Fall 2019

Celebrating 35 Years In the fall of 1984, a lot was happening at Eagle Ranch. Our first boys’ home, the Faith Home, was under construction, our 10-acre lake was being dug out, and an athletic field was being cut from the rough country land. I drove up the dusty dirt entry road daily to the only finished building on the Ranch: the first administration building that also served as my home. My dog, Connor, was always there to greet me. I had two prevailing thoughts during those early days. First, God’s provision during the previous two years when I was looking for the place that would become Eagle Ranch. Secondly, what a great privilege it was to be a part of helping children in need and the excitement of what was on the horizon for Eagle Ranch. One of the Ranch’s core values is a commitment to timeless innovation, which means we are always pioneering — responding to the needs of our community with a vision for the future. Today, there are fewer dirt roads, our first administration building has been replaced by a larger facility, our 10-acre lake is now full of fish, and we have three athletic fields for our boys and girls. And yet, we are continuing to pioneer. On the eve of our 35th anniversary, there is still a lot happening at Eagle Ranch. We will soon be building the Wings Center, which will facilitate a significant expansion of the Eagle Ranch program, helping thousands more children and families in our community. You can read more about this effort in the following pages. Thank you for believing and investing in this mission for 35 years. It’s made a difference. God's blessings, Eddie Staub Eagle Ranch Founder and Executive Director

HELPING OUR COMMUNITY ���� As we approach our 35th anniversary, Eagle Ranch is excited to share some big news: We are expanding our program. On the horizon are new community counseling services, an expansion of our Wings Initiative and space for retreats. Eagle Ranch’s approach to growth has always been needs-based. “Need drives vision” has been a guiding principle throughout our history, leading to the establishment of a girls’ program, an on-campus school, equine program and other enhancements that have significantly enriched our program. Most recently, the Ranch added a girls’ wellness and fitness center to help our girls gain confidence and explore wellness in an inviting, encouraging space.

Community Counseling Services Mental health services are among the most rapidly growing needs in the North Georgia area. Eagle Ranch receives an overwhelming number of calls each month from families seeking help for a child. In some cases, residential services offered by Eagle Ranch are not the best fit, but family-focused counseling would be of assistance. Additionally, Eagle Ranch currently provides up to six months of Continued Care counseling for our families after a child returns home; this new initiative will enable us to offer longer-term support for families of Eagle Ranch graduates. Individual and marriage counseling will also be offered. Wings Initiative The Wings Initiative was founded in 1996 to help start or retool other children’s programs and non-profit organizations both domestically and internationally through sharing best practices. To supplement our mentorship and advisement of those organizations, Eagle Ranch will create a learning library of resources, such as videos, downloadable booklets and other tools to help teach and reinforce operational and programmatic excellence. Other Services Eagle Ranch’s beautiful campus and rural setting are an ideal environment for rest and renewal. Providing space for retreats to support parents, marriages, and ministry leaders will help reinforce and expand Eagle Ranch’s mission to make life better for children, families, and ultimately our community. Look for more news about The Wings Center and our new services in future newsletters and at EagleRanch.org Coming Soon: The Wings Center These services will launch in 2023 in conjunction with the development and opening of a 10,000-square foot facility located on land purchased in 2016 adjacent to Eagle Ranch’s main campus. “Our residential program is the right size for our campus and community,” said Founder and Executive Director Eddie Staub, who will oversee development of the new center. “The Wings Center enables us to provide additional services that complement our mission and expertise.” THE WINGS CENTER

Story Time with Madison

Over the summer, Madison from the Praise Home spent her Friday mornings a little differently than most of the other children at Eagle Ranch. Having struggled with reading for many years, Madison, her teachers and her counselor looked for creative ways to help her grow. “It makes me uncomfortable to read in front of other people,” said Madison. “Sometimes I wouldn’t know what a word meant, so I would just skip over it.” Part of her personal goal over the summer was to work on reading aloud; so to increase her confidence, Madison chose to host a bi-weekly story time with the younger children on campus. Every two weeks, Madison would choose a few children’s books from the library to read aloud at the Joan Whitcomb Girls Center. It didn’t take long for the children to naturally gravitate toward Madison, who showed joy, excitement and genuine love for them. Madison showed growth this summer in her commitment to read to our kids. She showed up even when she was nervous or didn't feel like going. It was awesome seeing her commit, persevere and have fun doing it! “I really like kids—one day I want to be a pediatric nurse,” Madison said. “I liked reading to the kids over the summer. They are not as judgmental as people my age—they didn’t know if I read the word wrong or not—so I was more confident in what I was reading. I think that reading to the kids helped me as a reader and I would love to do it again.” Madison’s counselor, Sarah, saw a lot of growth in Madison over the summer not only academically, but as a young woman. “Madison showed growth this summer in her commitment to read to our kids. She showed up even when she was nervous or didn't feel like going. It was awesome seeing her commit, persevere and have fun doing it!” As Madison enters into her 10th grade year, she is now a more confident reader and is experiencing success in her classes at school.

The Eagle Ranch Honor and Memorial Gift Program Honor and Memorial Gifts provide an opportunity to recognize a special person in your life in a meaningful way. Your gift directly supports Eagle Ranch’s work with children who are struggling in life and helps us spread the word about our mission. HONOR GIFTS Contributions to the Eagle Ranch Honor Program are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the honoree. Donors are listed after the name of the person in whose honor they contributed (donations received April 29 – August 30, 2019). DAN ALLEN White Oak Realty Group PAT ALLEN White Oak Realty Group HALEY ATENHAM Jason Conger JOHN BAGWELL White Oak Realty Group CATHY BAILLIS John Colegrove JEFFREY BAILLIS John Colegrove BEN BARROW Esther J. Barrow ANDREA BATISTA Robert Orr BETTY BECK Dr. & Mrs. Bill White PAUL & LYNN BESHEARS Robert Orr RICHARD & DENA BOSTEN Bobby & Michele Ray SPENCER BROWN Michael & Sheila Mohr TOM & BARBARA BROWN White Oak Realty Group MR. MARON BUICE Carl, Robin & Carla Ganyard BRUCE BURCH Jim Burch CINDY BURCH Jim Burch MATT BURCH Jim Burch MIKE CALLAHAN David & Leigh Westcott Terri & Keith Ellis Alan Adams JOSEPH CALUPCA Mr. & Mrs. Richard Calupca MELANIE CAPPS & FAMILY Martha Nolan KELLEY CASTANEDA Buzzy & Jo Randall MARIE & DALE CLACK Margie D. Braselton BRENDA CROW Lloyd & Florence Smee MR. & MRS. PETER CURTIN Randy & Beverly McClendon TOM & PHYLLIS DAVIS White Oak Realty Group J.D. DEADWYLER Larry & Fran Green VITO & JULIE DELLIPONTI Lloyd & Florence Smee DAVID & MARIA DYE Doug & Diane Magnus DON & DONNA EBERHART Barbara E. Hemphill KEVIN PALMER & TOM ELLICOTT White Oak Realty Group PATRICIA FALK Dolores Paton DAVID FARMER John & Sue Clark MOTHERS & FATHERS Gainesville Nazarene Church SUE FIKES Larry & Fran Green DONNA & LARRY FITZ Joan Humphries ANDREA GABBARD White Oak Realty Group PATRICIA GALLIMORE Michael & Sheila Mohr CATHY GARREN White Oak Realty Group MRS. JOE F. "EVELYN" HARNEY The Haygoods & The Shorts REV. DON & MARY ELLEN HARP Doris & Phil Folger MS. CHRISTY HARRIS Robert Orr DOUG HELMS White Oak Realty Group DAVID & LINDA HEWELL Lloyd & Florence Smee RICHARD & TERESA HICKS Barbara A. Pate SHANE HUIET John Colegrove GLEN JACKSON Tim & Leigh Ann Ayres DAVID JOB John Colegrove DR. DAN JOHNSON Harriet Adams & Jeff Harvey THERESA JOHNSON Michael & Sheila Mohr JASON W. JONES Mom & Dad ROY JONES The Cathy Family BILL & PAT JORDAN White Oak Realty Group CYNTHIA & WILL JORDAN Robert Orr BRION KENNEDY Michael & Sheila Mohr STACY KING Mary R. Miller SUSANNAH KINSEY White Oak Realty Group BERNARD LYONS John Colegrove TEZ MARTIN Marilyn Fountain DELLA McCLUNG Ken & Tami McClung OAKLEE ELIZABETH McCOY Brad Hand TINLEE GRACE McCOY Brad Hand DEWEY McDANIEL John Colegrove BETH MOORE Doris & Phil Folger ALAN "JUNIOR" MORALES Jack Hodge CHERYL & FRANK NACCARATO Jim & Karen Tanney TRISHA & JAY NASON White Oak Realty Group HELEN R. NICHOLS Mr. & Mrs. Robert Owens LURENE ODELL Danny & Glenda Odell JOSH PAGE Buford United Methodist Women MR. & MRS. WADE PEARCE J. Wray Pearce SHERMAN POPE White Oak Realty Group RICKY & STEPHANIE PRESLEY Doug & Diane Magnus MR. HANK RAEHN Mr. William W. Whorley KIM RANDALL Jo Randall LYN RANDALL Buzzy & Jo Randall BOB REYNOLDS John Colegrove DOUG & BECCA RIEDER White Oak Realty Group BERNIE ROBERT White Oak Realty Group KRISTIAN LEMUEL ROGERS Sherry Davis Rogers CHRIS & SCOTTIE SCHOEN George & Marilyn Counts BOB SIMMS John Colegrove JESSICA SOWERS Michael & Sheila Mohr ARLENE & NICK STAROPOLI White Oak Realty Group DR. RONALD STEENERSON Miles Willis KATIE STILSON Michael & Sheila Mohr HON. RICHARD W. STORY Mary C. Roemer & Susan J. Robinson OWEN & HEATHER TAYLOR Mr. & Mrs. William Mumpower DAVE & RUTH VALDEZ Suzanne Ingram JOHNNY & PEGGY VARDEMAN Kirk & Susan Vardeman JIM VAUGHT John Colegrove DOYLE WEBB Becky Webb JIM WEBB Long Time Friends Rob Ketterer MR. MICHAEL WENTZLER Michael & Sheila Mohr DONALD, LINDA & TONY WILSON Barbara E. Hemphill WINDER FIRST UMC Carel & Caroline Thompson JEANA WORLEY Jo Randall

MEMORIAL GIFTS Contributions to the Eagle Ranch Memorial Program are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the deceased. Donors are listed after the name of the person in whose memory they contributed (donations April 29 – August 30, 2019). GRACE ACKWORTH Auburn-Carl Lions Club BOB ADAM Joan H. Adam CHRIS ADAMS Linda G. Fowler ERNEST ADAMS Robert, Peggy & Wallace Smith Diane & Mike Kent Georgia Dept. of Transportation BONNIE GARRETT ADKINS A Friend CHRISTINE ALFONSIN Harris & Ann Wilbanks BARBARA ALLEN Teri Simpson LYDIA NIX ALLEN Jack Hodge Mrs. Hamil Murray Johnny & Betty Gail Jones Dr. & Mrs. John C. Sundstrom REATHEL ALLISON Jon & Gail Greeson MITCH AMBROSE Mr. & Mrs. Bob Condon WOODIE FAY ARIAIL Debbie Wright WOODROW "WOODY" ARMOUR Mercedes Benz of Buckhead Justus Venable South Habersham Middle School FRANK ARMSTRONG Lorry & Sherrie Schrage Eddie & Kayanne Staub Doug & Diane Magnus Connie & Mike Murphy Ken & Cathy Nix Johnny & Betty Gail Jones Sam & Julie Richwine Austin & Regina Edmondson Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pethel Lowell & Mardy Fulenwider Janis Wilson Clarise Durden Dr. & Mrs. Brantley Burns Brenda Morgan Kathy & Roland Stroberg Ferdie & Don Johnston Miriam & Barclay Rushton Kristine Orr Brown & David Brown Starlet & George Jones Joanne & Phil McDonald Linda Fowler Karen & Frank Booth Margie Braff LeTrell E. Simpson Susan & Randall Frost Mrs. Hamil Murray Bob Coleman Carol & Rae Greene Betty Mansfield Janet & Lee Martin Stewart, Melvin & Frost, LLP Rody & Cheryl Broome Betty & Nat Turner Lavinia Head Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Waller, Sr. Susan Miller Ken & Connie Dixon Ms. Elaine Burnette STEVEN AYERS Sara Rutledge JAMES BAKER Carl & Mary Radford Alicia Green Barbara Miraglia Sally Hawks Nancy Collins Pietrina & Ed McCormick Carolyn Rahn & Nelson Caldwell Jackie Benzinger MASON BAKER Larry & Gayle Nelson MR. & MRS. JACK BALDWIN Laura Lloyd DANIEL BANKS Mary Puckett JOANN BANKS Barbara Martin Duane & Donna Pierce Howard & Carol Cooper MR. DON BARLOW James & Brenda Miller MAXINE BARNES Harris & Ann Wilbanks HANNAH BARROW Esther J. Barrow WILLIAM D. "BILL" BARRS, JR. Jimmy & Sylvia Bailey Jim & Morgan Bailey Jefferson Motor Co., Inc. Gene & Peggy Kelly Larry & Montie Strickland Craig & Annie Barrs Richard & Kelly Varalla MICHAEL BETSILL Diann & Jerry Chapman BETTY JANE CRIDER BLACK Jim & Lisa Cauthen MITCH BLACK Ed Fickey BETTY BLAIR Sandra Hulsey PERRY BLOUNT Beth & Jim Copeland KATHY BORING Larry & Jo Ann Kohn MARTHA NOLAN BORLAND Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bizon Tommy & Marion Lankford Martha Ann & Ben Richardson Eddie & Kayanne Staub Cathie Robinson Marcia Tidwell Marty & Susan Moore MORT BORLAND Terry & Reba Nichols JOSEPH BOWBLISS Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rye BOB & LYLLA BOWEN Patsy & David Allen ROBERT "BOB" BOWEN Bobby & Linda Lewallen A Friend Ronnie & Carol Whitmire Dale & Sue Morris MRS. SHIRLEY LOUISE PIPPEL BOWER Stan & Susie Appleton WARREN BOWER Tony Elrod Gene & Mary Jane Bell Steve & Kathy Kersh Tracy & Sherry Sanford MENDY WILLIAMS BOWLING Lake Lanier Islands Development Authority BOBBY BOWNS Tom Wendle MRS. TOBBIE BOYD Dr. Eddie Bennett BEVERLY BRAMLET Patricia Horton JACOB BRANSON Larry & Jo Ann Kohn JOHN THORNTON BREEDLOVE George Breedlove DEBBIE BREWER The Brewer Family DEBBIE & NEAL BREWER Charlie & Gaye Cronin RODNEY BROCK Barbara Hemphill MARY BROOKS Mary Owens CHERYL BROWN A Friend JAMES BROWN Peggy "Muga" Trettel JESSIE BROWN Harris & Ann Wilbanks PATSY BURCH Jim Burch RAY BURCH Carol & Rae Greene JEWEL HELEN BUREL A Friend MRS. CAROLYN BUTLER Schuyler H. Floyd ED BUTLER, SR. Judy Sophianopoulos Jerry Lou Jones Fred & Kathy Waites Sid & Little Lionberger Ron Griffin Don & Susan Wooten Eric & Jennifer Wahlen Joanne & Jamie Gillespie Marcy Massengale Eddie & Kayanne Staub Don Martin Mr. & Mrs. Steve Rosebrough Mr. & Mrs. W. Millard Choate Vince & Lynn Boothe Mike & Rosemary Nelson John & Nancy Dees E. G. Overstreet The Greg Cunningham Family Mr. & Mrs. James C. McCoun Ridley & Carole Parrish Robert Orr RUTH CAMPBELL Lisa & Jim Cauthen JAMES CANTRELL Ray & Poochie Nix Hall County Community Credit Union Carole J. Branum Janet Allison BOBBY CANUP Vaughn & Frances Chastain TED CAPE Teresa Waters ANN CAREY Myrtle & Jeanie Whitworth DON CARTER Carol & Rae Greene Betty Mansfield JOAN CARTER Marion K. Fischer JONELLE CASH K. Irene England Lynne Tryon & Richard Fleming Don & Shirley Powell Claudia & Jim Barr CHARLOTTE WILSON CASTLEBERRY Stan & Susie Appleton OSA CHANDLER Shirley Bellamy Heyward Gnann David & Judy McNeilly SCOOBY CHARLES Duane & Patricia Nesbitt RUSSELL CHILDERS Debbi Demarest CHLOE Harris & Ann Wilbanks DAN CLARK Jack & Carolyn DeLong J.B. CLARKE Donald & Janice Kell Family OLIVIA "LIBBEE" DAVIS CLIFFORD Gerald "Jerry" & Linda Sexton DR. J. SHELL COCHRAN Dr. & Mrs. Lanier Nicholson & Family HENRY COCHRAN David & Sandra Dorsey Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Carter Azilee Frederick C. David Reed Randal & Jean Cochran Raymond & Barbara Southers Sid & Sandra Farrer Russell, Julie, Hank & Cami Terry, Cathy & Dustin Slaton The Lawlers, Whites & Pethels Randall & Margaret (Cochran) Clark Lee & Peggy Glass Randy & Susan Glass Dale & Sue Morris Sardis Enrichment School Joyce & Reggie Cochran

HENRY COCHRAN (continued) Tilmon & Donna Kinney Kay Herrin James & Debby Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Brent Binkley SAMMYE COCHRAN Raymond & Barbara Southers A Friend SONIA PEARL COCKRELL John & Pam Jameson PEGGY COKER Stan & Susie Appleton FRANCES COLLINS Don & Judy Scarbrough GUS CONNELLY Helen & Dennis Calhoun ROY COUCH Julie & Glenn Beasley JIM COWART Betty H. Cowart LOUISE COX Cathryn & Edwin Sawyer & Kathy & Louis Sawyer VIRGLE CRAIN Bud & Lucy Gravitt Ted & Sheila Lacey JOHN R. CRENSHAW Laura Clayton West CECIL CROW Melanie Smith Larue Crow CARL CUSTOZZO Peggy F. Trettel ELO C. DALE Randal & Jean Cochran ED DANCY Carolyn Lindsay KAREN SILVERMAN DANIELS Susan & Peter Hodgson KATHLEEN DAY Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris THOMAS DELANEY Nora Edgar DEPUTY NICOLAS BLANE DIXON Pamela Barrett The Whitworth & Robertson Families LUCILLE DON Pam Barrett SOOKIE DOVER Auburn-Carl Lions Club JIM DOYLE Barry & Barb Stover NIDA DUANE Robert & Carol Camp Sara Rutledge CRAIG EDELEN Ned & Marsha Richards FRANCES EDRINGTON Frank Edrington LOUISE EIDSON Judith L. Long SHERI ELDRIDGE Mac & Jennifer Coile GARY EMRICK Mr. & Mrs. Tony Rye CATHERINE EPPERSON Gordy Germany HENRY & VIRGINIA EUBANKS Frank Edrington TONY EVANS North Gwinnett High School Class Of 1969 DONALD FAIRCHILD Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild GRACE FAIRCHILD Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild PAT FAIRCHILD Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild RUSSELL FAIRLEY, JR. Kathie, Jack, Mike Manes RUFF FANT, III Austin & Regina Edmondson NEAL BOLES & LEONARD "BUDD" FEITT Margaret F. Boles MRS. LOUISE BROYLES FERGUSON Stan & Susie Appleton PATRICK FINCHER Mary Puckett KIRBY'S FIVE Harris & Ann Wilbanks PHILIP DALE FOLGER Stan & Susie Appleton Doug & Diane Magnus Russell & Stella Ivie Doug Cochran Barbara Parks Southers Clint & Kandice Anderson Cheryl & Jack Phillips Millie & Tommy Folger Lee Driver Cheryl & Jack Phillips Lauren Phillips Smith Rutherford Equipment Jim & Susan Brumbelow Jimmy & Marie Faulkner Col. & Mrs. M.E. Nunnally ELEANOR FOSTER Judith L. Long ROBERT "BOB" FOWLER Carol & Rae Greene Jeff & Margaret Whalen Alliant Health Plans JIM FREELAND Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Palmer III SIDNEY D. FULLER Stan Appleton BRYCE FUNK Johnny & Susie Solesbee MARGARET GALLOWAY Richard & Sandra Hulsey JUANITA GARLAND Mac & Jennifer Coile LELAND BRYANT GARLAND, JR. Don & Janice Kell Family GRIFFIN GAUT Barbara Martin BENJAMIN GAY George "Ben" Gay DR. WILLIAM GEE Julie & Richard Lynott CHARLES GIBBS Stan O'Dell LUCY HOPKINS GILL Debra Jo Alexander Leonard & Kay Moreland Gina & Keith Taylor Gordon M. Telford, Jr. Candy & Gene Hopkins Heritage Bank Mr. & Mrs. John Foster Donna L. Dennewitz HELEN GILLESPIE Marcile, Gary & Frances ELIZABETH (LIZ) MATHIS GOBER Virginia Puckett Marie Allen David Howington & Jodi Bryant John & Nena (Puckett) Bruffey Dale & Stacey Brown Sue & Earl Benson DAVID GODFREY Linda Crawford Diann & Jerry Chapman JOAN GRADY Mac & Jennifer Coile MAXINE WOOD GRAGE Dr. Walter A. Grage JOHN GRAM Austin & Regina Edmondson Stan & Susie Appleton MERRIDY GRAM Austin & Regina Edmondson Ken & Connie Dixon Jack Hodge A Friend Doug & Diane Magnus Dr. & Mrs. John C. Sundstrom Wiley & Judy Black Betty Mansfield BILL GREENE Jeff & Margaret Whalen DORINE C. GREENWAY Martha Sexton ANNA LEE GRIFFIN Rock Creek Vietnam Veterans GENE GRIZZLE Richard & Janet Williams Russ & Lorraine Cronic Stan & Susie Appleton LAURA GROSSMAN Carroll Ball COLE HAGOOD Joyce Paris DON HAMMOND Eloise Hammond MR. & MRS. C.M. HAMMOND Eloise Hammond NELL REED HANES Phyllis Childs BERNICE HARBIN Dan & Vanita Anderson DR. BILLY STARR HARDMAN Dr. & Mrs. Bill White DAANNE WATSON HARDMAN Carol & Rae Greene MR. BILL HARDY Diane Smith SANDRA HARTMAN Gerald E. Hartman, Sr. SUSAN HAYNES Karen & Frank Booth DR. WILLIAM "BILL" ALTON HAYS Barbara Hemphill JERRY HEAD Maxine & Dudley Trapnell WILLIAM JERRY HEAD Jeff & Margaret Whalen Wiley & Judy Black LARRY HENDRICKS Debbi Demarest RICHARD HENDRIX The Scott Case Family CHARLES W. HENSON Tread & Debbie Syfan CLARA HIGGINS Nan Beard & Darlene Williams, Danny & Jane JEAN HILDEBRAN Dwight DANIEL (DANNY) JARRIS HILL, JR. Mrs. Beth Hill Lloyd & Florence Smee JACK K. HOGAN Carole Rhodes JORDAN HUDSPETH Jim Garner MARJORIE HUNECKE Elizabeth & Don Chandler AUDREY HUNLEY Aubrey, Nancy, Taylor Arrington RAYMOND LARENCE IVIE Howard & Carol Cooper JOE JACKSON Sidney Murphy BRITTANY JOHANSON Amanda & Barry Cole MARY JONES Doug & Diane Magnus Harley & Shirley Bagby Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Jackson WILLIAM F. "DOC" JONES Howard & Carol Cooper BARBARA JORDAN R.E. Pirkle BARBARA & STEVE JORDAN Mr. Jess P. Jordan ANDREW J. KAIN Polly Kain LINDA KAY Harris & Ann Wilbanks JEAN KELLY Mr. & Mrs. James C. McCoun DONALD KERLIN David Howington & Jodi Bryant Nan Beard & Darlene Williams JUDSON KILPATRICK Mac & Jennifer Coile RANDY KING Ruth & George Crowley CAROL KIRKLAND Marion K. Fischer JOHNNY LANCASTER Roy Barrett Loy Barrett Larry & Pamela Owen Jack & Grace Winter Betty H. Cowart DR. BOB LANIER C.L. & Sue Smith MR. AL LAWSON, SR. Jim & Imogene Buckley GERALD F. LEDFORD, SR. A Friend WANDA LINKER Stan & Susie Appleton

GOD’S CALLING Our Houseparents often say what led them to Eagle Ranch was a calling from God to serve children and families. Over the years, that call has reached across the United States and even abroad. Two of the newest Houseparent couples at Eagle Ranch hail from the far corners of the United States: Washington State and South Florida. The Pruitts Mark and Tifaney Pruitt spent the last 15 years in youth ministry in Olympia, Washington. Originally from Arkansas, the couple has worked with youth for most of their professional lives. Mark served as a youth pastor, and Tifaney worked in social work as well as teaching. “We have a heart for the hard cases, the kids that others might give up on,” said Tifaney. It’s hard to imagine moving from the beachside comforts of south Florida, especially when you live in a place called “Green Acres.” But for Charlie and Christina Thompson, Eagle Ranch was the place for them. As a young adult, Christina helped others in need, becoming a single foster parent and volunteering with a group home for girls. Charlie was looking for a change in his career. “I worked in Christian family law, so I’m used to working with families,” said Charlie. “Eagle Ranch’s focus on keeping families together and helping children return home really appealed to me. When children move to an Eagle Ranch home, they are cared for by a Houseparent couple. Houseparents create a family environment in each home, providing a structured daily routine, fun activities, family meals, guidance and care. They develop a close relationship with each child and their family with the goal of helping the child return home. Couples who have an interest in Houseparenting are encouraged to learn more about the application process. To read more about the Pruitts and the Thompsons, or to learn more about becoming a Houseparent at Eagle Ranch, visit EagleRanch.org/HP19 Reaches Far The Thompsons

BERTHA LITTLE Tread & Debbie Syfan JACK LOVELADY, JR. Annette R. Lovelady FRANK MANN Mac & Jennifer Coile JOHN MANSFIELD Carol & Rae Greene JENNETT MARSHALL W. Ray & Poochie Nix BILLY MARTIN Barbara Martin PAIGE MARTIN Russ & Lorraine Cronic Doug & Diane Magnus WALTER (SPARKY) MARTIN Nan Beard & Family FRANCES MATHIS Jeff & Margaret Whalen Betty Mansfield H.V. MAYFIELD Eloise Hammond LEE & HELEN McDONALD David & Deborah Clark MATTHEW McDONALD Peggy Trettel FRANCES McGARITY Doug & Diane Magnus MYRNA ANN GUIDRY McINTIRE The Dave Brannon Family ROBBYE PRICE McKIBBON Stan & Susie Appleton Austin & Regina Edmondson Doug & Diane Magnus SUE McLEROY Susan & Tim Coefield JOHN MELVIN Dr. Matthew McGowan Connie & Mike Murphy Susan & Randall Frost Doug & Diane Magnus Carol & Rae Greene A Friend Stan & Susie Appleton GILBERT MILLER Stan & Susie Appleton ROY MILLER Carl & Mary Radford LOIS MITCHELL Doris & Philip D. Folger DON MIXON Mac & Jennifer Coile JAMES DAVIS MONTGOMERY Robert E. McLeod, Jr. & Family LINDA KAY RANSOM MONTGOMERY Rock Creek Vietnam Veterans Group PATTI MOONEY Linda Pirkle Austin BETH MOORE Al & Ann Wimpy Nancy & Frank Moore SARA BETH MOORE Margaret Grenleski EMILY MORROW Stan O'Dell LAVONIA HAMILTON MUNDY Melody & Will Reid Doug & Diane Magnus John & Ellen Messerschmidt Trudy Wilkerson David & Deb Sutton Kim Laffiteau CHARLES MUSSELWHITE Doug & Diane Magnus Jim Grogan & Susan Smithson Margaret Whalen Duane & Donna Pierce Stan & Susie Appleton MARIE NEEL Charles M. Neel WILLIAM ALEXANDER NEIGHBORS, SR. Mac & Jennifer Coile Susan & Peter Hodgson HELEN SHAW NEWBOLD Rev. Dr. Jerry M. Newbold, Jr. NICK NICHOLSON Rose Rigdon JOHN NORRED Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris DONETTA NORRIS Tommy & Susan Bragg & The GSG Family RICH NUCKOLLS Lloyd & Florence Smee ROGERS ODELL Lurene Odell Danny & Glenda Odell BARBARA S. OLDS R.E. Olds Family FRANK & JEAN O'NEAL Alan O'Neal JOANN SEGARS OSBORNE Mary Alice Segars JEROLD PACE Hilda Pace HAROLD & JEANETTE REECE James & Diane Satterfield JEFFREY NATHAN PALMER Linda Emmett DON PANOZ Chris & CJ Arthur OUR PARENTS Russell & Peggy Goodwin THOMAS PARIS, JR. Carol & Rae Greene Betty Mansfield Susan Smithson MELANIE COBB PARSONS Craig & Annie Barrs Susan & Peter Hodgson JOSEPH PEEBLES Jim & Imogene Buckley JACQUELINE PHILLIPS John E. Phillips PAT PIERCE Glenn & Jean White RACHEL PLESS Mr. & Mrs. Randal Cochran Jim & Becky Askew JOSEPH C. PRESCOTT Nellie Jo Prescott FRANCES PRICE David & Kaye Cochran CHARLES PRIEM Randall & Beth Powers Wanda Priem VERDIS PUCKETT Mary Puckett MR. & MRS. RALPH J. PULLIAM Nancy P. Lane MR. & MRS. WILLIAM R. PULLIAM, JR. Nancy P. Lane COMER (BUZZY) RANDALL David & Gail Hunter Mike & Debbie Jackson Edward & Susan Pope HOYT RAVAN Jack Sisk DEANNA RAYMOND Johnny & Susie Solesbee KRISTEN RECKER Mac & Jennifer Coile BEVERLY KNIGHT REDFERN Mary Redfearn Skip & Jan Alexander Priscilla & Bill MacPhail Marilyn & George Counts BENNY REED David & Deborah Clark Danny & Glenda Odell Todd, Jennifer, Noah, Madeline & Savannah Little Lurene Odell Ashley Hunt Martin Mac & Jennifer Coile Doug & Diane Magnus Maxine & Dudley Trapnell ODELL REED Arrow Lines Transport, Inc. STANLEY REED Doug & Diane Magnus PAUL REEVES Johnny & Susie Solesbee C.L. "MUTT" RHODES, JR. William W. Whorley MARK RICHARDSON Barbara Hemphill BILLY ROGERS Carol & Rae Greene CYNTHIA ROSASCO John "Doc" Parrish MRS. GWENDOLYN "WENDY" RUDD Stan & Susie Appleton RYAN RUTHERFORD Christie & Dean Rutherford KENNETH SALTERS Kathie Manes JOHN SAPATERO’S SISTER Virginia & John Hicks LINN SAVAGE David Howington & Jodi Bryant TONY SAVAGE Clara Savage & Savage Family JUDY SELZER A Friend JIM SEWELL Larry & Jo Ann Kohn DAVID SHARPE Gina & Keith Taylor MELVIN LINWOOD SHEARIN Sid & Sandra Farrer JOHN DANA SHORT Stan & Susie Appleton BILL SIMPSON Teri Simpson ENDURING SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN Did you know there are significant ways to support Eagle Ranch without writing a check? One of the most popular ways is to include Eagle Ranch in your will by designating a percentage or an amount to be donated. To learn more about estate or other types of planned giving opportunities, contact Kelly Brewer at 770.967.8500 or kbrewer@eagleranch.org. Be sure to let us know of your bequest so we can properly thank you for your support.

We challenged our staff to capture special moments this summer at Eagle Ranch. Here were the top winners from our first ever summer photo contest. Grace Home boys worked hard chopping wood this summer. Nature’s beauty shined as the Blessing Home spread mulch. Neal of the Hope Home patiently waits for pizza he cooked himself. The Faith Home boys enjoyed a fun summer outing. Celebrating Summer

MARY ANNE SIMS Woodie M. Oglesby DORIS HUMPHREY SMITH Lanier Middle School Retired Teachers FLO SMITH Jeff & Margaret Whalen JACK W. SMITH Joyce E. Smith JASON SMITH Buddy & Freeda Ryals JENNY SMITH Diane Strickland Magnus MADELINE C. SMITH Sonya C. Gordon DR. RICHARD M. SMITH Larry & Elaine Allison ROSEMARY SMITH Melanie & Gordy Germany HOLLIS F. SNYDER Bernice Snyder EMILY SPENCER Ivy Creek Baptist Church PATTI SPENCER Doug & Diane Magnus WILLIAM SPINKS, JR. Craig & Betsy Wolf SHIRLEY ANN STAUFFER Lloyd & Florence Smee DALE STEPHENS North Gwinnett High School Class Of 1969 PATRICK STEPHENS Auburn-Carl Lions Club DOUG STEWART Doug & Diane Magnus Austin & Regina Edmondson Janis Wilson Kit Dunlap Susan & Randall Frost Carol & Rae Greene Betty Mansfield Betty & Nat Turner Stan & Susie Appleton HENRY STEWART Pamela Barrett JOYCE MOORE STEWART Gainesville High School Class of 1955 LOIS STEWART Pam Barrett DIANE STRAUS Don & Wendy Mulvane Sister Sue DOROTHY "DOT" STRICKLAND Mr. & Mrs. William Helton, Jr. Samuel F. Smith April Bell Michele Taylor & Tami English CHARLOTTE SUTTON Jeff & Annette Smith JERRY SWAIM Carl & Mary Radford ANN SWANSEY Flowery Branch Homemakers Club DAVELLE LYON SWEET Lloyd & Florence Smee DONALD SZMURLO Christie & Dean Rutherford SCOTT TANNAHILL Old Friends Car Club DAVID LEE TANNER Mrs. Barbara Sailors DIANE TAYLOR Schuyler & Rhonda Floyd JOE & LOTTIE TEICHERT David & Kathleen Teichert SUSAN TERRY Jim & Imogene Buckley PATRICIA THOMAS Jeanie Whitworth BETH HUTCHINS THOMPSON Jan B. Davis & Ricky & Donna Jones JOHN WAYNE THOMPSON Brent Thomas LAWTON TILLEY Terry & Ruth Jones Dr. Todd Jones Mr. & Mrs. William Helton, Jr. WENDY TIMLER Janice Perdue MRS. SARAH TIMPONE Stan & Susie Appleton NORMAN TINKER Margaret Whalen CHARLENE REED TIPTON Dr. & Mrs. Ken Dixon Scotty & Colleen Jennings ROGER TRAUTNER Henri & Beth Byrnes Linda & Danny Davis Penny & Gary Calloway Corinne Trautner Marlene Trautner Jim & Carolyn Peacock Steve & Linda Corlew Joan & Morris Akin AUDREY BETH GRIZZLE TUMLIN Stan & Susie Appleton CHASE VAN VALKENBURG, JR. Ann Edwards ANN ADAMS VANN Schuyler & Rhonda Floyd DOUGLAS VIATOR Bob & Lynn Moore MRS. SYLVIA VICKERS James & Brenda Miller DON WADE Carol & Rae Greene STELLA FLORINE WADE Kim Mauldin DENNIS BLANTON WALKER Don & Janice Kell Family HILDA GRAY WALKER Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris JORDAN HARRISON WALKER Dave & Karen Neff DAVID WALLEN Linda Crawford DICK WALSH Caryn Crawford JAYNA WALZ Kenny Walz ANITA WATKINS William M. Harris Family Foundation Eddie Staub DALE WAYNE W. Ray & Poochie Nix Linda Pirkle Austin MARY BETH WERTZ Jim & Lisa Cauthen CAROL VAUGHAN WESCHLER Doug & Diane Magnus Janis Wilson Laura & Bobby Staub JO WHITE Sheldon & Jackie Darnell JUSTUS WILLIAMS David & Lisa Hulsey CECILIA WILLIAMSON Travis Williamson ROBERT E. WILLIAMSON Gene & Peggy Kelly JANE W. WILSON Wendell & Gail Lewis MARY ANN WILSON Martha Ann Powell Danny & Lee Ann Spinks Wes & Amy Antenen Mr. & Mrs. Ed Andrews Jim & Sally McCoun Ann Edwards Jim & Margaret Newsome Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McElwee Paula J. Matthews David & Saunders McCollum Judy & Tom Crawford Mary H. Allen Susanna Philips Mary Hagerman Buddy & Freeda Ryals Julian & Beth Pafford Mac & Harriet McClain Nancy & Gene Davis Betty Lou & Jim Williams Sidney Murphy Billie Ruth Bird Edward & Virginia Garrison Paige Henry HENRY T. WINGATE John & Toni Lowery CHIRS WITCHER Marion, Jimmy & Ted Fischer JOE T. WOOD, SR. Austin & Regina Edmondson Leslie & Rob Fowler Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia Mr. & Mrs. Roland C. Smith Chris & Jennifer Cato Michael & Susan Bone Jack Hodge Mr. & Mrs. Edmund A. Waller, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Dwight E. Meeks Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Jackson Sammy Smith Tread & Debbie Syfan George & Carolyn Brinson Wiley & Judy Black Myrtle & Jeanie Whitworth Tom & Sally Oliver Harold & Joann Smith Dick & Pamela Treadwell Lorry & Sherrie Schrage Ken & Cathy Nix Chris Bray & The Medical Center Foundation Staff Stan & Susie Appleton Philip & Mary Hart Wilheit John & Barbara Ward Kathy & Roland Stroberg Patti Little Marti & Charlie Strong Heritage House Condominium Owners Association, Inc. The Medical Center Auxiliary, Inc. The Bob Fowler Family Doug & Diane Magnus LEE WOOD Michael & Linda Adler Michael & Betsy Waller Jason & Aren Williams Keith & Kelly Phillips David & Nancy Pearson Eddie & Kayanne Staub Richie & Denise Bruce Al & Jean Fain Larry & Brenda Clark Cheryl P. Studebaker Patricia R. Powell Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Orr, Jr. Elizabeth Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Mark Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Bill Sager David & Jean Hendrickson Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Shields, III Harold & Nett Parrish SMBC Business Women's Class at 11:00 Kerry & Nancy Prickett Tommy & Jan Buchanan Mr. & Mrs. A. James Carson Barbara & Charles Evers Kimeran, Denise, Grant, Lucia, & Janet Mark & Barbara English Nancy & Ricky Thomas Dianne W. Booth Prism Life Group Dennis & Janie Dollar Sue Belcher Patsy & Jim Smithey James W. Skelton Zu-Lan Huang Karen T. Ely Becky Lilly Seay HANK WOOLARD Carroll Ball RAY WORDEN Tom & Cindy Powell MINNIE LEE WRIGHT Debbie Wright WINK WYNNE Susan & Jim Shepherd ELOISE YARBROUGH Legends Ladies Golf Association Suwayne Crow MR. H.G. YOUMANS, III Jim & Imogene Buckley

BOARD OF DIRECTORS STEVE GILLIAM, CHAIR Partner, Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles CRAIG BARRS Retired Executive Vice President, External Affairs, Georgia Power Company GREG BOYD Owner, Intellicom Wireless Management MIKE CALLAHAN, President and CEO, Gypsum Management & Supply JIM COPELAND Retired Human Resource Executive, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company ROB FOWLER Executive Vice President, Turner, Wood and Smith TOM FULLER Retired Chief Financial Officer, 22squared JEFF HENDERSON Lead Pastor, Gwinnett Church KRISTEN LEWIS Attorney, Tax Practice, Smith, Gambrell & Russell MART MARTIN Founder, 3 Key Questions DAVE POLSTRA Founding Partner, Brightworth LYNN PRICE Chief Financial Officer, Compliance Services, LLC SARA STORCK Director, Brand Strategy, Planning & Design, Chick-fil-A BRITTANY THOMS Co-Founder and Partner, See.Spark.Go JIM WEBB Chairman of the Board, Triaxia Partners BOARD OF ADVISORS COURTNEY AMOS DAN CATHY VINCE DOOLEY, Emeritus ELIZABETH HARRIS GLEN JACKSON EARL LEONARD DAN QUINN DAVID RATCLIFFE DAN REEVES WENDELL STARKE JOHN WIELAND PHILIP WILHEIT JENNER WOOD EAGLE RANCH FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES BLAIR CUNNINGHAM STEVE GILLIAM ROY JONES LYNN PRICE KIRBY THOMPSON ROBERT WYNNE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR EDWIN J. STAUB EAGLE RANCH, INC. Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502 t: 770.967.8500 · f: 770.967.3757 EagleRanch.org

NON-PROFIT U.S. POSTAGE Be Part of Our Story There are many opportunities to get involved with Eagle Ranch. From praying for our children and staff to volunteering, our mission is made possible by people like you. Call 770.967.8500 to learn more, or visit EagleRanch.org/GetInvolved PAID Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502 GAINESVILLE, GA PERMIT #82 OUR MISSION Eagle Ranch helps make life better for children and their families, positively impacting communities for the glory of God. E a g l E R a n c h . o R g

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