PROMOTIONAL GAMES As one of the leading suppliers in Europe we have the products to entice your customers, gather data and increase footfall. • Exciting games • Bespoke to your requirements • Instant Wins • URN’s - Unique random numbers Formats available include: • Scratch cards • Break opens • Tear opens • Wet to reveal • Homestart Bingo If you have a promotional game idea our dedicated in-house maths department can bring it to life and make it work. To discuss further give us a call on 0191 514 4199 or email clientservices@edwardthompson.com SUPPORT THE RSPCA PEEL & REVEAL to see if you’re a winner! WORKING TOGETHER for responsible pet ownership 7–16 September 2018 A A Burnley Football Club HOT HO S RIZ £50 £100 H H O £100 £500 Security Code 17382410 OT OT T S FROM £2 atch all 6 panels belo SH TS HOT H TS PRZES IZES ES PRI S FROM RIZES FRO PRIZES FROM £2 TO 50 RIZ S FROM £ES F M£2 RIZ S FROM £2 O£5 M £ O £5M £2 O £ TO £ £5O Scratch all 6 panels below ical cash amounts to win £2 £100 Y Reveal 3 identical cash amounts to win RIZES FROM £2 TO £500ROM £2 TO £50 RIZE FROM £2TO £ 0 £500 ZE FROM £ T £2 TO £500 £500 £2 £2 Valid from al d fra d f om fro alid from Monday 15th - Saturday 21st October 2018 alid rolid om Mlid from CARDIFF R IS THERE A E £50 NOTE INSIDE? U PARTY NSIDE? th E the B D Scratch & Win Scr Sc Scr Scra cra i S C R A T C H P A N E L O N L Y T O B E E R E M E H O V E E D Y E T N M G P L R

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