Honor & Memorial 2020 Fitness Over Fear: Using Strength to Overcome Struggles HONORING OUR FIRST COUNSELOR’S SERVICE TO FAMILIES faithful Remembering the Early Days of the Ranch’s Founding

BOARD OF DIRECTORS CRAIG BARRS, CHAIR Retired Executive Vice President, External Affairs, Georgia Power Company TIM AYRES Partner, Moore Colson & Co. GREG BOYD Owner, Intellicom Wireless Management MIKE CALLAHAN, Retired President and CEO, Gypsum Management & Supply LYNN CHASTAIN, Retired Senior VP and General Counsel, Chick-fil-A JIM COPELAND Retired Human Resources Executive, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company TOM FULLER Retired Chief Financial Officer, 22squared STEVE GILLIAM Partner, Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles JEFF HENDERSON Lead Pastor, Gwinnett Church KRISTEN LEWIS Co-Founder, The Bowden Law Firm MART MARTIN Founder, 3 Key Questions DAVE POLSTRA Co-Founder, Brightworth LYNN PRICE Chief Financial Officer, Compliance Services, LLC SARA STORCK Director, Brand Strategy, Planning & Design, Chick-fil-A BRITTANY THOMS Co-Founder and Partner, See.Spark.Go BOARD OF ADVISORS COURTNEY AMOS DAN CATHY VINCE DOOLEY, Emeritus ELIZABETH HARRIS GLEN JACKSON EARL LEONARD DAN QUINN DAVID RATCLIFFE DAN REEVES WENDELL STARKE JOHN WIELAND PHILIP WILHEIT JENNER WOOD EAGLE RANCH FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES CRAIG BARRS BLAIR CUNNINGHAM ROY JONES LYNN PRICE KIRBY THOMPSON ROBERT WYNNE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR EDWIN J. STAUB EAGLE RANCH, INC. Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502 t: 770.967.8500 · f: 770.967.3757 EagleRanch.org In this passage, it is clear that the ancient paths represent tried and true foundational ways of life. These timeless values are tied into Eagle Ranch’s “why.” Our why is that we exist to be a tangible expression of God’s goodness and power in this world and to be the hands and feet of Jesus to struggling children and families. Although the ancient path is not without its bumps, bruises and disappointments, our commitment to God’s plan and our why has not wavered. The Lord’s protection and provision over more than three decades is something that we do not take for granted and for which we continually give thanks. We are so appreciative of the faithful investment of so many over the past thirty-five years as you have walked this path with us. God’s blessings to you and yours in the new year. Sincerely, Eddie Staub Eagle Ranch Founder and Executive Director Years ago, I spent a few days alone on a personal retreat. During that time, two words came to me that resonated at a soul level: ancient path. I was not really sure what they meant or how they applied to me, I just knew they were important. Reflections Sometime later, I read this verse: “This is what the Lord says: ‘Stand at the crossroads and look, ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.’” (Jeremiah 6:16) OUR MISSION Eagle Ranch helps make life better for children and their families, positively impacting communities for the glory of God.

Founder Eddie Staub with Eagle Ranch resident circa 1985.

FITNESS OVER FEAR Ryland · Age 14 · The Grace Home

O pening the door to the gym, Ryland flipped on the light, illuminating rows of weights and equipment. He felt at home here. Confident and strong. Before Ryland picked up his first weight, he took a deep breath and looked over at the mirror. The young man staring back at him looked much different than the boy who arrived at Eagle Ranch last year. Ryland came to Eagle Ranch struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and depression caused by a variety of family issues. He refused to go to school for nearly two years, and most days Ryland would be found alone in his room. “I would stay in my room nonstop and sleep,” said Ryland. “I don’t even remember most of the days. It was a cycle I was stuck in.” Desperate for help, Ryland’s family found Eagle Ranch. The small class size at Eagle Ranch School eased Ryland’s anxiety, and he soon discovered his academic strengths. Counseling helped him identify areas in his life where he struggles, and physical activity has become one way in which Ryland works through his depression. experienced a major Ryland has shift in his life. Fast forward to now, and Ryland looks like a new person – physically and emotionally. Eagle Ranch’s triathlon training is a normal part of Ryland’s days, while working out in the gym and playing basketball are among his favorite activities. From sleeping most of his days away to becoming one of the most physically active kids on campus, Ryland has experienced a major shift in his life. “Life is better now. I’m happier, have less anxiety, and I work out all the time,” said Ryland. “I’ve learned the signs for when my anxiety or depression is coming on and how best to deal with it when it does. My family spends more time together, and I have much better relationships with my siblings.”

The Eagle Ranch Honor and Memorial Gift Program What’s in a name? On these pages, each name you read represents a gift that is going directly to help boys and girls heal from crisis and build a better life. Making an honor or memorial gift is a meaningful way to honor a friend or loved one. Within 24 hours of receiving your gift, we mail out a beautiful personalized acknowledgement card and information about our ministry to your recipient of choice. Giving is easy: visit eagleranch.org/give, call our office at 770.967.8500 (Robin or Jean are happy to help!), or mail your gift to P.O. Box 7200, Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502. Thank you for blessing our ministry. HONOR GIFTS Contributions to the Eagle Ranch Honor Program are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the honoree. Donors are listed after the name of the person in whose honor they contributed (donations received November 4 – December 31, 2019). CAROLINE ADAMS Anne & Kevin Adams JOSH ADAMS Anne & Kevin Adams LILLY ADAMS Anne & Kevin Adams ROBERT & GEORGEANNE ALBRIGHT Ed & Teri Albright SETH ALLEN Patsy & David Allen SHEA ALLEN Patsy & David Allen SY ALLEN Patsy & David Allen DAN & KATHLEEN AMOS Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris MASON, ASHLEY & MARK ANTHONY Jim & Diane Curington JENNY BAILEY Bill & Anita Rivers LAUREN & KATIE BARNETT Dick White MR. & MRS. ADAM BARR Dorothy H. Bruce THE BARRETT FAMILY Dorothy H. Bruce MRS. EDNA BATEMAN & AMELIA Dorothy H. Bruce WADE BATSON Mark & Kathleen Seals AL & CLAY BATTLE Ann & Pepe Perron JAKE BEGGS Ricky & Vicki Beggs WILL BEGGS Ricky & Vicki Beggs MR. & MRS. JOEY BENNETT Dorothy H. Bruce MRS. JUDY BICKNELL Warren & Lynne Wood MRS. ANITA BLAYDES Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lewis DR. & MRS. STEVE BLAYDES Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lewis JOHN M. BOSWELL, SR. Joseph F. Morrissette TOBY BOWDICH Joyce Paris ALMA BOWEN Mr. Heyward Gnann MR. & MRS. RANDY BOYD Ann & Phil Williams LOUISE BRADSHAW Lloyd & Florence Smee HOLLY & RICH BRANNON Jim & Sandy Brim KELLY BREWER Dave & Betsy Polstra SHEILA BREWER Lorry de la Croix LESLIE & JOHN BRIGGS White Oak Realty Group BONNIE & ROY BRIM Jim & Sandy Brim MR. & MRS. BRYAN S. BRINSON George & Carolyn Brinson CAROLYN & GEORGE BRINSON Michael & Mary Casper MR. & MRS. JACOB W. BRINSON George & Carolyn Brinson ELLA BROOKS Ann D. Calhoun LOIS BROOKS Ann D. Calhoun SUSAN BROWN Coleman, Chambers & Rogers THE BROWN FAMILY Dorothy H. Bruce DR. & MRS. ED A. BROWN, III Dorothy H. Bruce DOROTHY BRUCE Mary Tjader MS. KATHY BRUCE George & Carolyn Brinson MR. & MRS. MILTON BRUCE George & Carolyn Brinson MR. & MRS. WESLEY BRUCE George & Carolyn Brinson BRUCE BURCH Jim Burch WALLY & BARBARA BURNHAM Leonard & Nancy Parks BOB & MAXINE BURTON Lorry & Sherrie Schrage CLAY & SARAH BYRD Jim & Sandy Brim CLINT & ASHLEY BYRD Jim & Sandy Brim MARTHA & WALTER BYRD Jim & Sandy Brim CAROL & BILL CAIACCIO Maryellen & Bill Caiaccio ANN D. CALHOUN Ella Brooks JANE CANTRELL Hal & Carolyn Emmett WENDI & JOHN CANTRELL White Oak Realty Group JACK & GAIL CAPPS Phil & Shirley Hudgins SCOTT CASE Garry & Gale English MRS. BARB CASEY Lorry de la Croix BOBBY & BETH CASHION Mark & Kathleen Seals LOUISE CASHION Mark & Kathleen Seals TERRI CHAILLOU & CHILDREN Bruce & Carolyn Shortell TOM & LINDA CHAPMAN Jim & Sandy Brim KERN & DENISE CHIASSON Melissa Thomas Durand MIMI CHRISTIAN Susan D. Mull CHRISTIAN & ELLE "Gran" Westcott CHRIS & LIZZIE CLARK Mark & Kathleen Seals SHARON & MILES COKER & FAMILY Marybeth & Keith Cook KAREN COLLINS Nancy & Leonard Parks MARGIE COLLINS Mr. Bobby Poss, III THE KEITH COOK FAMILY Miles & Sharon Coker DR. W. LAMAR COUSINS Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris DAVID CRAWFORD & FAMILY Mom & Dad THOMAS J. CRAWFORD, JR. Mom & Dad WILLIAM CRAWFORD & FAMILY Mom & Dad LARUE CROW Melanie Smith CHUCK CULBERSON Tom & Cathy Fuller MRS. ANABEL CUNNINGHAM Dorothy H. Bruce TED & CYNTHIA DAME Mark & Kathleen Seals MR. & MRS. ED DAVIDSON William A. Holby BLAINE DAWKINS A Friend LORRY DE LA CROIX Sheila Brewer MR. & MRS. CHRISTIAAN DEKLERK Dr. & Mrs. R. D. Nickels JUDY DELONG Joyce Paris BROWDER & DIANE DENNISTON James & Debra Knowles JAMI DITTMEIER K. Ellen Hagan TRAVAR DIXON Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Watson RAYMOND & NANCY DUNCAN Edward & Susan Pope, Jr. LAVAN DUNKERLY Fred G. Friedrichs JOHN B. (SONNY) ELLIS Susan Ellis Hayes MR. & MRS. JIM EMERSON George & Carolyn Brinson TIM & JAN FAIRCHILD Bruce & Carolyn Shortell DAVID FARMER Snellings Walters Insurance Company BETTY FARR Mark & Kathleen Seals CHARLES & ANNE FEREE Mark & Kathleen Seals DR. & MRS. ROBERT FERGUSON Lorry & Sherrie Schrage HENRY & SANDRA FITE Kelby & Jaime Fite THE STEPHEN FLEECE FAMILY Dorothy H. Bruce

JACKSON FLETCHER Bill & Margaret Newberry JUSTIN FLETCHER Bill & Margaret Newberry MILDRED & MARK FOCKELE Jim & Sandy Brim WEYMON & ANSLEY FORRESTER Jim & Sandy Brim WEYMON & NANCY FORRESTER Jim & Sandy Brim DEBBIE FOX K. Ellen Hagan LILA & RUSS FRANCIS Lorry & Sherrie Schrage MR. & MRS. OLIN FULMER Lorry & Sherrie Schrage GASTON & BETH GAGE Mark & Kathleen Seals MR. & MRS. WARD GAILEY Ann & Phil Williams BUDDY & CHERRY GAY Ann & Pepe Perron THOLD & RUTH ELLEN GILL Mark & Kathleen Seals MR. & MRS. RANDY GILLIAM Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lewis NANCY GLADWELL K. Ellen Hagan JULIE GOLDSMITH William A. Holby BILL GALARDI & KATHY GOSSELIN Jim & Sandy Brim MY SEVEN GRANDCHILDREN Pamela Witt LELAN BYRD & EMILY GRIFFITH Jim & Sandy Brim LINDA & GREG GROSHAN White Oak Realty Group HARRY & LEE HABER Richard Landau & Carolyn Hudgins ELIZA PARIS HAGOOD Toby Bowdich MITZI HALVERSON Robert & Marilynn Garrett MR. & MRS. ALLEN HARDIN Warren & Lynne Wood PAT HARGROVE Susanna Wesley Circle CLIFF & CHARLOTTE HARRIS Ray & Pam Boettcher CANDACE HART K. Ellen Hagan MR. & MRS. JIM HAYWOOD Nancy & Leonard Parks MR. & MRS. CHARLES HENDERSON Bruce & Carolyn Shortell THE HILL FAMILY Dorothy H. Bruce PAM & DOYLE HILL Elizabeth Ann Hill RONALD HILL Elizabeth Ann Hill TOM & MARSHA HOLCOMB Ann & Pepe Perron JEFF HOLT Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris MAUREEN & DAVID HOOD White Oak Realty Group MR. & MRS. WADE HOOPER Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lewis RALPH & JOAN HOPKINS Lorry & Sherrie Schrage FRANCES HORNE Nancy Carpenter & Family DR. & MRS. ARLIN HORTON Dorothy H. Bruce JIM & BECKY HOVIS Mark & Kathleen Seals HENRY HUCKABY Bobby Poss III CAROLINE, AUDREY & ROWAN HUGHES Gran & Granpa Hughes JAMES, NORA & HADDIE HUGHES Gran & Granpa Hughes BILL & TERRI INGRAM Mark & Kathleen Seals JOHN & CARRIE IRWIN Mark & Kathleen Seals NORAH & LUKE IRWIN Ann & Phil Williams JERRY & ELISE JACKSON Kim Jackson DR. L. DAN JOHNSON Laura, Blake & Virginia Brown MR. & MRS. MARK JOHNSTON Dorothy H. Bruce SAMANTHA JONES Bill & Margaret Newberry STARLET JONES Lorry & Sherrie Schrage ANNE JULIAN Michael Hilliard Alan, Amy & Taylor Julian Brad Julian KIM & RONNY JUST The Herndons Jackie Herndon JEFF & MIMI KANE Mark & Kathleen Seals MARY LOU KAUFFMAN William A. Holby DONNA KEMP Jack & Marianne Allred JULIA M. KERLIN Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris MARJORIE & PHILLIP KESLER David & Judy McNeilly THE KIMSEY FAMILY Dorothy H. Bruce MR. & MRS. BRIAN KING Dr. & Mrs. R. D. Nickels ROD KNOWLES Tom & Cathy Fuller TOM & VICKI LADSHAW Michael & Jackie Donald ELIZABETH & ANDY LATTA Jim & Sandy Brim CAROLYN & ZACK LAYFIELD Kim & Scott Jones EARL & BEBE LEONARD Lonnie & Miriam Bacon Warren & Lynne Wood DAVID LEVINE White Oak Realty Group MR. & MRS. DAVID S. LEWIS Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lewis TOM & PATTY LEWIS Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris HELEN LIETH Ann D. Calhoun SID LIONBERGER Mike & Mackenzie KATIE & BOB LIVINGSTON Mark & Kathleen Seals LAURA LLOYD Eric Handler MRS. POLLY LLOYD Nancy & Leonard Parks LUCAS & GRANT Angel Westcott PAT & LARRY LYKINS Jim & Sandy Brim MR. & MRS. CRAIG MACKENZIE Ann & Phil Williams MR. & MRS. MAURI MACY Dorothy H. Bruce MR. & MRS. STEVEN MAGINES Dorothy H. Bruce TANIA PIRKLE & DON MARTIN Jim & Sandy Brim TEZ MARTIN Marilyn Fountain DONNIE & MIMI MATHIS Lloyd & Florence Smee MRS. JEAN MATTHEWS Jeff & Vanette Wilson ALEX & SUSAN McALISTER Mark & Kathleen Seals THE McCARTY FAMILY Dorothy H. Bruce FRANCES L. McCARTY Rucker McCarty OAKLEE ELIZABETH McCOY Mr. Marvin Hand TINLEE McCOY Mr. Marvin Hand TRICIA & DOUG McDUFF Jim & Sandy Brim CHERYL & ALAN McELVEEN Michael & Mary Casper WAYNE McGEE Tom & Cathy Fuller MATT McGOWAN Ed & Nell Garrett MR. & MRS. TERRY McGUIRK William A. Holby MR. & MRS. LOWELL McNEAL Lorry & Sherrie Schrage McWHORTER CHILDREN "Gran" Westcott JODIE & GRACE McWHORTER Mom/Gran Westcott MS. SUSAN MIKHAIL Dorothy H. Bruce BOB & SALLY MILLER Mark & Kathleen Seals MICHAEL & SHEILA MOHR Phil, Tracy & The NC Mohrs MYRELE MORRISON Mac & Jennifer Coile MR. & MRS. STAN MOSES Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson CALE MOTLEY Ann Howell THE MUNCE FAMILY Dorothy H. Bruce TOM & ALICE ANN MUNDY Lorry & Sherrie Schrage JOE MURPHY Karen Murphy LORI & STEVE MURRAY Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris MR. TOM & DR. KATIE MYERS Dorothy H. Bruce DR. WILLIAM NABORS Charles & Marsha Bernstein SCOTT NEUMANN White Oak Realty Group CARLY NEWBERRY Bill & Margaret Newberry EMMA NEWBERRY Bill & Margaret Newberry SPARKY & MARY NEWSOME Edward & Susan Pope, Jr. AVA NICHOLSON Bill & Margaret Newberry MIA, LYDIA, WESLEY & HAILEY NICKELL Ann & Phil Williams DARROL & DONNA NICKELS Dr. & Mrs. R. D. Nickels DAVID NICKELS Dr. & Mrs. R. D. Nickels JOHNNY & CINDY NIVENS Jim & Sandy Brim CANDICE NOYES K. Ellen Hagan MRS. BILL OTTO Nancy & Leonard Parks MARY OWENS Joyce Singleton BRANDI & KEVIN OWENSBY Elizabeth Ann Hill MR. & MRS. CHRISTOPHER OXFORD FAMILY Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lewis JASON & SYLVIA PACE Mark & Kathleen Seals ALICE PARIS Toby Bowdich TREY & SANDRA PARIS Toby Bowdich MR. & MRS. DOUG PARKS Nancy & Leonard Parks LEONARD & NANCY PARKS Karen Collins Elizabeth Otto WADE PEARCE FAMILY Clyde & Charlie Pearce JILL & WES PEEPLES Alison & Mike PAM PEEPLES Ella Grace Chinery STANLEY PEEPLES Ella Grace Chinery DAVID & DONNA PERRON Ann & Pepe Perron DR. RANDALL PHILLIPS The Lakes

MONTHLY GIVING SUPPORTS ONGOING NEEDS Ben and Rhonda Houston put God first in their marriage, family and business. Early on in their nearly 50-year marriage, they adopted the first fruits mindset described in Nehemiah and other parts of the Bible. “Instead of giving God what you have leftover, you give Him the first of your time, your money, everything,” explained Rhonda. They put this into practice with a monthly gift to Eagle Ranch. “I understand year-end giving,” said Ben. “But there are financial needs every day, and we want to help meet them.” The Houstons first heard Eagle Ranch Founder Eddie Staub speak at Perimeter Church in the early1980s. As a school teacher, Rhonda was drawn to the mission of helping children, and both were intrigued with Eddie’s vision. “He put his full trust in God, and that’s how we felt.” said Ben. “To visit the Ranch today is incredible. The Houstons took their own leap of faith in 2003, when they started their business, MetalWorks. “We sold our house and cashed in everything we had. We were all in,” said Rhonda. But even with money in hand to accelerate the new business, the Houstons chose to give a portion to a building project at Northpoint Church. “We thought if the business fails, at least the building will live on and be safe for eternity.” “We just feel a peace in honoring God and trusting Him, knowing that wherever He leads us, we will I’m sure it is so much more than Eddie ever envisioned. I see God everywhere.” manage,” added Ben. The Houstons have continued giving regularly to a variety of charities, including Eagle Ranch. They’ve enjoyed witnessing the growth of the Ranch over the past 35 years. “When we first visited the Ranch, it was just a couple of houses,” recalled Rhonda. “To visit the Ranch today is incredible. I’m sure it is so much more than Eddie ever envisioned. I see God everywhere.”

CHASE & JESSICA PIRKLE Jim & Sandy Brim PNC BANK TREASURY MANAGEMENT TEAM Laura Brown AMBER & DAVID POLLARD Leon & Carolyn Bagwell DEAN & SHELLY POTTER Ann & Pepe Perron IRENE & PAUL POWELL Jan & John McAllister TOM PRIDEMORE Garry & Gale English AMY PROVANO K. Ellen Hagan DR. & MRS. F. M. PURCELLI Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lewis JO RANDALL Ms. Tracie Haughey GARRETT REED Tony Harrison RALPH REGAN Susan DeDeyn MRS. R. REINHARDT Dorothy H. Bruce DIANE & LANGLEY RESPESS White Oak Realty Group BRADEN & KINSLEY RICHARDSON Allen & Ann Richardson PORTLAND ROBERSON Joseph W. Compton GRAHAM & CARLA ROBERTS Mark & Kathleen Seals NANCY ROBERTS & FAMILY Angel Westcott ALFRED & LIBBA ROBERTSON Ann & Pepe Perron MRS. BETTY ROBINSON Warren & Lynne Wood JILL & WES ROBINSON Alison & Mike ROCKY COSTA TEAM AT UNITED CAPITAL Mrs. Gretta Wray Burns BRUCE & JANET ROPER Toby Bowdich PAT RUSSELL Nannette Kallestad KEN RUTLEDGE Tom & Cathy Fuller DEEN DAY SANDERS Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris MR. & MRS. JESSE SASSER William A. Holby LORRY & SHERRIE SCHRAGE Ann & Pepe Perron FRANK & SUSAN SHAW Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris SCOTT & DENISE SHAW Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris BRUCE & CAROLYN SHORTELL Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild GREG & LISA SHORTELL FAMILY Bruce & Carolyn Shortell MIKE & SHARON SHORTELL FAMILY Bruce & Carolyn Shortell JIM & SUSAN SIGMAN Mark & Kathleen Seals ANNE SIMS Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris SLUSS+PADGETT Sherry Yeager KENNEDY SMARTT Frank & Dottie Brock Mark & Beth Lane KAREN SMITH Carleen Haney THE TYLER SMITH FAMILY Nancy & Leonard Parks MR. & MRS. TERRY SORRELLS Ann & Phil Williams ANGELA & LOUIS SPEAR Jim & Sandy Brim SPENCER SPENCE Eula K. Dean JOE & SALLY SPINKS Jeff & Vanette Wilson MR. & MRS. ED SPRINGER Dorothy H. Bruce WENDELL & LYDIA STARKE Lorry & Sherrie Schrage BOBBY & LAURA STAUB Joel & Shirley Lowery EDDIE STAUB Phil & Shirley Hudgins Coleman & Sally Reynolds EDDIE STAUB & THE WINGS INITIATIVE Alan & Angela Dimmitt EDDIE STAUB, HOUSEPARENTS, TEACHERS & STAFF Lesley Cole EDDIE & KAYANNE STAUB Gary & Susan Williams Dick & Julia Baxter NATHAN & HERO STAUB Miles & Sharon Coker THE STEVENS FAMILY Dorothy H. Bruce ROLAND & KATHY STROBERG Ronnie & Carol Whitmire DAVID & ANITA SWEET Lloyd & Florence Smee MR. & MRS. GROVER SWILLEY Ann & Phil Williams MR. & MRS. STEVE SWIT George & Carolyn Brinson EVE TAYLOR Bill & Margaret Newberry JOSH TAYLOR Bill & Margaret Newberry SARAH BETH TAYLOR Bill & Margaret Newberry ARLENE TEARE K. Ellen Hagan DAVE & ERLA THOMAS Edward & Susan Pope, Jr. TOMMY & LINDA THOMAS Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris CHERYL THOMPSON K. Ellen Hagan WILL THOMPSON Mom & Dad MR. & MRS. H.R. TRAVIS Joyce Paris DICK & PAM TREADWELL Jim & Sandy Brim DOUG TREADWELL White Oak Realty Group MOLLY & BENJAMIN VAN BUREN Laurie Googe RICHARD WARD Tom & Cathy Fuller CRAIG & MARTHA ANN WARDLAW Mark & Kathleen Seals MRS. BECKY WARNER Warren & Lynne Wood JUSTIN & TERRY WATERMAN Jeff & Vanette Wilson THE WATSON FAMILY Dorothy H. Bruce JOHN, ALAYNA, LEIGHTON & ALICE WELLS Jim & Sandy Brim SUE WELLS K. Ellen Hagan WESLEY FELLOWSHIP CLASS TEACHERS Wesley Fellowship Class ANNA CLAIRE & WALKER WEST Allen & Ann Richardson BARRY WHEELER Tom & Cathy Fuller JOHN WHITAKER Tom & Cathy Fuller GLENN & JEAN WHITE Tyler White MIKE & BECKY WHITMIRE Ann & Pepe Perron Lorry & Sherrie Schrage RENETTE WHITMIRE Lorry & Sherrie Schrage RONNIE & CAROL WHITMIRE Lorry & Sherrie Schrage MRS. CLEVE WILCOXON Warren & Lynne Wood BERT & MELANIE WILLIAMS Mark & Kathleen Seals CHETTE WILLIAMS, SR. Neal & Jerri Dettmering & Family DR. JESSICA & MR. PJ WILLIAMS Ann & Phil Williams JOHN & LISA WILLIAMS Lynn Bryant & Diane Kenyon PAT WINCHESTER Tom & Cathy Fuller MRS. LYNNE WINSHIP Warren & Lynne Wood MR. & MRS. W. R. WINSLOW Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lewis KASEY & DERRECK WOLFE Elizabeth Ann Hill JENNER WOOD United Distributors, Inc. REED WOODARD Hal & Carolyn Emmett KEVIN & MARILEE WRIGHT Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild Bruce & Carolyn Shortell CHARLIE & DANCY WYNNE Ronnie & Carol Whitmire Michael & Mary Casper Experience the of Giving Joy Year-Round Did you know you can provide for the needs of boys and girls throughout the year with a monthly gift? These regular gifts help us meet our day-today needs and are an important part of our annual budget. Signing up is easy: visit EagleRanch.org/give or call 770-967-8500 to set up an automated gift with your credit card or bank account. You can change your monthly amount or cancel anytime. Monthly giving is a great way to extend your impact in changing the lives of struggling children.

Bruce with former CELEBRATING A NEW SE A S ON Eagle Ranch alumni, along with former and current Eagle Ranch staff, recently gathered to celebrate the retirement of Eagle Ranch’s first counselor, Bruce Burch, who faithfully served for almost 35 years. Known for his wisdom, compassion, humor, authenticity and selflessness, Bruce has had an immense impact on the growth and success of Eagle Ranch. Eagle Ranch resident, Matthew McNeely. Bruce and Matthew during Matthew's season at the Ranch (bottom left). Eagle Ranch gathereed to celebrate the retirement of Bruce Burch, who faithfully served for almost 35 years now then As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Bruce was largely responsible for bringing in one of the Ranch's most distinguishing elements— family involvement— and has played an instrumental role in changing the lives of hundreds of young men and their families. Bruce’s wife Cindy currently works in the Ranch’s intake department, so we look forward to staying connected to him. Enjoy your next season, Bruce – you will be missed!

MEMORIAL GIFTS Contributions to the Eagle Ranch Memorial Program are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the deceased. Donors are listed after the name of the person in whose memory they contributed (donations November 4 – December 31, 2019). ABBY Harris & Ann Wilbanks BOB ADAM Joan Adam BILL SIMPSON & BARBARA ALLEN Teri Simpson PAUL & JANIE ALLEN Jack Sisk ROGER ALLEN 12Stone Small Group MR. L. HORACE ALLISON Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson JAMIE & JESSIE AMERSON Bill & Cathy Coody JEAN AMOS Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris BETTY ANDERSON Ann & Pepe Perron FRANK ARMSTRONG John & Mary Lynn Coyle MARILYN ATTAWAY Mr. Donald R. Attaway DIANNE AUTRY Sandra & David Dorsey MR. & MRS. JACK BALDWIN Laura & Peter Lloyd PEGGY & BILL BARRS Bill & Cathy Coody WILLIAM (BILL) BARRS Rudy & Carol Underwood GAYNELLE BEACH James & Brenda Miller BUCKY ALAN BEGGS Ricky & Vicki Beggs ED BENSON Bobby Poss III FRED BENTLEY, SR. Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris SARAH ANNE BLACK Ann B. McLeod GLENDA DALTON BOLING Friends at Jackson EMC VERLINE MASON BOLTON Barry & Barb Stover PAULA BORCHERS Leon Borchers NORMA BORDEN Patty McArthur JAN BOREN Linda Huband BOB & LYLLA BOWEN Ed & Nell Garrett John & Mary Lynn Coyle Carolyn Reed Smith SHIRLEY BOWER John & Mary Lynn Coyle WILLIAM BOWMAN Bill & Cathy Coody DON CARTER Mark & Kathleen Seals MARY BETH BOWNS Ed & Connie Bowns GRIER ALLEN BRAY David & Jane Wilson DEB & NEAL BREWER Dr. Gaye Cronin BENJAMIN "BEN" LAMAR BROCK, JR. The Henslees Cookie & Larry Ed Garrett Ashley J. Little Donna Little GEORGE "RODY" BROOME Mike & Gail Harrington Bruno & Dorothy Procopio Kitty & C.W. Marlow Ronald E. & Janet H. Kolar Cheryl, Rusty, Sonya, Annie & Jake Broome Lee Burleson Bill & Penny Flegal Rose Rigdon Linda Bennett Eleanor & Wayne McCormack Robert C. McMahan Charlotte S. Davenport Dr. Gerold L. Schiebler Carol Ann Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. Wiley S. Ansley Lola Cunningham CHERYL BROWN John & Mary Lynn Coyle DAVID C. BROWN, JR. Mike & Denise Brown FRANCES BROWN John & Mary Lynn Coyle Austin & Regina Edmondson JEFF BROWN Bill & Cathy Coody CECIL CROW Mike & Denise Brown JIM BUCKLEY Carolyn Lindsay RAY BURCH Mark & Kathleen Seals REX BUSHONG Jackie & Sheldon Darnell HELEN BUTLER Dudley & Maxine Trapnell ELIZA CAGLE Jeanie Whitworth BRYCE PATRICK CALHOUN Beasley Family Early Risers Joanne Brink Eric Moore Ashlee Willis Apalachee Crossing HOA Michelle V. Landreth & Friends Brian & Linda Swanson, Matty & Emily, Mitchell & Paulina, Mikel Apple Tree Pediatric Dentistry, LLC CHAD CARROLL Bill & Flo Carroll DOROTHY & ELMER CARTER Dale Carter JAMES (JIMMY) REECE CARTER, JR. Stan & Susie Appleton RIVES CARTER John & Mary Lynn Coyle Carolyn Reed Smith JEROLD CHADWICK David & Jane Wilson OSA CHANDLER David & Sandra Dorsey C.L. CHANDLER, III Mark B. Chandler CLC Foundation RALPH CHAPMAN Old Friends Car Club Jimmy & Marie Faulkner A Friend T.J. & LOUISE CHAPMAN Thomas & Diane Chapman JOHN P. CHAPPELL Anne D. Chappell ELLA CHINERY Ella Grace Chinery MR. & MRS. CLAUD CLARK Anne Larue Crowe THELMA CLARK The Whitworth & Robertson Families Johnny & Susie Solesbee BONNIE CLAXTON Harris & Ann Wilbanks RALPH W. & MARY R. CLEVELAND John, Cathy, Michael, Courtney, Scott & Georgie Cleveland GEORGE COCHRAN Janice & Ronnie Lee HENRY COCHRAN Janice & Ronnie Lee Azilee Frederick PERINO COCHRAN Janice & Ronnie Lee RANDY COGGINS Dale & Stacey Brown PEGGY COKER John & Mary Lynn Coyle WILLIAM E. COLLIER, JR. & WILBA R. COLLIER Bruce & Carolyn Shortell ROBERT CONDON Gerry & Ed Condon GUS CONNELLY Helen & Dennis Calhoun MARC ANDRE COURTEAU Karin Courteau, Gabrielle, David, Lydia & Thaddeus Hauge JAMES COWART Betty Cowart MARK CRAIN Dotty & Guy Crain MARTHA ANN CRENSHAW John & Mary Lynn Coyle ROBERT CROSS Doug & Debbie Cooper CECIL CROW Anne Larue Crowe Melanie Smith ELIZABETH CROWE Polly Bower & Benita Burruss Family BOB, BILL & VIRGINIA CURINGTON Bill & Cathy Coody L. LEE DAILEY Joyce Dailey WATTS DAIN Bill & Cathy Coody JEREMY DAVIS Tommy Davis JARRETT L. DAVIS III Somerset Foundation, Inc. DAVID DAY David & Deborah Clark BOB DEBORDE Tom & Judy Crawford CAROLYN SIPE DELONG Jack E. DeLong T.C. DEVORE Ted & Valerie DeVore JUANITA DIAL Dave & Sherry Sandrock L.M. DICKERSON, JR. Mr. & Mrs. Phillip K. Turner HEATHER DIXON Bill & Cathy Coody GAYLE DORAN Angel Westcott WILLIAM A. DUNKERLY Fred G. Friedrichs DOROTHY DUNLAP Gordy & Melanie Germany CLAY DYKES Bill & Cathy Coody JOSH DYKES Bill & Cathy Coody HAROLD KENNETH EATON Miles & Eleanor Willis ALTON EDGE Nichols Body Shop Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson FRANCES EDRINGTON Frank Edrington CHARLES DOUGLAS EDWARDS Charlene E. Edwards LOUISE IVEY EIDSON William L. Foster SHERI PACE ELDRIDGE The Hodgson Family OTIS ELLENBURG Mr. Heyward Gnann A Friend Austin & Regina Edmondson Tom & Alice Ann Mundy WILLIAM "BILL" ELLIOTT Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris MRS. MERDELL EVANS Dr. Jean Rollins JUDY KELLEY EVERETT Childress Family Jane Green Truelove Steve & Rebecca Shuty Jimmy & Joan Perkins Jim & Elizabeth Puckett Rachel Ficklin

JUDY KELLEY EVERETT (CONTINUED) Vernon & Ann Jarrard Cantrell Family James Frederick Runell & Ben Youngblood & Joan Y. Beard Blount-Sanford Contracting Company, Inc. Kay Graham Mr. & Mrs. Jery Kilgore Sheila Reed Eddie & Cathie Higgins Deanna W. Pruitt PAT FAIRCHILD Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild LINDA FAULK Bill & Cathy Coody BEATRICE HASTY FAVRE Mac & Jennifer Coile MARY JANE & JOE FEENEY Mr. & Mrs. David L. Teichert ELWOOD FELDMAN Don & Joan Gordon ELWOOD THOMAS FELDMAN Janet Feldman CAROL FERRELL John & Mary Lynn Coyle PATRICK FERRIS John Wright AUBREY FINCH Harris & Ann Wilbanks AILEEN NICHOLS FIRESTONE The Whitworth & Robertson Families PHILIP DALE FOLGER Edward Katz The Phil Folger Family JEFF FORRESTER Brenda Powell ELEANOR E. FOSTER William L. Foster BERNARD FOUNTAIN Marilyn Fountain ROBERT L. FOWLER Brett & Laura Fowler Carolyn Reed Smith DAVID FOX Michael & Mary Casper RALPH FRAZIER, JR. Faye Frazier HUGH FREDERICK Azilee Frederick ANN K. FRIEDRICHS Fred G. Friedrichs DAVID T. HANCOCK SUSANNE HINKLE GALE Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rye GLEN NORMAN GANYARD Carl, Robin & Carla Ganyard MARLENE GARNER Howard & Carol Cooper Larry & Brenda Cooper KATHRYN B. GARRETT Garrett Properties, L.L.C. Garrett Lakeside Apartments ESTHER GENTIL & LYNNE GENTIL Bruce & Carolyn Shortell DR. JOHN GERALT Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rye GREGORY GIBBONS Jack & Gail Capps RALPH GIBSON Carol Gibson BOYD & BILLIE GILSTRAP Col. & Mr. Richard M. Morris SAMMY GODSEY Richard & Sue Bell SHANE GRAHAM Bill & Cathy Coody JOHN GRAM Jim & Diana Latimer JOHN & MERRIDY GRAM Jim & Sandy Brim John & Mary Lynn Coyle Phil & Shirley Hudgins GARY GRANT Scott & Lisa Grant GARY & MINNIE GRANT Janice & Ronnie Lee MIKE GRANT Tom & Cathy Fuller BILL GREENE John & Mary Lynn Coyle MARTIN MCGEE GRIFFIN Stan & Susie Appleton JOSHUA HALL Ann & Pepe Perron JIM HALLENBERG The John Roberts Family CRISTIAN HAMMONS Stuart, Betsy & Evan Ainsworth BUD HAMRIC Richard & Sandra Hulsey LONNIE HAMRICK Teresa & Gary Niebur Bryan D. Hancock MELONIE HART Ann & Scarlett Hart CATHY HAYNES Patti Truelove GARY HEAD John & Mary Lynn Coyle ROBERT C. HENRY Uldine B. Henry CHUCK HETZER Mr. Bill Whorley DEE HEWITT Tricia Fuller & Family HARRY W. HICKS Leigh Hicks VAN HILL Ann & Pepe Perron NANCY HITTINGER Bruce & Carolyn Shortell TOM HODGE Mark & Kathleen Seals JACK K. HOGAN Carole Rhodes JANICE HOGAN Carole Rhodes NIKI HOLCOMB John & Mary Lynn Coyle MIKE HORNE Bill & Cathy Coody MARDELL HOSCH Dale & Stacey Brown TONY E. HOWINGTON Phyllis Howington Baker DIANNE HUFFMAN Harris & Ann Wilbanks WILMA HUMPHRIES Teresa Waters & Bree's Family RICHARD HUNTER & HAL HUNTER Ann & Pepe Perron STEWART HURLBURT Nita Stokes ANTONIO IANNIELLO Ron George JUDGE CONLEY INGRAM Earl & Bebe Leonard NELL IVIE Brad & Melanie Pager WADE JACKSON Marcia & Ernest Smith CURT JAMISON Rucker McCarty Leaving a Meaningful Legacy The seeds we plant today become the harvest of tomorrow. Please consider a gift to support the children of Eagle Ranch in your will or estate plan. There are many ways to make a making good works a legacy contribution that will live on for generations to come. Designate Eagle Ranch, Inc. in your will or learn about ways to make a gift of any size become a legacy by contacting Kelly Brewer at 770.967.8500 or by email at kbrewer@eagleranch.org. CHARLES A. JENNINGS Lisa & Jim Cauthen STEVEN CRAIG JENSEN Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert W. Jensen SUSAN JESSUP John & Mary Lynn Coyle ELIZABETH JOHNSON Phil & Shirley Hudgins JEREMY JOHNSON Mary & Claude Bates LUCY JOHNSON Alvinia Coulombe RANDOLPH (NEIL) JONAS David & Jane Wilson LEON JONES Sue Jones BARBARA JORDAN Brad & Melanie Pager BARBARA & STEVE JORDAN Mr. Jess P. Jordan Matt & Kathy Bauerkemper MARGARET JORDAN Brad & Melanie Pager STEVE JORDAN Brad & Melanie Pager ETHEL & RICHARD JORGENSEN Jorgensen Foundation CHARLES L. (LIB) JULIAN Mr. & Mrs. David F. Sexton Brad Julian Alan, Amy & Taylor Julian Dr. & Mrs. Jim Rodgers ED KAY Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rye ALLEN RICHARD KENYON & LOIS SNYDER KENYON Janice C. Kenyon LOIS KENYON Phil & Shirley Hudgins ANN CRAIN KIEFFER T.W. & Evie Jones LLOYD KILLEBREW Sandra R. Killebrew RANDY KING Mr. & Mrs. Jerry White STEPHEN L. KLEIN Leslie Klein LINDSAY KNIGHT Bill & Cathy Coody DAN KOPOREC Dotty & Guy Crain

AVERY LANGFORD & CHARLIE LANGFORD Ann & Pepe Perron CHARLIE LANGFORD John & Mary Lynn Coyle Mark & Kathleen Seals LEWIS ATWATER LANGSTON Mr. Barney Atwater JOE ALFRED LAWRENCE Gail Raper Bruce & Carolyn Shortell Jere & Joann Rivers Craig & Betsy Wolf LINDA LAYCOCK Michael & Lisa Chuma ROBERT H. "BOB" LEDFORD Nancy Ledford DELMAR & FANNIE LEE Janice & Ronnie Lee MANDY LEGUIN Bill & Cathy Coody BARBARA LICHTENBERGER Lloyd & Florence Smee JOHN & BETTY LITTLE Mr. & Mrs. Phillip K. Turner JOHNNY M. LITTLE Scott Little VIRGINIA LOGGINS Barbara Hemphill JENNIFER LONG Ceil Whitney LOVED ONES Anne D. Chappell CHARLES LUCKEY Judy Luckey BOBBY LUCKIE Tom & Cathy Fuller ALBENA LYBEN Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rye DIANE LYLES Bill & Cathy Coody MANITA LYNCH John & Mary Lynn Coyle PATSY LYNN Sheila McConnell JOHN MANSFIELD Mark & Kathleen Seals GEORGE & DOROTHY MARLOWE Ronald & Linda Staton DR. LEE MARTIN Mark & Kathleen Seals LOYD MARTIN Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson NIKKI MAXWELL Bill & Cathy Coody GEORGE W. McCARTY Frances & Rucker McCarty BERT MORITZ McDADE Chateau Elan Book Club LEE & HELEN McDONALD David & Deborah Clark GERALD WAYNE McDUFFIE Richard & Sandra Hulsey Friends at Jackson EMC LOUISE McGOWAN Ed & Nell Garrett MIKE McKEEN III Turner, Wood & Smith David, Holli, Herndon, Ella Randall & Wyatt Lee ROBBYE McKIBBON John & Mary Lynn Coyle CATHERINE BANKS McMILLAN Mike & Jane Young Paul & Christine Perdue JEFFREY TODD McMILLAN Mike & Jane Young Paul & Christine Perdue NANCY McSWINEY Mark B. Chandler CLC Foundation JOHN MELVIN John & Mary Lynn Coyle Carolyn Reed Smith Mark & Kathleen Seals THOMAS METZGER Duane & Patricia Nesbitt REINHOLD MICHEL Col. & Mrs. John Avery, Jr. JEFF & NELLIE MAE MILLER James & Brenda Miller LARRY MOON Pamela Witt NEIL MORGAN Tom & Cathy Fuller THOMAS B. MOTE Danny Neal MR. & MRS. H. NEAL, SR. Danny Neal KEN NEIDENBACH Doug & Diane Magnus ROBERT NIEBUR Teresa & Gary Niebur ELBERT & NELLIE BELLE NIX James & Brenda Miller HUGH NIX James & Brenda Miller CINDY NOBLES Bill & Cathy Coody BOBBIE NOWLAND Henry & Kathy Moore MANCEL OLIVER James & Brenda Miller HEBER & MARY ANNE PADGET Ed & Nell Garrett JOE & CLARA PALMER Mary Alice Sanders WAYNE LEE PARRISH, SR. A Friend Bobby & Kathy Lawson EMY PEACOCK Bill & Cathy Coody NOAH PEEPLES Ella Grace Chinery BILL PERRY Mary Batts Smith SOPHRONIA PETITT Charles & Frances Chastain MS. MARGARET PETTEY Randal & Jean Cochran VIRGINIA PICKERING Bobby & Kathy Lawson Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rye An Evening to REMEMBER A few months after accepting Christ, Dylan, 14, expressed his desire to be baptized. When asked where he would like to do it, he requested the lake at Eagle Ranch. Normally a loud, animated kid, Dylan was still, contemplative and calm. Surrounded by his mother, grandparents and Eagle Ranch staff members on a balmy evening, this was a moment to remember. Prior to entering the water, Dylan shared his testimony. Family members and Eagle Ranch staff spoke words of affirmation and encouragement to Dylan for his decision to make a public declaration of faith. To read more about Dylan’s baptism, visit EagleRanch.org/feature2020

LOWELL D. PILGRIM Janie Dunman & James Morris, Jr. ROBERT I. PITTS & BUFORD D. PITTS Bruce & Carolyn Shortell MARILYN POOLE Henry & Kathy Moore BARBARA PORTER Jim Porter TOM PORTER Bill & Cathy Coody JOSEPH C. PRESCOTT Nellie Jo Prescott CHARLES PRIEM Wanda Priem Randall & Beth Powers Kasey Priem EDWARD PRITCHETT, SR. A Friend CURTIS PRUETT Virginia Pruett BETTY JEAN PRUITT Dale & Stacey Brown John & Nena (Puckett) Bruffey GRACE & FORREST PUCKETT John & Nena (Puckett) Bruffey THURMON & CLEMMIE PURCELL David Purcell MARGARET & J. D. RAGAN Paul & Barbara Brown JERE & JEAN RANDALL Mr. & Mrs. Tony Randall HAROLD & GRACE REECE Bill & Cathy Coody HAROLD & JEANETTE REECE James & Diane Satterfield IRENE REED C. David Reed R. C. & IRENE REED Kermit & Ann Adams JEANNETTE REYNOLDS Tracey Wade SPURGEON RICHARDSON Austin & Regina Edmondson Eleanor & Wayne McCormack Earl & Bebe Leonard DOUG RIDINGS Schuyler & Rhonda Floyd CLAUDETTE ROBERTS Mark & Kathleen Seals BETTY ROBERTSON Hill Robertson JEFF ROBINSON John Yarbrough ALLAN ROSS J.R. & Frances Kanady CONNIE RUNYON Mac & Jennifer Coile RYAN RUTHERFORD Christie & Dean Rutherford A. B. SAILORS Barbara Sailors BRAD SANDERS Bill & Cathy Coody DOROTHY & ASHLEY SANDROCK Dave & Sherry Sandrock TONY SAVAGE Clara Savage PATRICIA SCHAEFFER Mark & Kathleen Seals RJ & LOIS SCHMITT Larry & Teresa Parker GARY SCHOFIELD Jeanie Whitworth WILLIAM "PETE" SCOGIN Mary Ann Scogin PAUL SEALS Mark & Kathleen Seals MARCUS SHADBURN Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson SHANTA & LAXMI Ranjit & Pushpa Patel JANIE BARKSDALE SHARP Ann & Pepe Perron ANDREA SHEFFIELD Bill & Cathy Coody JEAN SHELDON Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rye DANA SHORT John & Mary Lynn Coyle JOHN E. SHORTELL & LILLIAN SHORTELL Bruce & Carolyn Shortell JANET JORDAN SIMS Joe & Emily Hicks FORREST & "KIT" SISK Jack Sisk AL SMITH Bill & Cathy Coody Carol Smith Meredith ALTON SMITH The Colin Millwood Family Mary Puckett CAM SMITH Bill & Cathy Coody FLO SMITH John & Mary Lynn Coyle JACK WELLS SMITH Joyce Smith JALAINE SMITH Homer & Renee Myers LEONARD DWIGHT SMITH Lynn & Fran Hollifield PHIL SMITH Sara Rutledge RICHARD M. SMITH Elizabeth B. Williams Connie & Dave Huelsbeck KATHLEEN SOWDER Lisa & Jim Cauthen L. A. & LUCY STATON Ronald & Linda Staton BARRY A. STEWART Mrs. Jo Ann Stewart Jim & Cindy Mayo DOUG STEWART Dr. & Mrs. John C. Sundstrom John & Mary Lynn Coyle SAM STINSON Bill & Cathy Coody BRAYDON STOKES Howard & Sherri Kaufold ADA FLORENCE STOVALL John M. Mavromatis DIANE STRAUS Susan M. Eyring Joyce Faulkner Fay C. Ray Charlie & Connie Wirth Visiting Angels The MMG's Mr. Barry Straus Michael & Elizabeth McKinney Patricia Page & Mikel Walters Jay & Amy Waters FRANKIE K. STRINGER E. Paul Stringer RICHARD STRINGER E. Paul Stringer PAT SULLIVAN Fred & Debbie Sprinkle IRIS SUMMITT Nichols Body Shop JAMES MITCHELL TAYLOR Merry Chandler JOE & PEGGY TEICHERT Mr. & Mrs. David L. Teichert PHYLLIS TERRELL Johnny & Susie Solesbee SUPE & CLIFF THOMPSON Children, Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren WILLIAM HUNT THOMSON Craig & Betsy Wolf MARGARET TINSLEY Nancy Ledford ED TRUSTY Jeanie Whitworth JAMES VARNADORE James Harris MRS. CHARLTON VEAZEY Mr. Bill Whorley JOAN VERRONE Mark & Christine Verrone DALE VETROVSKY Ruth Vetrovsky JOSH WADE Bill & Cathy Coody JAYNA WALZ Kenny Walz GRAHAM THARPE WARD Dr. David F. Brown Stan & Susie Appleton JEAN WARD John & Mary Lynn Coyle HELEN PHIPPS WATSON St. Ives Memory Care Mr. & Mrs. Michael Nelson Gerri Goss Mr. & Mrs. T.P. Swift Mr. & Mrs. Thelon Hamby MR. GEORGE WEATHERBY L.C.H.S. Class of 1964 JAMES W. “JIM” WEBB Jodi Seligman Elizabeth & Tab Norris Pauline & Walter Hoch Patti Hagerman Ms. Mary Carden Honey & George Gfroerer Nic & Carolynrose Gentile Mr. William O. Cullom Elizabeth & Tab Norris Tim & Beth Wilson Sheila & Michael Mohr Mr. & Mrs. David Farmer Mr. & Mrs. William J. Smith Tim & Leigh Ann Ayres Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Goodroe Celeste Murphy Mike & Jan Callahan Pat & Jill MacMillan Jim & Beth Copeland Tom & Judy Crawford NATHAN WELLMAN Cathy & Bill Coody AL, RUTH & TIM WENDLE Tom Wendle CAROL VAUGHAN WESCHLER John & Mary Lynn Coyle STEPHANIE MICHELLE WHEELER Jim Hayes Ron, Terri, Sierra & Aspen Grady Ken, Tammy & Margaret Turk Chip & Myles Ansley Abraham American Legion Post 247 Danny Hogan Steve & Susie Williams Robert & Joyce Reed Donald & Nancy Roberts RUTH & QUINTON WHITE Mr. & Mrs. Phillip K. Turner JEFFREY WHITECOTTON Harris & Ann Wilbanks JEAN WILLERS Austin & Regina Edmondson Dr. & Mrs. John C. Sundstrom CHETTE WILLIAMS, JR. Neal & Jerri Dettmering & Family CECILIA WILLIAMSON Travis Williamson JOSH WILLIS Bill & Cathy Coody GEORGE "BUBBA" & MARY ANN WILSON Joe & Sally Spinks JOY WINGFIELD Betty & Mike Devore Nell & Bob Chambers LEO WINTERS & JULIETTE WINTERS Ann & Pepe Perron KEITH WOLFE Betty Wolfe INEZ (GREENWAY) WOODRING The Brewer Family JoAnn & Allen Karlebach Dr. Gaye Cronin Anthony & Deborah Abercrombie INEZ WOODRING & JAMES LOY WOODRING Donna Hearn

Eddie Staub breaking ground with members of the Kiwanis Club. GROUNDBREAKING SUPPORT Share your From volunteering for projects to providing mission-critical items from our needs list, many Eagle Ranch supporters like to be a hands-on part of our mission. Long-time Eagle Ranch supporter Austin Edmondson shares his recollection of getting involved with Eagle Ranch from the ground up. “Eddie gave a talk to the Kiwanis Club in the early 1980s when the Ranch was just a dream, and I was enthralled with what he had to say, so he asked me if I would be on the Board. And that's the last thing I needed to do. But this particular day that he asked me, my basketball team had won the NCAA championship, it was my birthday, and God sent the message – just through Eddie Staub. So, I said ‘alright.’ And I had never seen a miracle, I mean a miracle, but I told him, ‘If you pull this thing off, it's a miracle.’ Eagle Ranch story! Email our Communications team at story@eagleranch.org "Eddie showed me his plans, and I had some doubts, but he put it all together, made it work and got the money he needed. And if you look at the book, On Eagle's Wings, about the Ranch’s founding, there’s a picture of about seven or eight Kiwanians about to mark the foundation for the first building where Eddie was going to live and have an office. I'm right there in the middle of the action, digging in the dirt."

Make a Difference I want to support Eagle Ranch children with a gift of $1000 $500 $100 Please designate this gift toward: Honor Gift This gift is made by Address City In honor/memory of City Please send honor/memorial card to: Name Address City $50 Memorial Gift $25 $ General Operations Greatest Need NON-PROFIT U.S. POSTAGE PAID Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502 GAINESVILLE, GA PERMIT #82 State Zip State State Relationship to honoree/deceased HM20 Zip E a g l E R a n c h . o R g

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