“As a partner in empowerment, I have witnessed first-hand the power of The DFS Professional Women’s Group to help support women in making successful life choices whether it is in Financial Wellness, Health and Wellness or in Interpersonal Skills Development. PWG Women are empowered to envision the possibilities and supported by a terrific team of advocates as well as each other along their incredible journey.” - Joanne Wolfe, PWG Leadership Council member Helping the blind in other countries is also a dream. She’d like to organize donations of equipment such as canes, Braille writers and other adaptive equipment for those people. Or, she could open a daycare center for children with disabilities. Promoting job opportunities for the disabled is always on the list, too. “I would love to put together employment seminars to show how people who are blind can work and give people the opportunity to have jobs,” she says. “They are missing out on some big assets for their company because they are afraid to take that chance.” Stephanie is talking about that same chance to show her talents that the daycare owner gave her. She believes taking that chance is a step toward making the world a better place. “Everyone should have the opportunity to be who they want to be,” she says. - Heather Loughley left: Stephanie and her classmates Nicole and Anthony celebrate their graduation from Ohio State School for the Blind in 2013. below left: An eight-year-old Stephanie poses with her mother, Edna Claytor. professional women’s group All women in the Dress for Success Columbus family who become employed are invited to join the Professional Women’s Group where they can come together with other women to learn from professionals about finances, health and wellness and professional development. More than 60 Dress for Success affiliates offer the program and there are currently more than 11,000 PWG members worldwide. In Columbus, PWG members meet with a career counselor to discuss their 5-year career plans and career development options. They also attend monthly seminars on a variety of career and personal development topics including budget planning, conflict resolution and nutrition. Additionally, members receive opportunities for career coaching, mentoring, and quarterly styling events and have the opportunity to become the representative at the annual Dress for Success Worldwide Success Summit. A survey of members has shown that 76% of women who take part in PWG activities remained employed and more than 70% say they have definite career and personal goals that they would like to achieve. SUCCESS LIVES HERE | 10

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