Holiday 2019

BOARD OF DIRECTORS STEVE GILLIAM, CHAIR Partner, Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles CRAIG BARRS Retired Executive Vice President, External Affairs, Georgia Power Company GREG BOYD Owner, Intellicom Wireless Management MIKE CALLAHAN, President and CEO, Gypsum Management & Supply JIM COPELAND Retired Human Resource Executive, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company ROB FOWLER Executive Vice President, Turner, Wood and Smith TOM FULLER Retired Chief Financial Officer, 22squared JEFF HENDERSON Lead Pastor, Gwinnett Church KRISTEN LEWIS Attorney, Tax Practice, Smith, Gambrell & Russell MART MARTIN Founder, 3 Key Questions DAVE POLSTRA Founding Partner, Brightworth LYNN PRICE Chief Financial Officer, Compliance Services, LLC SARA STORCK Director, Brand Strategy, Planning & Design, Chick-fil-A BRITTANY THOMS Co-Founder and Partner, See.Spark.Go BOARD OF ADVISORS COURTNEY AMOS DAN CATHY VINCE DOOLEY, Emeritus ELIZABETH HARRIS GLEN JACKSON EARL LEONARD DAN QUINN DAVID RATCLIFFE DAN REEVES WENDELL STARKE JOHN WIELAND PHILIP WILHEIT JENNER WOOD EAGLE RANCH FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES BLAIR CUNNINGHAM STEVE GILLIAM ROY JONES LYNN PRICE KIRBY THOMPSON ROBERT WYNNE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR EDWIN J. STAUB EAGLE RANCH, INC. Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502 t: 770.967.8500 · f: 770.967.3757 EagleRanch.org OUR MISSION Eagle Ranch helps make life better for children and their families, positively impacting communities for the glory of God. In their Language Arts class, our boys and girls were asked to pick a word that describes who they are now or who they aspire to become. Looking at the words they chose, it seems unlikely that those would be the ones they would have chosen upon their arrival at Eagle Ranch. Reflections One of our goals is to help our children realize that their true identity is not in what they do, how they perform, or what they own. Those values are so fleeting. But their true identity is that they are loved by Christ, regardless of their circumstances. His love is enduring and withstands the test of time. God encourages us to celebrate the uniqueness and greatness of each child who lives here. Our hope is that they will come to embrace these gifts and that their journey in living out the words they have chosen continues for a lifetime. Thank you for investing in our mission and in a renewed and expectant vision for the children who live at Eagle Ranch. Sincerely, Eddie Staub Eagle Ranch Founder and Executive Director

The Language Arts classroom wall is filled with student pictures expressing words, quotes and scripture meaningful to each student.

BECOMING F AMILY If you could choose a word to describe yourself, what would it be? Think about what you value, what matters most to you. Are you that person now or striving to be more like that word? What scripture speaks to your word and your values? This was the assignment given by Eagle Ranch Language Arts teacher Ms. Ginger Duren-Witt. This unique creative writing project asked students to think about who they are, what they value, and what matters most to them. They were then asked to choose a word, a quote and a piece of scripture that they felt described them. After each student completed the assignment, their headshot was taken and framed. Ms. Duren-Witt took all the frames and created a photo wall in the classroom—a snapshot of the journey of our boys and girls. "Words have more power over people than most give credit. Proverbs 18:21 says, ‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue.’ Although words have the ability to harm us, they also are capable of providing healing." Ms. Ginger Duren-Witt, Language Arts Teacher Eagle Ranch School "I created the photo wall in our classroom because I believe it creates a family environment and instills a sense of belonging for everyone,” said Ms. Duren-Witt. “I want each student to know that he or she is a well-loved member of our Eagle Ranch community. When the students first saw the photos on the wall, their smiles reminded me of when I went to my grandparents’ house as a child and saw my pictures displayed. I felt overwhelmingly loved, and my prayer is that our students feel the same way.” At Eagle Ranch, we want our boys and girls to feel like they are part of a bigger family. We promote family activities such as meals together, outings, games and outdoor fun. These relational activities contribute to the healing process and help the children as they work to return home to their own families.

Dylan Age 15 • The Joy Home “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” James 4:10 HUMBLE

Thomas Age 15 • The Joy Home “Better is a poor person who walks in his integrity than one who is crooked in speech and is a fool.” Proverbs 19:1 HONEST

LILLY Age 12, The Glory Home

DREAM A CHIEVER “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 Lilly came to Eagle Ranch as a dreamer. Dreaming of her future as a professional cheerleader, but also of something so much more—that her family would find unity. Before Lilly came to Eagle Ranch, she struggled with angry outbursts, fighting, running away and disrespect. During her time in the program, Lilly has learned how to verbally express her emotions to both her peers and her family. “Things are definitely different for me and my family compared to when I first came to Eagle Ranch,” said Lilly. “I used to yell at my parents and my siblings, but now I talk about my feelings instead of fighting them. My parents are more consistent and specific with consequences now.” Lilly chose "dream achiever" to describe her because she believes she can work hard to achieve all that her heart desires. Not only does this mean becoming professional cheerleader one day, but also to be a loving, contributing member of her family. “I picked that phrase because I have a lot of dreams and I work to achieve them. When I used to be cheering, I set goals to win nationals, and the next year we won. When I get older, I want to be on the Great White Sharks cheer team in Canada; it’s the biggest cheer team in Canada. I will have to do years of cheer, tumbling, stunting and dancing to get there, but I know I can do it.” Another dream of Lilly’s—for her family to experience healing from the brokenness they’ve experienced. “I’m hoping that I will build a better relationship with my stepmom and stepbrother,” said Lilly. Lilly and her family are continuing to work through the Eagle Ranch program with hopes of being reunited soon.

Owen Age 13 • The Joy Home “Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.” Revelation 2:10 PERSEVERANCE HONEST

Symone Age 14 • The Praise Home “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Ephesians 6:11 W ARRIOR W ARRIOR

JOEY Age 14, The Grace Home

PROTECTOR “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer.” 2 Samuel 22:2 Joey came to Eagle Ranch struggling with anger, disrespect and defiance. As he has worked through the program, Joey has learned more about understanding his emotions, sharing his feelings and is applying himself in school. “Since Joey has been at Eagle Ranch, he has been able to be a teenager,” said his Language Arts teacher Ms. Duren-Witt. Being able to step back from the crisis in his life for a season has allowed him to be a kid again. Joey chose a unique word that represented himself: protector. Joey cares for people, fights for those who can’t fight for themselves and sticks up for others. "I like to be different,” said Joey, “I'm a strong leader with a strong voice." Joey and his natural leadership abilities have shown through at school and at home, where he likes to use his leadership and his voice to help other people. “With the experiences I’ve already had so far in my life, I can put myself in other people’s shoes a lot easier than those who haven’t struggled as much. I like standing up for people.” “I care for people a lot,” said Joey. “With the experiences I’ve already had so far in my life, I can put myself in other people’s shoes a lot easier than those who haven’t struggled as much. I like standing up for people.” Joey is currently in the leadership program at Eagle Ranch and is learning how best to use his gifts as he continues to work through the Eagle Ranch program.

Sarah Age 12 • The Mercy Home "A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity." Proverbs 17:17 LO Y AL HONEST

Aiden Age 12 • The Love Home "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5 O VERCOMER W ARRIOR

The Eagle Ranch Honor and Memorial Gift Program An Honor and Memorial Gift during the holiday is a meaningful way to honor and remember loved ones, while introducing them to an important cause. Each gift goes directly to helping boys and girls who are working to heal from crisis and find a better life. Within 24 hours of receiving your gift, we mail out a beautiful acknowledgement card and information about our ministry to your recipient of choice. Giving is easy: visit eagleranch.org/give, call our office at 770.967.8500 (Robin or Jean are happy to help!), or mail your gift to P.O. Box 7200, Chestnut Mountain, GA 30501. Thank you for blessing our ministry. HONOR GIFTS Contributions to the Eagle Ranch Honor Program are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the honoree. Donors are listed after the name of the person in whose honor they contributed (donations received September 3 – November 1, 2019). MARY & CLAUDE BATES Linda Callaway DR. KEN BOA Tom Lauritzen PAIGE & DANIEL BOHANNON Robert Orr RICHARD & DENA BOSTEN Bobby & Michele Ray ALAN CANFIELD John Colegrove MANUEL DE JUAN White Oak Realty Group RANDI & ELIZABETH DIPRIMA Lloyd & Florence Smee GERDA & CHIP DODGE June Stoll Sally & Cid DeLisle Dottie Jones JoAlice Halsell THE EAGLE RANCH TEAM Frank Edrington DAVID FAIR Mary Owens EDWIN FAIR, JR. Mary Owens KEN FIKES Larry & Fran Green JILL FRANKS John Colegrove HOLLEY & BRIAN GUFFIN Robert Orr TRACIE HAUGHEY Jo R. Randall RODNEY HERNDON John Colegrove JACK AUSTIN & LEE HOBBS White Oak Realty Group BILLY HOLLOWAY John Colegrove JAMES & MARY LANGHAM White Oak Realty Group MS. KATE LEONARD Mr. & Mrs. Earl T. Leonard, Jr. TEZ MARTIN Marilyn Fountain DAVID & JUDY McNEILLY Dr. Tom & Betty Brown EVELYN MILLER White Oak Realty Group JOSEPH F. MORRISSETTE John M. Boswell OPELIKA (CHI) OMEGAS OF LOWER ALABAMA Jorge Bevington KETURAH PAULK White Oak Realty Group ANN & PEPPE PERRON Richard & Nancy Cardin BRIAN PETERKIN White Oak Realty Group TERRY POTTS White Oak Realty Group DON & SHIRLEY POWELL Lloyd & Florence Smee JIM & JEAN PREZEL Lloyd & Florence Smee MOLLY RIFFE Mr. & Mrs. Earl T. Leonard, Jr. THOMAS RIFFE Mr. & Mrs. Earl T. Leonard, Jr. CAROL SHAY Lloyd & Florence Smee JOHN & BRENDA SHEPHERD Barbara A. Pate EDDIE STAUB Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild OWEN TAYLOR Tom & June Purcell BETH TOWNSEND White Oak Realty Group GLYNN & CATHY TUBB White Oak Realty Group TOM & NANCY UPDEGROVE Lloyd & Florence Smee RUTH BURSI & DAVE VALDEZ Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Bursi MICHAEL & JENA WILSON White Oak Realty Group MEMORIAL GIFTS Contributions to the Eagle Ranch Memorial Program are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the deceased. Donors are listed after the name of the person in whose memory they contributed (donations September 3 – November 1, 2019). JOSEPH AGNELLO Mr. & Mrs. Domenico Montalto ROBERT ALLISON Leilanai Allison JOY ALSTEAD Barbara & John Avery ANNIE Harris & Ann Wilbanks FRANK ARMSTRONG Steve & Susan Gilliam Sue H. Bain JOYCE T. AUTREY Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Andrews JOE AYCOCK Mrs. Mae F. Aycock BILL & RUBY BARBER Debbie & Randy Dill DELBERT BELLA Jack & Junella Lynn GEORGE BERRY Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris HARRY BEXLEY Marion K. Fischer BETTE JEAN BINKLEY Dale & Sue Cochran Morris Randal & Jean Cochran BARBARA ANN BLACK Joe & Emily Hicks DR. CHARLENE ELIZABETH BLACK A Friend KATHRYN BOHAN Jan S. Callahan PAT BOHAN Jan S. Callahan BILLY BOLES David & Jane Wilson BOB & LYLLA BOWEN Jim & Evanda Moore CONNIE DARLENE BOYCE Carolyn & Emory Stephens KORRAL & WILLA BRACKMAN Mr. & Mrs. Tim Taylor DEBBIE & NEAL BREWER Charlie & Gaye Cronin NEAL BREWER The Brewer Family FRANCES LOGAN BROWN Stan & Susie Appleton MACKIE D. BROWN Myrtle & Jeanie Whitworth BILL BRUNNER Mrs. Billie Bob Hoskyn JAMES BUCKLEY Karen & Doug Carey Richard & Judy McDaniel Lisa Blanchard Janie B. Glenn ED BUTLER, SR. Bill & Sallie Stark Mrs. Ed Butler, Sr. Greg & Julie Anne Autrey WALTER M. CALLAWAY Linda Callaway BERNADINE CAPIES Myrtle & Jeanie Whitworth JERRY CARPENTER Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson DON CARTER Jim & Evanda Moore OSCAR CHAPA Bob & Myra Collins

GUS L. CONNELLY Helen & Dennis Calhoun MARTIN COUNTS Mrs. Kay W. Morris FRANKLIN CARTER CRANE Doug & Diane Magnus RUBY NELL CRONIC Bill Lott ELO DALE Jim Grogan & Susan Smithson JARRETT DAVIS Barbara Hurlburt WALTER DE BROCK Jefferson Motor Co. JOHN DONEHOO A Friend MRS. JACKIE DRAKE Jim & Imogene Buckley WAYNE DUFFY Kathryn Risch & Albert Vitali DANIEL DUMONT David & Jane Wilson ALTON EDGE Old Friends Car Club OTIS MARION ELLENBURG, JR. Sammy Smith Jim Grogan & Susan Smithson Vera Loraine Davis WINFRED LEON ENGLAND Vera Loraine Davis BILL, ELEANOR & JOHN EUBANKS Catherine Eubanks JACKIE EVERS Auburn-Carl Lions Club DONALD FAIRCHILD Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild JUDGE NEWMAN FARMER, JR. The Whitworth & Robertson Families MARGARET A. "PEGGY" FEITT Russ & Barbara Moss Robin Begin Weed Marty & Sherry Zierold David & Kaye Cochran ELWOOD THOMAS FELDMAN Sybil Nash Wiley & Judy Black CAROL FERRELL Dr. & Mrs. John C. Sundstrom Betty & Nat Turner Stan & Susie Appleton PHILIP D. FOLGER Al & Ann Wimpy Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Nader EVELYN MOATES FOREHAND Connie Mack MARTHA J. GANTT Jackie & Sheldon Darnell SHARON GEORGE Raymond George TOMMY & VICKY GILDER Johnny & Susie Solesbee ROBERT EDWARD GILLETTE Margaret J. Martin & Family VICKI GILMER A Friend Raymond & Barbara Southers TREVOR GILMORE Bruce & Laura Gilmore LIZ GOBER Mr. & Mrs. George E. Mathis, Jr. DONNIE GODFRY Raymond & Barbara Southers BONNIE GOETZKE Ron Goetzke JOHN GRAM A Friend Steve & Susan Gilliam Jim & Diana Latimer Dr. & Mrs. John C. Sundstrom Alice W. Silvers JOHN & MERRIDY GRAM Doug & Diane Magnus Jim & Evanda Moore Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson MARIANNA JANE PARSONS GREEN Bill & Virginia McFerrin CLEZELL HARWELL Richard & Janet Williams CATHY ELAINE HAYNES Rachel, Richie & Kayden Chambers Becky & Jim Askew Lendon & Donna Cagle Strickland & Sons Pipeline, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Owens The Family of Andy & Pearl (Haynes) Jenkins, Etheleen Hooper, Mary Gillespie, Fannie Black & Elsie & Harold Thompson Shirley A. Wilson Merita T. Smith MARILYN CRAWFORD HEAD George & Peggy Thompson FAYE HEIDEL Alan Heidel DAVID HEWELL Lloyd & Florence Smee JACK K. HOGAN Carole Rhodes WILLIAM GLENN HOGAN Rex & Mildred Grogan NIKI HOLCOMB John, Kelli, Drew & Katherine Wright Connie & Mike Murphy Jeff & Beth Martin TRAVIS HONEYCUTT Regina Barnes KIM HOOPER C. David Reed Randal & Jean Cochran WINN HUDGINS Johnny & Susie Solesbee JENNIE M. JETT Stan Evans DR. O.B. JOHNSON & LEE JOHNSON Mrs. Mae F. Aycock O.B. & FRANCES JOHNSON Mrs. Mae F. Aycock CHRIS JONES Jim & Evanda Moore GINETTE COHEN JONES Jimmy & Marie Faulkner BARBARA & STEVE JORDAN Jess P. Jordan LIB JULIAN Larry & Mary Ann Ray GUY KOCHEL Mrs. Billie Bob Hoskyn RICHARD E. KOHN Larry & Jo Ann Kohn SANDRA LAMPTON Dick & Julia Baxter Wiley & Judy Black Doug & Diane Magnus JOHNNY LANCASTER The Morris Family JOE ALFRED LAWRENCE Ken & Donna Odum Adam & Andrea Weiner PEGGY LEWIS Jeanette Hatcher BETTE LIND Robert A. Lind EVELYN ROGERS LITTLE Danny & Glenda Odell Randal & Jean Cochran JACK LOVELADY, JR. Annette R. Lovelady JOHN H. LOVEJOY Myrtle & Jeanie Whitworth CHRIS LYNCH Anita & Harry Wright JEANE McDONALD Lloyd & Florence Smee ROBBYE McKIBBON Jim & Evanda Moore MR. W.L. McNEAL Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd L. Little DEANNA "DEE" MILLEDGE Wink & Anne Porterfield PAUL MILLER Judy & Fred Hoffman LINDA K. RANSOM MONTGOMERY Bree & Hammond Law & Ford & Ray Ransom Tommy, Barbara & Brenda White Jack C. Bell Ted & Sheila Lacey Linda & Larry Gilleland LeAnne & Sean Richardson Tom & Anne Ellis Ronnie & Carol Ransom HAZEL MOONEY David & Deborah Clark Stan & Susie Appleton CLARA McHUGH MORRIS Mrs. Kay W. Morris LARRY MORRIS Mrs. Kay W. Morris MARGIE ANN MORRIS Mrs. Mary H. Allen LAVONIA H. MUNDY The Ladies of Longstreet Clinic Pediatrics Susan & Luke Gregory John & Julie Chapman Help for the Holiday The 10 homes on Eagle Ranch’s campus are decking their halls. We want to make this Christmas special for the children we serve. You can help! To view our Christmas wish list and learn other ways you can help sustain our ministry, visit EagleRanch.org/christmaslist ROGERS ODELL Lurene Odell Danny & Glenda Odell MYRA ODOM Larry & Jo Ann Kohn LILA ORR Franklin W. Orr DON PANOZ Chris & CJ Arthur OPAL PEEPLES American Legion Auxiliary Unit 7 BEN MUNFORD Dennis & Joyce Pope WILLIAM '"RED" MURPHEY Mrs. Kay W. Morris CHARLES MUSSELWHITE Dr. & Mrs. John C. Sundstrom HAZEL NASWORTHY Jim & Imogene Buckley NANCY CAROL NEWELL NORRIS Kathryn Risch & Albert Vitali ROBERTA “BOBBIE” NOWLAND Joe Cowan's Bible Fellowship Class Judy Willis Deborah L. McKinney Hazel Smith David & Karen Marshall Pat "Bebo" & Jim Carroll Carol & John Vare

JAMES RUEBEN PIERCE Stan & Susie Appleton Dr. & Mrs. John C. Sundstrom Doug & Diane Magnus TERRY PIERSON John & Kelli Wright ERNEST PITTMAN Rockcreek Vietnam Veterans VERGIE MAE WILLIAMSON POITEVINT Don & Janice Kell DANNIE POOLE Diane & Mike Kent TOM PORTER Mr. & Mrs. William Coody KATHRYN (PAXTON) PRESSEY T.W. & Evie Jones Finishing Well As 2019 comes to an end, you may be creating or updating your estate plan. Help generations of children experience better lives through a gift to Eagle Ranch. Please include Eagle Ranch, Inc. in your will, estate plan, trust or other planned giving. To learn how to contribute to our endowment now through estate giving, contact Kelly Brewer: kbrewer@eagleranch.org or 770.967.8500. WINSTON PURVIS Mrs. Elver Davis & Bill & Laura Davis C.H. (BUZZY) RANDALL, JR. Mrs. Jane Garner HAROLD & JEANETTE REECE James & Diane Satterfield CHARLOTTE REEVES David & Jane Wilson MARY RUTH REEVES Connie & Mike Murphy Stan & Susie Appleton MRS. HAZEL RINER Jim & Imogene Buckley MARY FRANCES ROBERTS Aunt Janet, Vicki & Cindy FRANK ROSS Kittie & Steve Ross RYAN RUTHERFORD Christie & Dean Rutherford JANE RUTLAND Louise Sewell SAM Paul & Barbara Brown TALMADGE SAVAGE Joe & Emily Hicks COLEY & ETHEL SCARBROUGH Don & Judy Scarbrough OTTO SCHUSTER Jan S. Callahan EUGENIA SHEETS Larry & Jo Ann Kohn SANFORD SHEW Mac & Jennifer Coile GEORGE SIDHOM Joe & Emily Hicks JOHN SIMS Richard & Sandra Hulsey SHIRLEE SLAUTERBACK Tom & Mary Billman JALAINE SMITH Raymond & Barbara Southers MARK SMITH, JR. Johnny & Susie Solesbee KENNETH SQUIRES Steve & Susan Gilliam TELEETE STAUB Mrs. Kay W. Morris DAN STELZNER Mrs. Billie Bob Hoskyn JUANITA MORRIS STEPHENS Julie & Richard Lynott BARRY STEWART Marcia Hammock Pam Stewart Barrett Doug & Diane Magnus Jerry & Sheila Riley DOUGLAS STEWART Steve & Susan Gilliam FRANCES STEWART Jim & Imogene Buckley LEONARD STEWART Lloyd & Florence Smee ED STRAIN Johnny & Susie Solesbee DIANE STRAUS Barry Straus Joe & Leslie Boone Doug & Kathleen Patterson Donna Woodward Patsy & Vic Mobley Phillip & Ann Williams Mr. & Mrs. Brent Rossi Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Jager Mr. & Mrs. Michael Steinberg Julie Hall Dixie Prevost Susan Erwing DOROTHY (POOL) STRICKLAND Joy & Gene Cape Mrs. La Nelle Lewis Margaret Sheffield JERRY STRICKLAND Gene & Peggy Kelly MERLIN H. SUGGS, SR. Joanne Vaughan & Family ANNETTE ROBINSON & PETE SUMMERS David B. & Gail Chester MADELINE SWARD Nan Beard & Darlene Williams JUNIOR RALPH SWEAT Joe & Emily Hicks HELEN & RICHARD TAYLOR Robert Orr JIM & ROSALIA TAYLOR Mr. & Mrs. Tim Taylor JOE & PEGGY TEICHERT David & Kathleen Teichert LAWTON TILLEY Evelyn Runnels Joy & Gene Cape & Family Donna Little JOANN HALE BURRELL TONEY Stan & Susie Appleton CHARLES TOTTY Jackie & Sheldon Darnell NERVIE LEE TURPIN Don & Brenda Pepper MINNIE V. TVASKA Tony & Bertha Rye BARBARA VANDIVER Raymond & Barbara Southers SUSAN VOSS T.W. & Evie Jones BETTY WALKER Bobbie Cain Sara Rutledge MARY ROSE WALKER Stephen W. Walker JAMES W. (JIM) WEBB Kim Moseley Beau & Nancy Molitor Mandy Murphy Kenley & Margaret Jones Elaine Thurston Bob & Barbara Lee Maureen's Bibles & Bubbles Friends Mr. & Mrs. Bradley A. Kindem Dale Pirkle Ellen Wheelock & Sandi Smallman Billy & Betty Cruce Cathy & Jeff Baillis Jim & Laura Webb Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. David Ann McBrien Christopher Walden Allan & Shannon Lowery Wayne Galloway Vance & Betsy Brown Audrey Florence Dennis & Jennifer D'Arienzo Dolores & Javier Goizueta Julie & Douglas McDowell Bob & Lyn Turknett Cindy Lowe Balte Dr. & Mrs. John D. Knox, Jr. Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church Carol Wadley Dr. & Mrs. Max Eidex Eddie & Kayanne Staub Nathan Staub Mr. & Mrs. James Orr Donna & Joe Kehoe Mrs. Kay W. Morris Mike Bryan Brian & Cindy Terrell The Hill Family School Board of Levy County Ruthie & Tom Ellis Sarah & Drew Brown Mr. & Mrs. Roy Jones Art & Kay Guilmet Annette Ryan Kimberley & Henry Kaestner Deborah Edwards Jan & Brad Heston Friends at Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers George & Alecia Ethridge Jody Noland Elizabeth McRae Mr. & Mrs. Tom Fuller Dee Ann & Ashley Turner Kirby & Roseanne Thompson Alison & Eric Horton & Family Meg Pomerantz Nell McCuen Mr. & Mrs. Jerry W. Brittingham Mr. & Mrs. Ed Andrews John Verniest STEPHANIE MICHELLE WHEELER Dawn & Brian Darrell & Pat Hogan AUDREY WHITE Darlene Cutlip, Bill Cutlip, Kristi, Chris, Zachary & Savannah Baggett & Jill, James, Luke, Lance & Lauren McNeese SARA WHITFIELD The Robertson & Whitworth Families CARLTON SPENCER WILDER Mrs. Kay W. Morris KATHERINE SPENCER WILDER Mrs. Kay W. Morris OLIVER CARLTON WILDER Mrs. Kay W. Morris THOMAS B. WILDER Mrs. Kay W. Morris JEAN WILLERS Dr. Matthew McGowan WILLIAM ROGER WILLIAMS Joanne Vaughan & Family GEORGE (BUBBA) & MARY ANN WILSON Mrs. Kay W. Morris MARY ADDILEE WOOD New Horizons Bible Class Byron & Marlene Godwin INEZ WOODRING Cindy Gary The Smiths Vicky INEZ & LOY WOODRING Charlie & Gaye Cronin

The James W. Webb WINGS CENTER Memory of Longtime Board Member Honored Jim Webb left an indelible mark on Eagle Ranch. His deep love and concern for the children and mission of the Ranch led to over three decades of service on the Board of Directors. Jim’s counsel, mentorship and concern for children and families will continue to influence and benefit Eagle Ranch for years to come. To recognize Jim’s tremendous impact, Eagle Ranch will name its newest community outreach effort in his memory. The James W. Webb Wings Center will provide outpatient Christian counseling to thousands of children and families throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Additionally, the center will provide space for retreats and serve as home to Eagle Ranch’s Wings Initiative, an outreach program that supports and mentors new and existing non-profit organizations serving children and families around the world. James W. Webb pictured with wife June. Plans are to break ground on the center in Spring/Summer 2020. For more information on the James W. Webb Wings Center, visit EagleRanch.org/wingscenter.

NON-PROFIT U.S. POSTAGE Be Part of Our Story There are many opportunities to get involved with Eagle Ranch. From praying for our children and staff to volunteering, our mission is made possible by people like you. Call 770.967.8500 to learn more, or visit EagleRanch.org/GetInvolved PAID Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502 GAINESVILLE, GA PERMIT #82 E a g l E R a n c h . o R g

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