J eremy Tankovich is a Business Development Leader and Vice President with The Huntington National Bank and has had the pleasure of working with the Professional Women's Group, an outreach program of Dress for Success. Not being familiar with the organization, his initial experience was happenstance when a colleague asked him to fill in. Jeremy, a devout Christian working on his Masters of Divinity as well as his MBA, says that he is driven to serve and gladly accepted the request. driven to serve His first presentation to the group was on the basics of financial independence, borrowing, saving, and establishing credit, credit scores and personal finance. Jeremy gave a second talk that focused on helping the women to get themselves out of debt, budgeting and forecasting, and creating savings plans. He provided materials to each attendee and has made himself available for follow up phone calls and meetings. Jeremy has been surprised and impressed with the attendees’ receptiveness and willingness to be open and transparent with their personal journeys and struggles. He estimates that 70-75% of the women who attended his first presentation were back for the second. He is convinced that these women who have developed confidences through the services of Dress for Success Columbus are more motivated than most to develop themselves personally and professionally. His personal philosophy is that for a program like PWG to expand its outreach to the community there must be specific and tangible goals established with each woman individually. With his desire to serve, his goal is to meet with the women monthly to ensure they are on track to reach their respective goals. - Linda Tulley thank you to our sponsers Noni McMillian, The Diva Movement Samara Tillman, E.L.I.T.E. Performace Academy Linda Tulley, Jewell Senior Representative Janice Carter, Girlfriends Talk Magazine Serbennia Davis, Serbennia Photography Anita Robinson, Nita Management Solution Cyrus Littlejohn, The Movie Aimless Maiadi Cunningham Sr., Ahead of Time Beauty and Barber Miranda Boyle & Sara Guice, Thread on High “All the Best to EnVision Proven Success from VOICEcorps reading service!” “Dress for Success Columbus not only made me feel beautiful and confident through my suiting appointment, but they are providing me with the opportunity to be employed helping other strong women feel the same.” - Amy Carlisle, program services assistant “Dress For Success Columbus provides women with the support they need to look good on the outside, but more importantly, to feel great about themselves on the inside. Empowering women to be all they can be, to focus on the future, and to let go of their selfdoubt and self-limitations allows them to soar as businesswomen, entrepreneurs, artists, sisters, mothers, and as people. I’m proud to support Dress For Success Columbus and its work.” - Commissioner Marilyn Epstein Brown “I was drawn to Dress for Success Columbus because it has both immediate results and a long-term ripple effect in the lives of those I am lucky enough to serve. That ongoing journey on which the client embarks is what keeps me coming back.” - Ralph Fredericks, Volunteer “My experience at DFS Columbus enlightened me to the struggles and hardships so many women face to become independent and successful. Working with all the women and helping them spread their wings, is the most inspiring Place I’ve ever been!” - Denise Loftus “I love supporting Dress for Success Columbus. And especially anything you’re doing!” - Debbie Phillips, Founder of Women on Fire SUCCESS LIVES HERE | 18

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