Farro Burgers recipe by: @wellnessgalaxy INGREDIENTS 1 Cup Cooked Nature’s Earthly Choice Farro 1 Cup Cooked Beans Drained 1/2 Cup Crimini Mushrooms Diced Fresh Thyme, Parsley, Cilantro Salt and Black Pepper to Taste 1 Clove Garlic Minced 1 tsp Ground Cumin 1/2 Onion Finely Chopped 1/2 Cup Oats, Processed Into Flour DIRECTIONS Prepare farro according to packaged directions. While farro is cooking, in a large frying pan heat olive oil and add crimini mushrooms, garlic, and onion until browned. Add thyme, parsley, and cilantro to the mix, stirring often for about 2 minutes. In a larger bowl combine the cooked farro, the beans, and the mushroom mix. Add cumin, salt, and pepper to taste and mash everything together. You can mash using your hands or using a blender or food processor. In a blender or food processor pulse the oats until ground into a flour-like consistency. Use the oats flour to help shape the patty, about 5-7 tablespoons depending on how dry the mix is. Roll mix into balls and flatten into 6 patties. Use what is left of the oat flour to breadcrumb your patties to form a crispy coating. Pan-fry the patties with olive oil for approximately 4 min each side. Make your burger using all of your favorite ingredients. I used lettuce, Farro Patty, mashed avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers and micro greens. 7

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