 or 24hr. Hotline 800.356.6767

Volunteering A Healthy Resolution Fayette Cares relies on hundreds of committed volunteers yearround. But volunteering is a two-way street that can benefit volunteers as much as it does our charitable work. t was child Studies have shown that the more people volunteered, the happier they were. Research has also shown that regular volunteering reduces the risk of dementia and isolation in retired people. For children, volunteering is a great way to build character and shape young minds. As an added bonus, it’s calorie-free! At Fayette Cares there are volunteer opportunities for people of all ages, abilities, and availabilities. Want a one-time project for your group or family? The spring plant sale may be the perfect place for your bunch to bloom! Maybe you’re retired and want to keep your skills sharp or share your creativity on an event leadership team. Can’t come to our agency due to childcare, work, or other limitations? Train to answer the hotline on your cell phone one day a week and help break the cycle of violence. 2018 Volunteer of the Year Award Winners gues ate a s. Can you sniff out donated gems, showcase merchandise like a fashionista or provide stellar customer service? Then we need you at the charity thrift shops. This team also earns volunteer bucks to spend like cash in our stores! Volunteer assignments are a great way to meet school, church, and other community service requirements. And let’s face it, helping others just sparks happiness. So this year add fun, fellowship, and fulfillment to your life by volunteering for Fayette Cares. Apply onine at FayetteCares.org/volunteer. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others - Mahatma Gandhi . ean ow by e Plant Sale Back at OES by Popular Demand he d a ous d o stay s, ice cle of act After torrential rain threatened to put a stop to the annual plant sale last year, the amazing partners at Fayette County Public Schools came to the rescue, allowing Fayette Cares to hold the sale indoors at Oakland Elementary School (OES). The move was ideal for the large assortment of annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, and shrubs. There was even ample room for gardening demonstrations and Kid Zone activities. Shoppers and volunteers alike loved the venue. Spring will be here before you know it, and we’re excited to plan the return of the sale at OES! We hope you’ll get involved as a shopper, volunteer, or plant donor at the 27th Annual Fayette Cares Plant Sale on Saturday, April 13th from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm, at OES near Kroger! BIG NEWS! More golf in the spring with a possible two day tournament! Stay tuned for details ... Learn more about this and other great Fayette Cares events at FayetteCares.org/events. Financial Abuse If I limped onto the court, Lives Touched by Fayette Cares January - December 2018 TOTAL SERVED 1,205 405 Children 141 Seniors 659 Adults ASSISTANCE PROVIDED Food*, Hygiene, and School Supplies 395 135 Clothing and Housewares 130 Emergency Shelter 108 Rent, Utility, and Transportation 135 Domestic Violence Intervention The Invisible Weapon Serena Williams Wants to Disarm you’d notice. If I had black eyes and broken bones, you’d notice. If I had marks on my arms and fear in my voice, you’d notice. It’d be easy to see that I need help, to know something was wrong. But what about the abuse you can’t see? Serena Williams Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Ambassador Financial abuse is an invisible weapon used in 99% of domestic violence cases, which is why Fayette Cares has teamed up with the Allstate Foundation and tennis champion Serena Williams to raise awareness of financial abuse with the Purple Purse economic empowerment curriculum. “I’m proud to speak up for women who can’t use their voices and let them know we’re working to end the cycle of abuse,” 1,186 Williams said in a statement. She lends her voice to show how abusers control victims by limiting spending, access to bank accounts and job opportunities, and ruining credit. By teaching others to recognize signs of domestic and financial abuse and how to move towards personal and financial security, Fayette Cares will help change lives. Case Management and Life Skills 430 Christmas Caring *Does not include grocery donation food deliveries

13300 N. Main St. P.O. Box 326 g U.S. Postage PAID Somerville, TN 38068 (901) 465-3802 FayetteCares.org Somerville, TN Permit #45 Thank you to Waste Connections, Inc. Fayette Cares emergency shelter naming sponsor! Fayette Cares Board of Directors David Crislip, President John Charles Wilson, Vice President Joe Perdue, Treasurer Jennifer Clayton, Secretary Tammy Davis Wayne Drake Shannon Kee John McFarland Les Shockey Marilyn Kain, Board Advisor Interested in serving on the Board? Apply at: FayetteCares.org/Board-of-Directors-Application Mark Your Calendars! Plant Sale April 13 April 25 June 1 Nov. 2 Dec. 14 Golf Tournament Forks & Corks Night of Southern Elegance Christmas Food Distribution A MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Alexandra Porto Like many, I welcome the New Year by reflecting on the past and preparing for the future. In the blink of an eye, I’ve made a 20 year journey with Fayette Cares. Because of you and other champions for families in crisis, our shelter has grown to nearly 30 beds, the pantry has nourished thousands, our charity thrift shop expanded to two locations with several 24-hour donation drop boxes, and the domestic violence intervention program has created safe homes for hundreds who lived in fear. I’ve truly been blessed to serve alongside countless supporters, united in our desire to transform lives. The New Year will certainly hold hardship and uncertainty, bringing frightened FAYETTECARES.ORG families to our doors. Some will lose jobs and homes, others will suffer abuse at the hands of a spouse or partner. But with your generosity we can be there to offer hope, independence, and lasting solutions. Together we face the future with innovative services like the Lethality Assessment Program, to predict and prevent domestic violence, we’ll teach valuable life skills to create financial stability, and we’ll provide refuge to rebuild from the blows dealt by life. So bring on the New Year and all its ups and downs! We’re locked arm-in-arm with incredible supporters ready to help families thrive and build a healthy community. Volunteer, Shop, Donate, Attend Events | (901) 465-3802 Follow Us

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